Sunday 11 July 2010

Ever closer to the edge

When the first Western economy collapses under the weight of mass immigration, they will deny its cause, and when the second goes it will be the same. “It is the decline of the West” they will say, “it was predicted” they will crow with delight “the system was flawed”, “it was the fault of capitalism”, “Europeans are finished, we did it to ourselves”. In that last analysis, there will be a ring of truth, for indeed we have brought it on ourselves, at least we allowed it to happen.

We see it happening around us every day, we see our destruction looming, yet we do nothing to stop it, for we dare not name its cause.

We hear the manta endlessly repeated, “Diversity is our strength” they say, and yet we can see the more diversity they pile upon us the weaker we become. “We benefit so greatly from migration” we are told, yet we see no benefit, we see only decline. We know they lie, but we will not say so for fear of what they'll call us if we do.

We were not born cowards, but cowardice has been beaten into us. We have become like the battered spouses of a sadist, we know we are being led to disaster, we know that he, or she, will kill us one day, but they control us by the terror of their wrath and the fear of what we will provoke if we resist.

It has taken fifty years to bring us to where we are, and our decline has been in direct proportion to the invasion of our lands, yet we are schooled to accept our fall as if it were just and part of a natural cycle, not the inevitable outcome of political madness that it is.

We are not lone victims of a national insanity, what is happening to us is happening across the planet. We look across the western sea to once mighty Detroit, the 1950's powerhouse of America, home of the automobile industry at the centre of the most automobile obsessed nation on earth, and we see the future of the West. We see a city which in fifty short years has hurtled from greatness and economic supremacy to become the crime ridden, welfare dependant husk it is today. We look but we do not speak, we listen blankly to the myriad excuses for its fall, most of which blame us, and nod in agreement, whilst resolutely ignoring the shriekingly obvious explanation.

Look further south to golden California, once to epitome of the of the 90% white America dream, a place once where dreams came true, where wealth, success and personal fulfilment went hand in hand, but which is now a minority white state on the brink of bankruptcy which can not balance its budget and recently had to offer IOUs to its creditors. What has changed? Not the land, not the climate, just the racial demographic.

Now we hear that other states, such as Illinois are failing, other states where whites are rapidly becoming the minority are rivalling California for the status of American basket case. In every state in America where whites are in rapid decline, that state too is in decline.

Yet, who dares make the connection?.

If it depresses you to watch what is happening to America, look south to Africa, where we, the whites, are alleged to have done such terrible things. Yet when we do look we can see, but must never dare admit, that we gave that continent its best ever days, it never had such good days before we came and will never have them again.

Every nation in Africa has declined beyond recognition since the end of white rule, every single one.

When Britain gave Kenya independence in 1963 its economy rivalled that of South Korea today it is closer to that of North Korea. As for prosperous, vibrant Rhodesia the contrast with broken modern day Zimbabwe is even more stark. Yet we obediently pretend to feel guilty for having once given the native people of Africa such a better life than they are able to give themselves. Worse, we know our leaders seek to import Africa's brand of failure here but we do not resist.

In fact we play their games, as with South Africa, where we are all supposed to pretend that the result of all the billions pumped into it for the sake of the World Cup bears any comparison to the reality of that land. We pretend that once the world's cameras are no longer focused on it, South Africa will not sink back into genocide, crime, poverty and economic collapse. Albeit with a few echoing and unused football stadium looming above the decay in the middle of nowhere, like some obscene giant monuments to long dead dictators.

Closer to home, we look to our own continent of Europe, to Paris with its frequent and fiery ethnic riots and no-go areas, to Sweden, parts of which are becoming the rape capitals of the continent but where only the victims are ethnic Swedes, and to Holland, where the people are at last waking up, but perhaps too late.

Our media censors most of it, but in truth we do not have to look to America, Africa or Europe to see our future. We need only look to our major cities, to parts of London, Bradford, Birmingham and Leeds, and there in the derelict, litter strewn and violent no-go zones we can see the nightmare which our future holds.

We look in silence, if we look at all, but we have not that courage, which our grandfathers once took for granted, to put into words or even admit what we see.

We the cowering spawn of a warrior breed, may fear to speak the truth but in our hearts we know it well.

Apart from the migrants themselves and the lands they come from, none but politicians and the rich benefit from mass immigration, and they are already making plans for their escape. When their helicopters snatch them away, we will not have the chance to pursue them as the Romanians pursued their own thieving tyrants when they fled, we will not even see them go, for we will be facing the other and fighting for our lives.

