Friday, 4 December 2009

Condemned by CSI Miami

Anyone who has been following the murder trial in Perugia knows that Meredith Kercher was murdered by a lone black assailant called Rudy Guede there was never any evidence approaching "beyond reasonable doubt" that American student Amanda Knox or her Italian boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito had any involvement whatsoever in the crime.

The verdict which was declared an hour ago was another triumph for political correctness in a world brainwashed by television cop shows from which this entire narrative could have been a script. The judges and the jury should be ashamed, but they only did what they have been schooled to do.

in the real world a mixed race girl was killed by a black drug dealer, nothing new there. In the politically correct fantasy world the good looking white kids had to be involved. Sadly once again the fantasy won, and two innocent young people face years in prison for the sake of a narrative.


Bibeth said...

I agree that the evidence was little more than superfical. Although you have to wonder what was going throught the juries mind as they deliberated. If it was my city I would be trying to make sense of the situation.

Faust said...

I am still not completely sure what to think about this whole mess. She may have just been in the wrong place at the wrong time... Miss Knox should have stayed off drugs, that would have kept her out of trouble. She was certainly not the ringleader of this crime, whatever happened.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

I don't believe either of them had anything to do with it, the so called DNA linking the boyfriend to the crime was a joke.

The prosecution case was straight out of some TV cop show, and the jury bought it because they have been brain washed by all that rubbish.

Just like a jury would have believed the Duke Lacrosse hoax if the prosecutor had managed to get that to trial.

Dr.D said...

It seems that it is a bit of a stretch to use the word "innocent" in describing Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito. It does not appear that there was grounds for convicting them of murder, but their behavior otherwise was far from innocent. They thought that they could do whatever they wanted to do, and still be protected by the law. They found out that the law would coerce them into a confession that would be very damning.

Faust said...


Yes I am now coming to think they most likely were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. The drugs and their problems with explaining where they were at time; did them a lot of damage. And yes those CSI shows are pure rubbish.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Hi Dr D

I always respect your views, and I appreciate what you say, It is true that Knox and Sollecito had premarital sex and took drugs, but that is part of the culture they are living in, you may rightly deplore that culture, but they are not to blame for every movie or TV show which tells them that it okay.

Much is made of them "kissing and cuddling after the murder, but if you actually watch the film which the press took when they first decided to set them up (why else would they film them?) it looks to me that she is distressed, and he is seeking to comfort her.

However, they were not on trial for their morals.

The point is that nothing they did deserved quarter of a century in prison. The story the Prosecution presented was ludicrous, and the jury only believed it because it followed the theme of so many politically correct cop shows pumped into their homes every night.

How often have we seen the story where a black man is convicted of murder, and it turns out to be the pretty but evil white kids who did it out of malice or as part of a sex game? I have certainly seen it quite a few times, and don't watch as much "prime time" TV as most.

If that sort of PC fantasy gets repeated often enough people start to believe it actually happens in the real world.

Cracker Americanus said...

The ethnic group that dare not be named hijacked and controls the popular news and entertainment media. They feel we are there only real competition and have to be marginalized and degraded. The current crop of crime shows display grandiose and magical crime labs that never have a waiting period,never have lost or false evidence, and never have to deal with political problems.Our local regional crime lab will probably be closed for political and economic reasons. The crime scene material will them be processed in labs 2 and 4 hours away.These other labs are also located in areas controlled by the affimative action drones who will have little or no incentive to deal with crimes committed against whites in rural southern areas. Remember the people who do these jobs were the smartest people in the easiest classes.

Dr.D said...

Sarah, it is not sufficient to say, "the culture told them these things were acceptable, so they felt secure in doing them." As Christians, we are called to stand against the culture all the time. If I did everything the culture tells me is acceptable, my life would be a total wreck in short order; I know that I must not follow the culture. The culture is not concerned with my well-being, either temporal or eternal.

I agree with you, however, that they were not on trial for their morals. My point was only that their amoral lifestyle offered them no defense.

I did see the film of them "kissing and cuddling" and I agree with your analysis of that situation completely. The Italian prosecutor chose to misconstrue those actions, and he was allowed to get away with it, unfortunately.

Sarah, you said, "The point is that nothing they did deserved quarter of a century in prison." I am much more inclined to go with absolutes than you seem to be, and I would say that if they really did murder the other girl, a sentence of a quarter century is way too light. But it appears to me that in fact, nothing at all was proved against them and they should be set free. They should not serve a single day because they were not proven guilty.

It has been reported here in the US that the prosecutor is under investigation himself for misconduct in previous cases, just as it appears that he abused Amanda Knox and fudged the evidence in order to obtain a conviction. He simply wanted another notch on his belt, and it seems that some perfectly amazing things are permitted in the Italian courts to enable him to get that. This is a fundamental flaw in all adversarial legal proceedings where winning is much more important than justice. The idea that the two are one and the same is simply laughable! It is no different at all from trial by combat, except that the lawyers get rich rather than injured.

In hindsight, I think the Knox family probably erred in not bringing an American lawyer to defend Amanda. I think they could have found one more skilled in refuting DNA evidence, pointing out where evidence was mishandled so as to plant DNA where it should not have been, point up the fact that the knife did not match the profile of the wounds, etc. Perhaps they will yet do this in an appeal of the decision; I am assuming that the Italian legal system provides for appeals in cases such as this. In America, an appeal would already be on file by now.

Failing that, it may be time for a small black operation, something to contract to Blackwater or a similar organization. Not a nice way to resolve things, but desperate situations call for desperate measures.

Faust said...

Amanda Knox framed in reverse Bronco Chase in Perugia

Has Amanda Knox been railroaded by a hysterical Italian public?

Dr.D said...

In the Auster post that Faust has pointed to, a lot of the comments raise points of information that I have not heard mentioned previously. It seems that the majority of those commenters believe that Amanda and friend are guilty and were fairly convicted. They certainly bring out a lot of points to support that view that I have not heard raised previously.

Anonymous said...

Completely agree with you.
Not a word about the black. I also go along with cracker americanus... in his analysis of the 'hidden hand' Looking at the victims aboriginal mother and Jewish father it all adds up. How are the Knox family going to come up with $4M?

Contrast that with the victims of black on white murder anywhere in the world. Have you ever heard of te perps being forced to pay compensation to the victims family??? whihc leads me to the Pentagon hacker Mckinnon fighting extradition. Had this poor man been one of the 'chosen' and fled to a shitty little country in SW Asia ewold not have faced extradition charges as many US murderers will tell you. The Polanski rape saga is a joke!

Faust said...

More from Lawrence Auster:
Knox and Sollecito--not guilty

Dr.D said...

Here is some further interesting discussion on this case from Auster: