Friday, 4 December 2009

Hate Crimes madness

This cartoon caused outrage in America with pickets outside the Newsday offices calling for a boycott of the magazine.

Newsday issued the following statement: “we expect the cartoons we publish, many of which are nationally syndicated, to amuse, stir and entertain, but never to offend. Hate crime is a serious issue. This nationally syndicated cartoon should never have run and we have expressed our concern to the syndicator.”

Frankly the world has gone totally mad.


Dr.D said...

The Left has absolutely no sense of humor (no sense, either). The cartoon was very funny, and it makes a very good point. No doubt someone's head will roll for allowing something so close to the truth to come out.

Abu Abdullah said...

Aaaaa, ha, ha, ha! That's bitingly funny!

Anonymous said...

The world isn't mad Sarah, the white race is. And it will reap what it is busily sowing.


Anonymous said...

yep, teh ''liberall' establishment dont like it when reality Bites

Faust said...

I love that cartoon!