Sunday 24 January 2010

The lies of frightened men

Anyone who has not spent the last few months out of radio range either in a submarine beneath the ice caps, searching for signs of global warming, or making a wild life documentary about Amazonian termites, will have noticed that for the first time which anyone not currently drawing their pensions can remember, senior politicians have actually started to talk about immigration at a time when a general election may be less than six months away.

Conservative leader David (call me Dave) Cameron has recently announced that the Tories will introduce a cap on immigration, which would reduce the number allowed in each year to “Tens of thousands”. Tens of thousands of immigrants would of course be an improvement on the current situation, (if Cameron really meant it – which he doesn't) but only in so far that, instead of allowing in numbers equivalent to the population of Newcastle each year (I say Newcastle based on “official figures” - the population of Bristol is closer to reality) we would still be “welcoming” a new Carlisle, Wigan or Grimsby year after year after year, not to forget the anchor babies they would immediately start breeding after they arrive.

It is a mark of how out of touch politicians, such as Cameron, are that he seems to think people will believe that such tinkering would even come close to solving the problem.

In the red corner, Labour Communities Secretary John Denham attempted to reassure the public by cooing disingenuously that "We don't think population is going to go to 70 million, so there is a bit of a straw man there".

Of course, most experts agree a rise to over 70 million is inevitable unless something is done to fundamentally change current policy, however, Denham continued his fairytale by adding "We have got tight immigration control - the points-based system that is now in place means that people can only come here if what they are going to give to this country is something we need."

However, Denham then argued against Cameron's cap saying, with the dishonesty which only a trained politician can achieve with a straight face: "Suppose the first person after the cap was an international heart specialist?" suggesting that Britain should act rather like the gambler who keeps buying the same lottery numbers in the hope that now and then they might win a tenner back.

According to Denhem's logic the country should continue to take in thousands upon thousands upon millions of immigrants in the hope that one or two of them might benefit the country. Has it not occurred to the pureed brained zealot that billions of pounds would be saved, and untold levels of social damage avoided, had we trained a few home grown heart specialists instead of importing millions of people in the hope of finding a few foreign trained ones among them?

Deceiving the electorate is clearly John Denham's latest brief, as he even went so far as to make a pretence of expressing concern for the white working classes, stating that, sometimes the white working classes suffered more from discrimination than many ethnic minorities, as if this was some new phenomenon, which only he had noticed.

Given NuLabour's visceral hatred and contempt for the white working class, who's interests so often conflicts with those now much preferred groups, many observers would have assumed that Denham was either making a bad joke and had forgotten the punchline, or was suffering from some catastrophic mental breakdown, had they, that is, not realised that an election is imminent.

Attempting to sooth the electorate's concern over the third world masses engulfing our boarders with a few half hearted lies, appears to be the latest wheeze plucked from the NuLabour lexicon of spin and deception, as they seem to be all at it.

Back in November, Home Secretary Alan Johnson went so far as to admit that “Labour has made mistakes on immigration” yet, against all the evidence, Johnson then went on to claim that Labour had not operated an open door immigration policy ( Ed: lets put it this way, if they occasionally closed the door, they certainly didn't lock any windows) and went so far as to say “I do believe that the UK is now far more successful at tackling immigration than most of its European and North American neighbours".

He followed this by wittering on about “the introduction of biometric visas, ID cards for foreign nationals and dealing with new asylum applications within six months, including" (yes he actually said it) “returning failed applicants”, on the apparently deluded assumption that anyone with a quota of brain cells necessary to master their remote control would believe that any of that had the slightest effect on the tsunami of immigrants which has swamped our homeland in the last thirteen years.

This was, of course, the same Home Secretary, who only months before had refused to contemplate a cap on immigration and chortled that he did not “lie awake worrying about a population of 70 million”

His arrogance and contempt for the public steaming like a newly dropped cow pat on a winter morning, Johnson actually seemed to believe that a mere admission that the government had been “maladroit” would convince the potential electorate that any administration in which he served, or, if he gets his wish, ran, had any intention of doing any better in future.

The most recent politician to come out of his corner with the “we will do something about immigration” lie was the pugnacious and aptly named Schools Minister Ed Balls who has this week been accused of campaigning in the vulnerable constituency of Morley West Yorkshire using letters, leaflets and surveys to portray Labour as tough on immigration. a proposition so ludicrous that it would be laughable were it not for the fact that there are some out there who might actually believe such twaddle.

For decades now the main parties have had an unwritten pact not to mention immigration anywhere near an elections, it has been the one subject politicians have deliberately prevented the public from voting on. There is a reason for this, were democracy to to impinge on the project, then the project might not succeed, and, therefore, democracy must be denied.

However, this time it is different, and we all know why that is. For the first time the public might just have the chance to vote about immigration, and the politicians have begun to realise the eggs they have laid over the last 40 years may soon begin to hatch and release something very dangerous indeed, dangerous to them that is.