The pace of our destruction is growing faster by the day, and it will grow even faster. Compare where we once were to where we are now and see how far we have already fallen. We can no longer keep lying to ourselves and pretending to believe the lies, when you keep backing up you will eventually reach the ocean, then there is nowhere else to go.

In our hearts we know what we are allowing to happen will destroy our society and everything our forefathers built for us, it will break us financially beyond repair, and it will take away our children's future. Will we really let that happen out of fear of a single word?


Dr.D said...

A very moving piece, Sarah! Very good! Thank you.

I think you left out the muzlim invasions of Canada and Australia, but your point was still quite completely understood.

Anonymous said...

Take heart Sarah:

hige sceal þe heardra, heorte þe cenre, mod sceal þe mare, þe ure mægen lytlað


tyhz1995 said...

Well written Madam.Spot on.Though perhaps more must be done.the powers that be seem to want to increase the "civilizational self-esteem"of every culture save the whites.I am going to say it.We invented everything!That is all.-Ranxerox

Anonymous said...

A very well-written, poignant, and thought-provoking piece.

Anonymous said...

This piece is essentially correct.

The Victorians were basically the last people with any common sense.

They would fix this situation tout de suite.


misterfox said...

This is quite brilliant! Well researched and passionately expressed. Sarah, I am so proud of you.

Anonymous said...

The immigration is being perpetrated in the West for a purpose. The aim is to create a global governance. this is only possible if all Western nations/nationalists are destroyed. Mass immigration is the tool destined to do this.

Once the immigrants reach a specific level it is easy to claim that no such thing as a traditional Brit or traditional Frenchman exists.

When all nationalism is dead, then the creation of a one world state, with a one world religion, where all are equal, is a mere formality.

Unfortunately the answer as to why this is being done is hidden in amongst the most unpopular subject on this planet.


zazie said...

So true that it is heart-breaking, not only for the invasion( DrD), but mainly for the cause(s) behind this invasion, namely greed and treason ; in France, many are buying good strong ropes : bullets are too expensive and can be used but once!
Now, a question to Steve : is what you have written Gaelic? It looks like what I studied as "old English" a long time ago.
To all of you, WITH NO OFFENSE MEANT, I'd like to ask whether the Queen might have vetoed some of the most disastrous moves of British politicians ; if she might , did she or didn't she?
You see, in France, since de Gaulle left power, we have not had ONE genuine French patriot as President ; whether they approve or not of de Gaulle, people have to recognize him as a genuine patriot ; after him, we have had only left or right winged parasites ; that is why I wish we had a King, and why I wonder about Queen Elizabeth II's apparent silence on matters of the utmost importance.
Sarah, if you are interested, Rick Darby wrote something about demographics being "the" question.(Reflecting Light)

Ronbo said...


I've studied and wrote about the decline of the West for years and the only solution I can come up with is revolution.

I think in America you're seeing the beginning of revolution with the Tea Party resistance movement that has the support of a majority of Americans and seems posed to elect a Congressional majority in November.

What will happen then is anybody's guess, however, I do not think the Obama Regime will go quietly into the night. Also, I believe that as Communists they want a civil war, after all, the "revolution" is a central tenet of Marxism like Jihad is to Islam.

The way I see things playing out is this: "A Pearl Harbor Moment" will happen at any time. This event could be a Muslim terrorist attack using a nuclear device on a large American city resulting in mega deaths; a complete economic collapse with nearly everyone homeless, hungry and unemployed; a coup by the Obama Regime to end constitutional government.

I know this all sounds like a thriller by Tom Clancy, but the facts are this country is more divided than any time since the 19th century U.S. Civil War with the same type of people in government, media and academia who started that conflict.

So there will be blood and the war will be global in scope, World War III. I think at the end of day the new American Revolutionists will win, and that victory in America will sweep across the world.


SAVANT said...

The question I endlessly ask myself, 'why do they do it?'. They have to see what's happening, yet continue to destroy their countries. Why?

Macaw said...

Lovely piece of writing. The end is here and as we say in Afrikaans; 'Die koeel is deur die kerk". A direct translation is "A bullet has gone through the church", meaning, it is too late.

Zarky said...

