Wednesday, 23 December 2009

A death before Christmas

"Oh God, not again," said 43 year old Renier Lamprecht on Tuesday when he realised he'd been shot during the second home invasion in three years.

Renier was in the bedroom with his partner, Hannelie du Toit, when four men broke into the couple's house on a smallholding in Pumulani north east of Pretoria.

As the couple were attempting to hold the door shut against the intruders a shot rang out, and Lamprecht was hit in the torso. Du Toit only realised Lamprecht had been shot when she saw the bed was soaked in blood.

The wounded Lamprecht stood back and the invaders came into the room ordering the couple onto the bed where their hands and feet where tied.

The attackers eventually fled taking cigarettes, three cellphones, a laptop and Du Toit's handbag, a small price for a man's life

Du Toit heard the assailants driving off and managed to free herself and then freed her seriously injured partner before going to a neighbour's house to raise the alarm, she was still at the neighbours' house when the paramedics came to tell her they'd done everything they could, but were unable to save him.

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According to my figures, Renier Lamprecht is at least the 3079th white farmer to have been murdered since the end of Apartheid in 1994

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah

Thank you for once again reporting on the appalling genocide being waged against whites in SA. You are the only nationalist blogger I know of who constantly reports on this vile crime against humanity.

I think you may need to revise the death toll. Adriana Stuijt of the excellent has the ghastly death toll at 3115. It is heart-breaking to see what these innocent people are being subjected to by African blacks, it really is and I hope you continue to publish the unpleasant truth. It is SO important.

Thanks again Sarah and Season's Greetings to you and yours.

Warm regards


tyhz1995 said...

Hello Madam I applaud your reportage and writing style.Are you in SA?I am a yank and find what has happened to be gut wrenching.It seems as though it will not end.Merry Christmas.-Tyler

Anonymous said...


About the post: "partner" is from the liberal lexicon. It contains fuzziness of thought which causes other liberal outcomes, such as in this story. It's all connected. If we talk like a liberals it means we are thinking like liberals.

John G Kerlen said...

Hi Sarah,

I have to echo Reconquista's thanks to you as well. Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Here's hoping that in the year to come the world's eyes are opened to the horrors of South Africa. The world cup is that stage where this can happpen.

Thanks also for your help in linking to a few of my articles this year.


Max said...

Bless you Sarah, thanks for your effort and passion in helping those who know the truth, to inform and open the eyes of the ignorant as to what is really happing in South Africa and the world. I just wish there was more that individuals like myself could do to help.

May you have a peaceful Christmas and wishing you strength for the new year.