Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Pravda - Western Race Hatred Laws: Keep the Caucasians Down

The following appeared on Pravda at the weekend:

Throughout the totalitarian West, the Marxist internationalist elites, while busily flooding their countries with tens of millions of third worlders, have introduced specific measures to keep the native populations down and in check.

These measures have come in the form of Hate Crimes Laws. The laws state that a crime is not just a crime if we can find a deeper motive, such as hate of a specific race, sex, religion or sexual orientation. Thus the Lords of Humanity have given themselves the power of God to know what is inside the hearts of men.

In practical terms, what this means is 1. A murder is not just a murder if hate is involved. Say again? This means certain lives are worth more than others, a protected class, another insult to Christ and justice. 2. If the local jury trial is considered to lenient, then those globalist elites of the West can try the person again for "hate" or rather in actuality for the same crime, twice. Again, an insult to justice that Western serfs bow, grin and bare.

But this gets worse, since in practice, the elites decide who is a racist and who is not, they use these laws sparingly to keep the native population down, shackled and paranoid of the knock on the door.

In America, anti white violence is exploding, an average of 12 people per day are killed by their illegals and three times more whites and Asians are killed by blacks than vice versa. The same can be found in England. The head of the Justice Department, Hader, even stated that he approved the double standard used on whites. He did this in front of a parliamentary committee, with no real out cry by the totalitarians. As if any should be expected.

When five blacks kidnapped a white couple, raped and murdered the man, than kept the woman for further rapes and poured bleach down her throat to kill her, there was no hate crime, even though those five became the idols of black racist groups in American. When blacks in Los Angeles target Koreans for robbery and murder, also nothing. Nor when Mexican gangs ethnically cleanse one street after another. When Islamic Pakistanis in England beat an Anglican priest almost to death, in front of his church and screamed how they were going burn down the church, or when other Islamics poured acid in the face of a raped school girl, nothing happened. No hate crimes. When Islamic Turks murdered the white, Christian boyfriend of a Turkish girl, in Germany, not a hate crime. When Arabs and Pakistanis in Athens attack and burn Greek Orthodox businesses, not a hate crime. When the director van Gogh is brutally murdered by an Islamic assailant, not a hate crime. However, his Dutch film, showing the plight of the women under Islam, beat and abused, well, most definitely that is a hate crime...the film, not the wife beating, that's just quaint multiculturalism, supported by the Western femiNazis, who have a secret lusting for this type of treatment.

Luckily, in Russia, Ukraine, Serbia and all none EU, none West Christian nations, this idiocy does not exist. Murder is murder, regardless of what is felt by the killer and defense of the local culture is paramount.

Westerners, truly I believe, you deserve this, since the vast majority of you take it and swallow it, like the good little castrated serfs you are. Enjoy your extinction, as you loaf around on your Chinese couches.

Stanislav Mishin

The article originally appears on Mr. Mishin's blog, Mat Rodina


Many readers will remember a time when Pravda was the heavily controlled voice of oppression, how things have changed.


Faust said...

A great article; sadly all too true...

Dr.D said...

This is not very smart, but it is very Russian in attitude. If the West falls, the Russians will not be far behind.

Cracker Americanus said...

The destruction of the white race is the goal of the destroyers. They fear us and understand they will not have dominion of the earth until we are gone. Laws that treat one person diffrently than another institutionally marginalize the affected group.

Anonymous said...

This guy is clearly missing the point. If someone is beaten up for no other reason than that he is white, or gay, or Jewish, OF COURSE it's a more serious crime than if he's beaten because he raped his neighbour's daughter, or he robbed his house, or shot his dog.

The reason behind this is very logical: Most of us don't rape our neighbour's daughters, or rob their homes, or shoot their dogs -- and if we did, we might expect to face some repercussions.

But someone who just merely happens to be white, or gay, or Jewish (or a white gay Jew!) should not have to expect to be victimized when he has done nothing "wrong" to deserve the attack.

What this writer is objecting to, of course, is the idiotic notion that if you're a white heterosexual Protestant, hate crime laws should not give you any protection at all. That's total bullshit, and we must fight it to our last breath.

So let's not lose our focus here.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

I think one of the most significant things about that article is the fact that it was published. It is not permissible to express such views in the Western media.

