Wednesday, 2 December 2009

An Open e-mail to Victoria Derbyshire from Dr Frank Ellis

Radio 5 Presenter Victoria Derbyshire

The following e-mail was sent by Dr Frank Ellis to Raidio 5's Victoria Derbyshire in advance of her forthcoming visit to Zimbabwe and South Africa. Frank Ellis wrote to Ms. Derbyshire because, as he said: "Her purpose for being in Zimbabwe is to ask people in Harare how life is in that benighted country. I ask myself: is an expensive jolly courtesy of the license-fee payer really necessary in order to get an answer to that question? In SA she is going to examine the forthcoming FIFA World Cup and what it means for SA. I suspect she will be resolutely silent regarding the crime and homicide."

Here is Frank's e-mail

From: Frank Ellis
To: Victoria Derbyshire, BBC Radio 5
Date: 2nd December 2009
Re: Your visit to Zimbabwe and South Africa

I am contacting you in the hope that during your visits to Zimbabwe and South Africa you will confront head on with your black interlocutors (some of whom will be regime stooges) the racist and murderous behaviour of Mugabe’s regime and the tacit encouragement given by Zuma’s regime to black racist murderers in South Africa. There exists the very real danger – you work for the BBC after all – that you will refuse to tackle these questions since the organisation for which you work insists on presenting an anodyne, rainbow-coloured picture of South Africa to the rest of the world rather than the gruesome and savage reality that exists.

Some six years ago I met a farmer’s wife, Betty her name was, who had just been thrown out of Zimbabwe. Her crime consisted in the fact that her husband and she were successful, white farmers. Here is what happened. One day a gang of so-called “war veterans” (“war veterans” is the term used by Mugabe’s regime to describe the roving gangs who plunder white-owned farms and kill the owners) turned up at her farm. She was told that her husband and she would be thrown out of the country in one hour. Her husband died on the spot of a heart attack. Betty was only permitted to gather up enough personal effects sufficient to fill a small, hand-held suitcase. She was then taken to the airport and put on a plane. Betty and her husband had lived all their lives in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe. Not long after Betty related this harrowing account to me she died, broken-hearted and alone.

There is absolutely no doubt at all that Mugabe’s policy of dispossessing capable, productive white farmers and handing over the land and assets to incompetent blacks in the hope that blacks will simply continue what whites have created, nurtured and improved is the major cause of Zimbabwe’s miserable plight today. Indeed, inspired by Mugabe’s grotesque, Marxist policies of murder and mayhem, South Africa is already repeating the whole experiment and on a much bigger scale (see below). It is important that you and your masters understand these facts since Mugabe is solely responsible for turning a once thriving farming industry, with healthy surpluses for export, into a typical, Third-World basket case. No white person, man or woman, is responsible for this precipitate and dramatic decline. Mugabe and his fellow blacks confirm that when blacks are left to their own de(vices) regardless of any superior legacy bequeathed to them by the white man, the descent into murderousness and squalor is rapid and inevitable. Whites are not responsible for black failure. Nor do whites have any moral obligation whatsoever to make good the damage inflicted on Zimbabwe – disease, starvation, political violence and rampant inflation – by a deranged criminal and his peculiar brand of tribal, Marxist mumbo-jumbo.

If anything the situation is much worse in South Africa. The policies of the Marxist African National Congress (ANC) towards whites are racist, violent and entirely consistent with the way left-wing and communist regimes behave towards talented and competent minorities. Consider the fate of white farmers in South Africa. Since 1994, over 3,000 farmers and owners of small holdings have been murdered by black racist thugs. These murders frequently involve the most dreadful tortures being inflicted on the white victims before they die. Wives and daughters are raped in front of their men, tortured and then shot or hacked to pieces with machetes. The men are then tortured and eventually after the torturers have had enough are shot and left for dead. Babies, young children and the very old are not spared by these degenerates. In fact, the word “torture” cannot convey the unspeakable torments to which the victims - wives, women, girls, boys and fathers - were subjected before death released them. I have personally seen high definition digital images of white victims taken at the scene of crime by a Scenes of Crime Officer (SOCO). They are the most terrible images I have ever seen in my life. Nothing in my military service could ever have prepared me for what I saw.

Publicly, the ANC tries to play down these racist atrocities by claiming that violent crime affects everyone in South Africa, black and white. Up to a point this ANC claim is true but this claim hides, as it is intended to hide, the racial dimension of black-on-white crimes: the deliberate targeting of white farmers and others by black racists. Now, imagine the politically-correct, anti-racist fervour which would consume the BBC if some 3,000 black farmers had been robbed, tortured, raped, sodomised and executed by whites since 1994. One thing we can take for granted: FIFA would never have awarded the 2010 World Cup to South Africa.

I recently encountered white South Africans who maintain that whites in South Africa are the targets of genocide. Initially, I was sceptical. I have now changed my mind. There is no doubt that much of what is happening to whites in South Africa meets the criteria necessary to satisfy the definition of genocide: a group of people (whites) are the subject of deliberate violence which the government (ANC) either refuses to acknowledge or tacitly encourages (and does not prevent); whites are routinely denied employment and other opportunities so that low-IQ and poorly qualified blacks can be employed in place of whites; white culture (above all Boer) is denigrated, attacked and cultural artifacts are vandalised; the government media encourage a climate of hatred towards whites which makes it much easier for black racist killers to rob, to rape, to murder and to torture whites since they believe they have ANC approval. Here we can note a disturbing parallel with the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. Long before the communists started to slaughter the peasants in the Soviet Union and the Nazis implemented the mass murder of Jews in Eastern Europe the state propaganda apparatus in both states targeted their respective “enemies of the people”. In the Soviet Union hard-working peasants were denounced as “parasites” and in Nazi Germany Jews as “agents of Zionism” plotting to stab Germany in the back. And what do we hear in South Africa: “One bullet, one settler”. The languages are not the same but the malevolent, genocidal spirit is identical.

