Monday, 29 June 2009

An Open Letter of Protest to Dr Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury

An Open Letter of Protest to Dr Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, Concerning his Advice that Electors not Vote for the British National Party (BNP) in the European Elections to be held on 4th June 2009.

By Frank Ellis (written 27th May 2009)

Dear Dr Williams

I am writing to you to protest about your recent remarks in which you advised electors not to vote for the British National Party (BNP) in the forthcoming elections to the European Parliament.

The BNP is a properly constituted and law-abiding political party registered with the Electoral Commission of the United Kingdom. The core programmes of the BNP are rational, wholesome, morally sound and desirable. As such, and in the complete absence of any evidence to show that the BNP and its members are engaging in any unlawful activity whatsoever, I construe your advice to electors as direct and wholly unwarranted interference in the electoral process of the United Kingdom. Your statement was a clear ideological act – it had nothing to do with Christ’s teaching - in which you sought to exploit your position as head of the Church of England in order to undermine a political party engaging in proper and lawful activity.

The grotesque and by now well documented abuses of expenses perpetrated by Members of Parliament are, in fact, directly linked to the mass invasion of this country by legal and illegal immigrants and the vicious, anti-white, racist ideology of multiculturalism. Can politicians who have so relentlessly and consistently plundered the public purse over so many years and who have writhed and prevaricated in an attempt to escape censure when their porcine greed has been exposed in all its revolting ugliness be relied upon to tell the truth about the consequences for the United Kingdom of mass immigration? The answer is that far too many politicians are serial liars: and their lies are too obvious.

Politicians of the two main parties have endlessly lied about the consequences of mass immigration. Diversity is not a blessing: it is a curse. The racial, cultural and physical dispossession of the white indigenous population of the United Kingdom is not something I intend to celebrate. It fills me with dread, loathing and disgust: dread because I fear for the future of white people, my people, my land; loathing because of the way in which the prosperous, white, middle classes have betrayed their country; disgust because of the moral and intellectual cowardice of too many people who know perfectly well what is happening but stay silent. Public-sector agencies and all levels of our education system are full of such people.

Your view that the BNP’s “core ideology is about sowing division in our communities and hostility on grounds of race, creed and colour” typifies the Goebbels-style propaganda and organised lying to which any person or political party that objects to multiculturalism is routinely subjected. I see no evidence that you - or for that matter the rather confused John Sentamu - have ever given any consideration to the possibility that multiculturalism, based as it is on sentimental, wilfully ignorant and blatantly ideological assumptions about the nature of race, culture, nations and history, is itself the source of the anger, resentment and division which blight so many parts of the United Kingdom. The white, indigenous population of this country bitterly resent the way in which they are made to feel second-class citizens in their own country. That anger and resentment are fully justified. People like you have helped to create this situation.

Like politicians, you have prevaricated, dissembled and looked away from the truth rather than confront the ugly nature of multiculturalism head on. Whenever I hear the latest utterance from a Church of England official on some aspect of multiculturalism I ask myself whether this person serves Him or some secular body. I also smell the same sickly-sweet herbs that Pilate used to wash his hands. Moral cowardice is, of course, the real sin of the Church of England. Your Church actively ignores Biblical prohibitions against homosexuality and cravenly accepts the depraved lies of feminism with all the attendant misery and pain that have been inflicted on the institution of matrimony. How, then, can the Church of England be expected to tell the truth about multiculturalism when it has succumbed to the Satanic perversions of feminism, when it refuses to uphold Biblical teaching on heterosexual love and marriage?

In its desire to parade its left-liberal credentials, your Church has abandoned the nation and the Master it was called upon to serve. The Lord will deal with you in His own way and time. Meanwhile, you owe Mr Nick Griffin, the BNP and the very large numbers of people who will cast a vote for them on 4th June 2009 an unreserved apology.

Dr Frank Ellis, Ampleforth, England, 27th May 2009 A.D.


Dr.D said...

There are millions around the world who would second Dr. Ellis' letter. It looks more and more like inflicting Rowan Williams on Anglicanism was a deliberate stroke by Tony Blair to injure Anglicanism before he jumped ship for Rome. Blair could scarcely have made a worse choice if he had worked diligently at the effort (and I really doubt that he put too much into it). He simply picked another fuzzy thinking Liberal like himself, this time with all the proper academic credentials although with none of the proper ecclesiastic credentials. As I understand it, Williams has never served in a parish in any capacity whatsoever, so he has no idea what goes on at the local parish level. Thus they made the man a general who has never picked up a gun or dug a ditch. His academic theology is just that: academic and not the sort of thing that has any relevance to the real life of the Church. He was an abysmal choice, and it was obvious from day one. He made this abundantly clear when he had himself initiated as a Druid just before becoming Archbishop of Canterbury -- he saw no conflict, even if the rest of the Christian world saw a huge conflict. It has been down hill ever since.

