Friday, 11 December 2009

Mixed race couples

The celebrity image


Faust said...

Yikes! All too true... another young stupid white whore take up with an African and in this case ruins more than her own life.

Anonymous said...

It makes me sick to my stomach whenever I see mixed race couples.

Tiger Woods is an example of why every time I see a mixed race couple on the street I want to grab the white girl and shake some sense into her whilst trying to explain to her why she should stop now.

I don't of course. The lies about everyone being equal are deeply entrenched in the psyche of modern humans it would be fruitless.

Back to Tiger... Black men for the greater part do not know how to keep it in their pants. Or they are violent and if the girl is very unlucky their partner is both.

It all dates back to black culture. Men have multiple wives and the women are subservient, while the men sit around and do nothing.

Look at Jacob Zuma, he has multiple wives but still can't keep it in his pants. It's the animal instinct in them.

Anonymous said...

The funny thing is in the USA, the biggest stink about the fact that all the women Tiger has been shagging are white has come from the black community.

The blacks community in the USA is bitching and perfoming because Tiger has white girlfriends and want to know why, however, the eternally grovelling white community has said nary a word about it. So the question is, who exactly are the racists?

Oh I forgot, only white people can possibly be racist....!!!

alanorei said...

Don't forget Ashley and Cheryl

She seems to be developing her career apace

Can't have much of a home life

Anonymous said...

The reason the black community is complaining is that there are growing numbers of black women who are insulted that black male celebrities seem to consider it a status symbol to be shtupping ONLY white women. That tells them that black women are not good enough for them, now that they're rich and famous.

What the appeal might be for the white women involved is anybody's guess....

alanorei said...

Dark-skinned men are partial to light-skinned women, Genesis 12:10-20.

This is no doubt why the wise Queen Elizabeth 1st didn't want 'Blackamoors' in her realm.

I suggest the appeal for any white women is Satanic, after them having been saturated for years with devil-worshipping African sex-orgy music, otherwise known as rock and pop but emanating in the West from the bar and red light district of New Orleans after the Civil War, when freed slaves congregated there, with their ethnic music.

Anonymous said...

I recently stood in a grocery store queue when the white woman behind me made such an obvious display of showing her mulatto children photos by flipping the photo side of her wallet up to my eye level.

This pathetic little demonstration was either sought-after approval where the white stranger (me) was supposed to insincerely gush all over her little darlings,or perhaps she was trying to appear, oh s-o-o-o racially avant-garde and so well ahead of us behind-the-times morally inferior folks.

Whatever her reasons, I was not impressed!

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Alanorei - agreed. This modern rap crap music is wholely embraced by both genders of the brain dead among our people and is a fruition (if you will) of exactly where its promoters wanted the expression to go - beastial sex and violence.

This is not a banner waving promotion but many fail to realize that this period after the war between the states was the reason for the orchestration of the original KKK.

Whites had no other means of protection as the occupying armies were part of the looting establishment and allowed depredation's from blacks to continue unabated. Their reconstruction efforts continue to this day ... although expanded nationwide.

alanorei said...

Re: beastial sex and violence, I believe that was part of the 'entertainment scene' in Storyville, New Orleans in the late 19th-early 20th centuries.

Re: the original KKK, agreed, Jeff. Many folk may be surprised at the following, consisting of several of their basic beliefs (circa 1920):

I believe in God and in the tenets of the Christian religion and that a Godless nation can no longer prosper.

I believe that a church that is not grounded on the principles of morality and justice is a mockery to God and man.

I believe that a church that does not have the welfare of the common people at heart is unworthy.

I believe in the eternal separation of church and state.

I hold no allegiance to any foreign government, emperor, king, pope or any other foreign, political or religious power.

I hold my allegiance to the Stars and Stripes next to my allegiance to God alone.

I believe in just laws and liberty.

I believe in the upholding of the Constitution of these United States.

I believe in protection of pure womanhood.

I believe in the limitation of foreign immigration.

I believe in the prevention of unwarranted strikes by foreign labor agitators.

Any way you cut it, the above certainly seems a much better option than 'Obama[non]care.'

Anonymous said...

In Houston, the overall interbreeding of whites to nons must 50% or higher. Only anecdotally speaking here, but over 75% of my young acquaintances are interracial. 75% of the customers of bigbox superstores, such as ToyRUs and BabyRUs, are mixed couples, mostly non-whites and whites.

And this will continue as long as feckless "conservative" and liberal parents continue sending their children to the government indoctrination camps, and continue pumping the sludge into their homes via TV, radio, and the interwebs known as "entertainment."

Our extended family is beginning to be destroyed by interracial dating and marriage. Family gatherings, the only safe haven we had left, are becoming foreign, alien, uncomfortable. Everyone feels it, but few say anything.

Anonymous said...

Imádom a Berényi Miki.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

To Anonymous 08:11

Üdvözöljük (Welcome)

According to Google you are writing in Hungarian and your comment was that you love the singer Miki Berenyi.

I am not sure what that adds to the discussion. I assume you are white and Miss Berenyi certainly appears to be, so I am sure we are all happy for you.


Anonymous said...

She's half Japanese.

Anonymous said...

*blink* I only hope that someone who is not white would be able to connect your racist posts to your face, right before the connect a haymaker to your nose.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Anonymous 11:11

Why is it that multiculturalists like you always think it is okay to wish violence on people?

Anonymous said...

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