Friday, 10 July 2009

Obama's "Fight the" sight disappears

Interestingly the Obama friendly site appears to have disappeared into a black hole in cyberspace, in fact so "disappeared" is that no record of it can now be found amongst the archived internet pages on WayBack Machine.

Many will remember that was the website set up during the 2008 presidential campaign for the purpose of discrediting unfaltering stories about Senator Obama and his interesting wife. Among the stories which sought, not always totally convincingly to discredit were:

  • That Obama was receiving overseas funding
  • That Obama had close ties to one time Weatherman terrorist Bill Ayres,
  • That Michelle Obama had at one time embraced black separatist views
  • That Obama is a Muslim
  • That Obama had ties to Kenyan politicians and also the ACORN organisation
  • That Obama supported late term "born alive" abortions
It was also the site on which the reduced size copy of a Hawaiian certificate of live birth was published under the pretense that it was a birth certificate and therefore evidence of Obama's eligibility. (It was interesting that such documents only ever appeared on Obama friendly sites such as and but never on a site directly linked to the president or first family - presumably on legal advice)

The fact that a website set up specifically to debunk rumours which are still circulating about Obama, and which contained the official "evidence" debunking these rumours, appears to have been suddenly, and very thoroughly, deleted may mean absolutely nothing, but it does seem odd, don't you think?

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Dr.D said...

Zero is the only politician in my recollection to have made such a massive effort to control, and in many cases erase, his own past history. This is truly without president. He has much to hid, that is very obvious! An honest man would not make anywhere near this effort.

You speak of his "interesting wife." I find that very interesting. One of the other blogs, I can't recall which one, did a photo essay the other day on the size of her rear end. They took a picture of her, taken while in Moscow, and cropped to from waist to mid thigh. Then they observed how many copies of other things that photo could cover, such as four copies of a photo of Zero's face, etc. It was pretty funny, because it is really generous (to be generous)!