Abu Abdullah said...

Saw this on Five Feet of Fury: the One-Worlder elites are now beginning to undermine Korea. Their method, and the pattern, of social destabilization should be very familiar to Westerners weary of the Multi-Cult.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 18:00:

I think you're completely missing the point. The circumstances you describe all have mitigating factors.

However if a scumbag decides to pick on an individual at random, and then beats him to the ground, stamps on his head and causes hos death, is that a lesser crime because he was motivated by a lust for gratuitous violence or displaced anger? I think not.

Anonymous said...

@ Unrepentant British Nationalist 20:28.

If anybody brutally attacks ANY innocent person for whatever reason at all, I think they deserve to be strung up by the balls and left to rot.

But the thing is that IF someone is randomly attacked merely because of some characteristic over which they have no control, such as their colour, or their sexual orientation, OF COURSE that is a more serious crime because it means that anyone else with those characteristics would have been considered fair game as well.

It's to protect the innocent that such laws are necessary.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

But Anon 20:28 by the same logic the fact that someone is attacked because they have a wallet full of money in their pocket means that anyone else with a wallet full of money is equally at risk ..... which they are (and they are far more regularly attacked for it)

Why is it more serious to have your head staved in for one motive than it is for another?

The problem with hate crimes laws as they are applied in the USA is that they are deliberately discriminatory, they protect one group and not another, for the deliberate purpose of stigmatizing one group.

To make it even worse the one group which is not protected by hate crimes laws, white males, are statistically the most likely to be the victims of hate crimes.

Don't be fooled by the words, the real hate is in the hearts of those who designed this malevolent legislation.

Of course everyone should be protected from hate crimes, but the does not do that. It is selective as to who it chooses to protect, and that is why it is an evil law.

Dr.D said...

Crimes are not committed out of love. Thus all crimes are "hate crimes" and the term in meaningless and should be abandoned. As it is, it is simply a vehicle for discrimination.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 03:48:

You wrote:

"But the thing is that IF someone is randomly attacked merely because of some characteristic over which they have no control"

If somebody is targeted because of their ethnicity, sexuality, etc, then it is NOT a 'random' attack. Additionally, Sarah makes a good point in saying that somebody with a fat wallet could be targeted for that reason alone.

So called 'Hate Crimes' are absurd. I have personally witnessed an old man have his ear stamped clean off his head, for no other reason than the perpetrators were looking to batter somebody. I cannot find any reason why that is less serious than a 'Hate Crime...nor do I think it was motivated by 'love', or 'benevolence' - they looked like they hated him from where I was standing. Oh and yes, I did intervene and took quite a beating as a result.

Jade said...

The same subject was tackled by "UNREPENTANT BRITISH NATIONALISM" and as you intimate we in the west accept these people and their alien cultures without question.We (the British) should assert ourselves more, we should not allow ourselves to be downtrodden by "political correctness" after all it was the British courtesy of William Wilberforce who implemented the abolition of slavery , which was effective in 1834 a year after his death.Why then should we keep apologising for something which happened over a century and three quarters ago ?.We are too tolerant, fools to ourselves and need to stop our subserviant behaviour to these unwelcome , parasitic people.

Anonymous said...

Real change only comes through pain. Americans are still fat, dumb, and happy. Even "conservatives" have swallowed the radical-liberal 1960's kool-aid and believe that loving your own nation/race is evil. They conflate nation with the state and are torn between loving and hating state power, depending on the issue. They are ignorant of the differences between culture, society, nation, race, clan, tribe, state, or government and could not even begin to tell you how to improve any of these, so poorly educated are they. The only thing that most people try to affect change through is politics, using the hopeless RedTeam-Blue game.

Though most they know our goverment schools are poison for mind and body, they are too lazy to pull them out and homeschool or private school them. And the schools keep churning out millions of little Marxist/globocapitalist robots every year.

The pain will eventually get so bad that most people will come to their senses and face reality. When they have lost it all to the non-white invaders and are total slaves, change will come. Unfortunately, it all has to get as bad as South Africa before many people will wake up and act. Even then, many will still not have woken up or will succumb to stockholm syndrome.

I'm looking forward to the collapse of the Federal Government.