While I appreciate everything Dr. Ellis has written, for the reasons outlined in the previous paragraph, I think they are a wasted effort. I think you would get more result writing to a fence post, and certainly have a better chance for an intelligent response. The Anglican Communion has disintegrated around the feet of Rowan Williams and he has scarcely moved a muscle to prevent it from happening. Almost any other man one might imagine would have tried to do something, but not our Rowan. He did absolutely nothing! He is very special.

kerdasi amaq said...

If you don't vote; you don't count; and that's the way they like it!

Vote BNP!

Anonymous said...

What is particularly curious about the mindless myopic babble of this so-called man if God is that he is in fact a proponent of one of the most evil and most deceitful of conspiracies that Biblical prophecy talks about.
The bible, and indeed Christ himself describe the Church on earth as the "Body of Christ" - in other words, when Christ ceased his earthly human existence to ascend to his Father in heaven he promised his followers that he weould leave them a comforter and a counseller - that being his Holy Spirit to guide them, teach them and give them understanding of his word and their purpose.
The church on the earth today, in other words the Holy Spirit indwelt Body of Christ is represented by millions of believers all across the world of all races and cultures who have embraced the Christian faith. It is this faith that transcends skin colour, race, culture yet makes provision for their peaceful co-existence as followers of Christ.
The Bible also talks extensively about an anti-christ - an imposter, a counterfeit christ that will arise in the end times to implement a Global Government, a Global Economy and a Global religion in order to rule the world and all in it. This prophecy is being fulfilled in modern global developments even as we speak and the EU is unarguably a model for both a Global Economy and a Global Government.
The Global religion is however proving to be a bit of a problem as unlike the Christian faith which reqires voluntary membership, the global religion, as with the global economy and global government suggest the use of coercion of the exact nature that the BNP opposes.
Such a coercsive global religion in concept bears all the hallmarks of the one religion that is currently sweeping the globe demanding adherence to it on pain of public execution and that is the religion of Islam.
So on the one hand we have the Gospel underpinning the voluntary faith of believers in Jesus Christ who represent the body of Christ of all races and cultures on the earth, indwelt and bound together by the Holy Spirit of God and on the other hand we have the counterfeit body of the anti Christ comprising all races and cultures coerced into a multicultural body of the counterfeit anti-christ indwelt by the spirit of evil and beholden unto the prince of darkness to do his will and that is to rule over all the earth and all it's people as opposed to and in opposition to God.
The bible warns that this "mystery of iniquity" manifesting in a counterfeit anti-christ will force onto the world in the end times a global economy, a global government and a global religion - all of which are happening before our very eyes and anybody who espouses this and opposes the BNP is nothing less than a serving servant of satan the anti-christ and his counterfeit system.
As the Bbile says - let he who has wisdom work this out - in other words, go figure.

fellist said...

Excellent lettter. Nice to see Frank Ellis still in the fight despite his appalling treatment by Leeds University.

alanorei said...

I agree, an excellent letter.

Sadly, even individuals from so-called fundamental Christianity may have their heads in the sand about the destruction of Britain and the BNP's efforts to prevent it.

This is part of an exchange I had with one fundamentalist, who is as Christian as I am, according to the NT definition.

His statement is first.

My responses follow next to ****.

Although he replied to me, he never addressed my responses.

...the British National Party are still deluding the public with their propagands.

****...Prove to me that the BNP is lying to the general public. Note that the article you cite [Tom Shields in The Sunday Herald May 17th 2009 was venting his anti-BNP spleen with little or no substance to his rant] does not include any such definitive proof.

****BNP super-activist and Euro Election candidate Adam Walker has said publicly, "I love my country." Adam is absolutely right to say so. I don't monitor all news outlets by any means but I have yet to hear any Lib/Lab/Con politician, member of the Royal family, C of E bishop, MSM writer, broadcaster, commentator or even prominent evangelical Christian say that in so many words (God creates national boundaries b.t.w. that should therefore be respected, Deuteronomy 32:8, Acts 17:26. Evangelicals can't therefore evade national obligations by pleading membership of the world-wide 'family of God.') Whatever characterises the anti-BNP faction nationally, it is not love of country.

****However, would you be prepared to write to Adam Walker and tell him he's a liar, citing 'chapter and verse'?

He wasn't. That to my mind says it all about 'Christian' opposition to the BNP.

Anonymous said...

I second that letter

Anonymous said...

i love england even though most of my ancester are not from there. some are.i lived there for two years in the mid 80's. i can't believe this is happening to the u.s. and england and other white countrys! we don't need imigration were the britest and best.we don't need others.our white liberal are selling us out as rac'is to shut our voices.

Anonymous said...

Well done Dr.Ellis! That Archbishop is a traitor on an unprecedented scale both to his country and to his 'flock' which he claims to see to their best interest.

Durotrigan said...

Dr Ellis, it is heartening to see that you have not been cowed by the abominable treatment meted out to you by your former colleagues at the University of Leeds. May I ask, did the Archbishop ever reply to your letter?