Friday, 24 July 2009

The BBC hide the truth about alleged "honour" attack

Until recently, "honour killings", the murder by their own families or communities of Muslim women, or occasionally young Muslim men, who are considered to have brought dishonour in their family, their community or their religion, were unheard of in the West. However, as with so many of the darker sides of Alien cultures, these barbaric acts are a phenomenon with which we in Europe are becoming progressively more familiar, as the relentless invasion of our homeland continues.

According to, it is estimated that approximately twelve "honour" related murders take place in Britain each year. That estimate is probably on the cautious side, and certainly, with the ever growing East Asian and Middle Eastern communities in the country the level of honour related violence is increasing at an alarming rate.

In a horrific case, earlier this month, a young East Asian man, who was apparently born in Denmark, was viciously attacked in the Street in East London, allegedly because he had formed a friendship with a married Muslim woman. During the course of the attack the unfortunate victim was stabbed, hit with a brick and had sulphuric acid poured down his throat. He is currently in hospital, in a critical condition,. He has apparently lost most of his tongue, and it is feared he has been blinded in at least one eye.

The story is reported here in the Daily Mail, and also here in the Guardian.

Two East Asian males have been charged with attempted murder, and a further 16 year old "youth" has been arrested. That arrest is reported today by the BBC, but oh dear, how differently they present it.

No mention is made in the BBC report of the alleged motive for the crime, the ethnicity of those arrested is left unmentioned, and, so as to completely mislead the reader, the victim is merely referred to as "Danish". That they would call accurate and unbiased reporting?

Okay, you might say, the allegations remain unproven, it is a legitimate editorial decision to choose not to report them. However, even so, why the deliberate attempt to mislead the reader about the victim's race?

As we saw just last week, with the media's total failure to reveal the facts about the ongoing race riots in France, the once highly respected BBC, continues to hide the truth about its beloved but failed multicultural experiment from a still largely trusting public.


Anonymous said...

In Canada, we recently had a suspicious case where four dead bodies (3 Muslim teenagers and their "aunt") were found in their family car at the bottom of a canal.

Strangely, none of them could drive!

Short summary HERE.

Anonymous said...

There was another acid attack on a group in pub by a women, the BBC showed a black women with acid burns to her face, no info on the perpetrator,but it was carried out in a pub in St Pauls Bristol, the 'Brixton of Bristol' so to speak