Your visit to Zimbabwe and South Africa provides you with a unique opportunity to highlight what is happening to whites. It is high time that the BBC behaved in a way demanded by its charter. The BBC has an obligation to speak out honestly and openly, without fear or favour, and far as the fate of whites in Zimbabwe and South Africa is concerned it has so far failed to do so.


ceorl said...

The BBC should be ashamed they don't report the facts about South Africa but of course they won't be. They've long since given up serious journalism and are now part of the cover up. I would like to see the reply to Frank's email.

Anonymous said...

I'm not hopeful that Ms. Derbyshire will see much less report the truth.

It's just incredible the amount of ignorance about what's going on in S.A. and Zimbabwe these days. Hardly a day goes by when I don't see some reverential allusion to Nelson Mandela and the "end of apartheid", as if it's all going to be paradise from then on. It sure doesn't look like it to me!

When I tell people about the savage crimes against whites there that Sarah talks about in her blog, they're stunned and amazed. They had no idea -- because the news never reaches them.

Dr.D said...

The BBC was once a world respected news organization, a real beacon of truth. Now it has prostituted itself and become just one more hack propaganda organization, something that is really very sad. It did not need to be that way.

Unfortunately, most of the white world has abandoned the whites of Africa, particularly Rhodesia and South Africa, to their fates. This was necessary in order for other whites to be able to close their eyes and pretend that Africa is now a wonderful place with racial peace and harmony, just like Mandela and his friends tell us it is. Most whites around the world desperately want to believe Mandela. They have declared him a saint, and they have condemned the previous white governments in Africa. It is thought to be simply unacceptable to have made a mistake in that judgment, even as the evidence mounts that the world at large was exactly wrong.

Frank Ellis is doing a good thing by writing this e-mail, but I fear that it will not be heard. Sarah, it is good that you have published it, because more people need to be made aware of how very wrong the judgment of the world has been.

Anonymous said...

Just this week a couple of friends were attacked.The report reads;
'In another incident A, 65, and his wife C, 64, were seriously injured when three men accosted and assaulted them on Maywood Farm on the R56 near Richmond in the early hours of yesterday morning.

Police said they were forced into a bedroom where they were bound and gagged before they were beaten by robbers using the butts of their handguns.

The men demanded keys for a safe, which the couple gave them and they took an undisclosed amount of money and three guns.

The couple sustained serious facial trauma and were in a serious but stable condition in a Pietermaritzburg hospital.,

Nine friends and aquaintences of mine have been murdered in the last ten years since I left South Africa.

I have on occasions asked people in NZ if they personally knew anyone who had been murdered and was always told 'No'

kerdasi amaq said...

I suppose turning Zimbabwe into a third world basketcase is more profitable to the "City" of London than a rich prosperous Zimbabwe.

John G Kerlen said...

Herewith a comment posted on her blog....
Dear Victoria,

Are you ever going to answer the email that Dr Frank Ellis sent you? It's vitally important that the message of the state of crime in South Africa gets reported on accurately. I'm sure that's the least you could do for us licence payers that have funded your jolly to the dark continent.


John G Kerlen said...

Taken from South Africa Sucks. I've done a search on the net but can only find one reference to the incident and even then you need to be a paying subscriber to read the article. But I am hoping Victoria was part of that crew so she can experience first hand.

Foreign TV crews robbed

Foreign journalists have been warned to be on their guard against criminals after two international TV crews were robbed in Cape Town.

Members of a German news crew were held up at knifepoint off Long Street, wjhile a BBC crew had equipment worth an estimated R120 000 stolen from their vehicle while filming on Ou Kaapse Weg.

The BBC crew has been in Cape Town for four weeks filming a documentary on the power of football to change people’s lives – specifically disadvantaged youth.

They are due to leave this weekend.

Producer Andrew Ball said they had been shooting the Cape Flats from Ou Kaapse Weg when the thieves struck. The thieves smashed a window in their vehicle and made off with highly specialised lenses, radio mikes and other camera equipment that would be “useless” to an unprofessional crew.

“We weren’t that far away, but they were so quick – in and out like a flash.”

But Bell said they had been robbed in London and Liverpool too.

“Cape Town is like any other city in the world. You have to adapt and just get on with it. Overall it’s been amazing. We’ve seen a slice of life you’d never see if you came on holiday.”

Police spokesman Rodney Franks confirmed that a charge of theft had been opened.

Linzi thimas, of the MyLife Foundation which works with street children, said the German crew was walking to their hired car off Long Street when a gang of men accosted them with knives. The Germans, both men, were forced to hand over wallets, air tickets and cellphones.

Independent on Saturday.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Thanks John, there is a certain justice to that, don't you think :-)

John G Kerlen said...

Yes Sarah, rather satisfyingly I'm still smiling, and will be for a long while about this story. I'm checking the bbc site now and again to see if I can find the story. You may find it if you do a search, but that's only because I posted a further comment on Vicky's blog ;-)

Anonymous said...

You have to wonder what they are thinking (smoking?) in the BBC.

Perhaps they are just fulfilling the script written for them long ago by Orwell- "1984".

How long do they think they can keep this up?

All totalitarians eventually lose touch with reality, and they are no exception.