Tuesday, 8 December 2009

A fourth Guilty verdict in Knoxville

George Thomas guilty

Another of the five people accused of the rape torture and murder of Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian was found guilty in Knoxville today

Jurors in the George Thomas double-murder trial found Thomas guilty of first degree felony murder Tuesday afternoon, making Thomas eligible for the death penalty.

He was also found guilty of all rape, robbery and theft charges.

The judge decided to send the jury back to their hotel for the rest of the day and begin the sentencing phase of the trial on Wednesday.

Thomas's murder conviction follows that of Letalvis "Rome" Cobbins and Lemaricus "Slim" Davidson and the earlier conviction of Reic DeWayne "E" Boyd who was found guilty of being an accessory. The final defendant Vanessa Coleman will be tried at a later date.

Read the full news item at WBIR,cim Knoxville. You can't read about it on major national news sites, such as CNN, as they have not even mentioned it.


Dr.D said...

I really wish that we still had public hangings for executions. I think that they would send a very useful message, a message that needs to go out to many other potential criminals of similar sorts. Death by lethal injection is simply too easy, and too private. It needs to be out where it can be seen by those who need to see it in all of its grimness.

Let us hope that these creatures are executed fairly soon. The deterrent effect is also blunted by a long delay.

Faust said...

I feel very badly about the deaths of these two nice young people, they were innocent of any wrong doing. And they still claim desegregation was a good idea...

Sadly the more common even is event is young stupid white women who take up with blacks and are always abused and sometimes murdered.

In Wisconsin a black kills his two white girlfriends and their children...
Search continues for man in 4 Madison-area killings

And white woman murdered by her black husband in North Carolina:
Estranged Husband Kills Wife In Winston-Salem

Anonymous said...

It angers me to no end that CNN fails to report reality. They are such slime. Can you imagine if this were a black couple with white culprits??? I will not watch that so-called "news" network, the rare occasion being when I want to be informed of what the Enemy is up to ... no, not Al Quada or the Taliban ... CNN.

Anonymous said...

CNN has been a really bad joke for a very long time, and it seems like deluded Americans are the only ones who still think it's any kind of reliable news source.

The fact that all news reports out of Iraq have always had to be "filtered" through CNN's head office should have been their first clue that it was all being censored.

And speaking of Iraq -- the day that Desert Storm started, I watched some of the coverage on satellite TV. The BBC had a man on the ground, just outside Baghdad, doing a report in a blurry video feed that looked like he was transmitting it via his cell phone. The CBC was doing a report fretting over how this war was going to affect the economy of Canada.

And CNN? They were doing a report about a boy who had "won" a contest for the smelliest sneakers! It just boggles the mind.