Tuesday, 22 December 2009

A continent insane

Either we, the people of Europe, have gone totally mad, or those who rule us are intent upon our destruction. Maybe both are true


"My husband was in prison in Togo for his political beliefs"
(my those prisons must have been full)



Chewy said...

Give these invaders two choices - Vasectomy or Deportation!

zazie said...

I am so sorry Napoleon (or rather Bonaparte) is included in the video about France : That man brought disaster to France really ; the revolutionary slaughters had soiled the "image" of the country, "Boney" completed the picture of a savage and arrogant France that had lost her civilisation with her king.

Lone Wolf said...

Either we, the people of Europe, have gone totally mad, or those who rule us are intent upon our destruction. Maybe both are true

The latter is certainly true, and to the extend the former is true, it is because the same people who rule your governments also control your press and media, brainwashing the masses into a demoralized and dumbfounded state of affairs.

Now, who is it that rules Europe (and North American and other Western) media and governments, and is intent on the destruction of the European/white peoples? It is those "unmentionables"...the people of the same tribe who dominate international banking, run Hollywood, and worship according to the Babylonian Talmud. Why are they bent on our destruction? Look to the Talmud and what "Judaism" really is.

Anonymous said...

It is the leadership. They have the law, the media, and the schools. Our western leaders and the western media are working together, on behalf of the international banks and corporations.

The peoples must revolt against this national destruction. America did not resist and is now going down the tubes. Whites will be a minority in a few short years in the USA, and all the racial laws, policies, and government programs are against them. This in a country that was 90% white only a few years ago. The invasion was swift and the destruction promises to be thorough. Regular people are scared to discuss race or ethnicity, though most know that it the main issue. Our leaders are all feckless idiots and thieves. It is us to each of us to fight back in every way we can, starting with our own families and communities, homeschools, and churches. Turn off the cable and the radio, educate yourselves and your families, start creating legal, religious, and other options outside the mainstream. Start small, network, and grow to a real alternative system. Build it and they will come.

Anonymous said...

Having visited Helsinki not so long ago, I noticed that there were quite a few non-whites. It was nothing like as bad as the major British, French or Dutch cities, but they were noticeable.

There will be no escape, nowhere to flee...

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

The numbers are small by comparison with Britain but the growth rate is massive - 600% in a very short space of time.

With a population of under 6 million they will soon be overwhelmed