The new strength of the BNP could mean that the men and women who have done so much to destroy this country and her people over the last half century, and particularly in the last 13 years, might get their comeuppance, and their project might fail, they will do anything in their power to prevent that.

To prevent it they, together with their apparatchiks and ideological catamites in the controlled media, are combating the threat with a two pronged approach. Firstly they slander and vilify the BNP and anyone who supports them, and secondly they will lie and lie and lie to disguise their own true policies and position.

Be under no illusion, any claim which the shower of crooks and charlatans currently in government or in the two main opposition parties make, suggesting that they will do anything to control immigration into this country or any other western nation, is a lie which will be forgotten and denied the day after the votes are counted.

For a member of any of the main political parties to promise they will do anything about about immigration is no different than a serial rapist claiming he's gone gay and can now be trusted with your daughter, their past actions expose the dishonesty and cynicism of their lie.

Their credibility of those within the LibLabCon troika died with their honour many years ago, and these promises of action are the handkerchiefs behind which they struggle to hide their gross and unappealing nudity.

These are the same multiculturalist zealots and cynical globalists who have spent decade undermining our country and our people, these are the same ideological gangsters who have stolen our history, robbed us of our land and denied our children their heritage. They hate us now no less than they ever did, they have not changed.

They lie out of fear that they may be found our and that their malevolent plans for us may be thwarted. Do not believe them, or you may have a lifetime to regret it.


Dex said...

'at a time when a general election may be less than six months away.'

It has to be held within the next three and a half months!

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Hi Dex

Yes I appreciate that, but Johnson's comments were made last November, so they have been spinning this for a while.

misterfox said...

Sarah, There were pacts agreed by election candidates not to mention immigration in 3 or 4 constituencies during the 1964 general election.
Also the Campaign Against Racial Discrimination sent outforms to candidates to sign agreing not to mention rce. Far from being PC attitudes or NuLabor, they are part of the multi-racialists attitude- creat an ideal world through oppression and censorship.
The Tory candidate for Smethwich had his election leaflets printed in both Urdu and English as far back as 1955!

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

You are right Mister Fox, that is why I say this has been going on for half a century.

I don't think it is a NuLabour thing, although it has escalated in the last 13 years, as it did during the Labour governments of the 60's and 70's, but both parties are guilty.

Also it is not a PC fad, it is a mission or as I called it, a project and the aim is, and has always been to irrevocably change Britain, for the sake of an agenda irrespective of how damaging it has been.

Dr.D said...

People must be reminded to judge the sitting politicians by what they have done. They have had the opportunity to show exactly what they stand for, what they will do or at least attempt to do, so any words to the contrary now should be understood to be just so much hot air intended to buy votes and not a thing more (otherwise known as election campaign lies). Those that have never been in office must be evaluated on some other basis, but never should a sitting politician be evaluated on anything other than what he has done in office. Only his deed, never his campaign words. They are all liars.

The could be a historic opportunity for the BNP, and I hope that they will push the issue very hard. The situation seems sufficiently critical that people should be willing to pay attention and do something that they previously might have been reluctant to do, so the BNP needs to hammer away on this.

Anonymous said...

Immigration is out of hand and it is an attempt by non-representative representatives to destroy Western society and to substitute it for Marxism under the cloak of Liberalism.

What I find quite interesting is that a so called Boer prophet, prophesied that Britain will be destroyed in the future. Destroyed from within, he said.

He also claimed that God will allow this to happen, because of Britain's past sins.

Whether this is true or not is immaterial. What is true is that Britain will be destroyed if their current Marxist non-representative representative leadership do not change direction with regards to their policies on immigration.

Dr.D said...

@ Anon

Can you name this "Boer prophet"?

Sven said...

Here's a link to some of the prophet's stuff. Much more on the internet.

kerdasi amaq said...

A boycott will have to be declared against the main political parties. Any English voter who votes for them; is voting for their own extinction and obliteration as a people. The only way to kick professional politicians in their goolies is to vote them out of office and if that doesn't work there's a new dance they'll have to learn.

The "mid-air two step".

McGonagall said...

The use of "net" figures for immigration numbers exposes the lie. To declare that immigration will be capped to a few tens of thousands (net) is to mislead the general population. The calculation of net immigration is based on a projection of the number of UK residents leaving and subtracting that from the numbers coming in. So if they project that 450,000 left and 500,000 came in they can proclaim immigration has been capped at 50,000.

This, of course, assumes that they actually know how many folks left the UK and that the ethnicity/culture of those coming in are somehow equal.

I'm not English, but 450,000 Pakistanis doesn't seem to me to be the same as 450,000 Englishmen. Unfortunately, the cosmopolitan elite that runs the UK believes that they are equivalent.

They have no first loyalty to their "Ummah", only to their class.

Immigration numbers, unfortunately, don't include EU migration, illegal migration, and asylum seekers. That would put the numbers of foreigners entering the UK closer to a million per year. 70 million? Almost there.

Anonymous said...

"Suppose the first person after the cap was an international heart specialist?"

This supposed heart specialist does not appear to have trained here so might not the country of training have a greater need?