A very well written article, I must congratulate you, now for my 5 cent, something I have just realized while reading your article.
Europe is ripe for an charismatic leader and it will not take much for a "Hitler" type to stand up and take control of the situation, it just needs that spark that will get the wheels rolling again, please don't get me wrong, I am not advocating dictatorship etc but history has showed us time and again that is what happens when you force someone/group/country into accepting ideologies and believes that take the rights away from countryman and give them to others/foreigners. It is just a matter of time and it will be ugly when it happens.

Urban Commando said...

Another sublime essay. Well done!

Sarah, do you think we are finished? I think we are - the Rubicon has been passed. The only hope of salvation lies with a mass awakening, but will it happen? The indigenous whites have been dumbed down educationally, morally and spiritually for so long, that the brain washing is complete.

Paul Weston said...


This article says it all. Quite brilliantly.

Some commenters seem to feel it is too late to resist.

This is wrong. The sooner we resist the better, but we still have at least ten years and as much as twenty years, before resistance becomes futile.

Between now and then simply necessitates more violence on our behalf, with every year that goes by.

We have been mentally brainwashed, but I am convinced a majority will never let a minority transport them to a concentration camp rail-head and rip their wives and children from their arms.

These stupid liberal who espouse multi-culti compassion have doomed one race or another to great deprivations. We must ensure it is not ours, just as we must ensure that the liberal quislings must stand trial for crimes against racial humanity.

Anonymous said...

I was listening to The Early Music Show last week where they played music from the court of Edward 111 (1327-1330-1377).

Interspersed were comments and reflections on him, his reign and the welding together of the English as a nation - a nation still recognisable in 1950.

I thought at the time of listening that we desperately need another such Edward now.

'The hour's come, but not the man' (Walter Scott)

We need this person to make an appearance soon.

Anonymous said...

We need a Cromwell.


Anonymous said...

Another excellent & moving piece, Sarah. I have to agree with the the anonymous who wrote here that there is a purpose here... else how could all the West be attacked at once over the same time period? I wonder if any political solution will stem the tide of this insanity?

Kevin W.

Vanishing American said...

This is a very powerful piece, as well as the comments here. Good work as always, Sarah.

I am actually feeling somewhat inspired after reading your blog and a few others recently.

Ronbo said...


I've posted this excellent article of yours...


As I've said before, if it takes a civil war led by an American Cromwell to crush the Left in this country and the world, we Patriots will do it.

With every passing day ordinary Americans become more and more angry at the racist and Communist Obama Regime. If we can remove this vile tyranny by the ballot, we will do so. If we have to pull their dead cold bodies out the various federal buildings, we will do that as well.

This year they call our rebellion "The Tea Party." But next year they may call it, "The Second American Revolution."


Anonymous said...

One of the problems with Cromwell was that he was divisive.

Yes, he was the leading architect of the Parliamentary victory, but this victory came at huge cost - both in lives (some estimates put the toll at 1/4 of the population ) and, ironically, in freedom.
Cromwell was a Puritan - that is, a fundamentalist. The fervent religious intolerance and the military rule (major-generals) left a scar on the country.
It took the Restoration and, later, the Glorious Revolution of 1688 to start to heal the wounds.

It has been suggested that the typically British apathetic attitude to politics can be traced to the damage done to the national psyche during the Civil war.

We need a unifier - though, like both Edward and Cromwell, one who stands for no nonsense.

Anonymous said...

A reply to zazie from Steve, re: Old English.

hige sceal þe heardra, heorte þe cenre, mod sceal þe mare, þe ure mægen lytlað

translated means:

'thought shall be the harder, heart the keener, mood shall be the more as our might lessons.'

It is a line from the Battle of Maldon, where 'outnumbered the English fought on without hope of victory... In the hour of adversity and danger they closed ranks and were true to one another.'

That's how I feel.


Shieldline said...

The last thing you need it another Cromwell. In exchange for a bung, he brought back the people that Edward the third's grandfather sent packing and the next thing you knew you had state sanctioned regicide. Blair and Brown were also took bungs from the same kind of people to do their bidding.

Anonymous said...

Cromwell the "Puritan" allowed himself to be conned by Askenazis ("Jews") after King Edward compassionately got rid of them!

This country was Ashkenazi free for 500 years before Cromwell became anebriated with power and allowed them to trickle in. Cromwell was rightly loathed by the Scots and the Irish too.

Since the Ashkenazis started pouring in en masse from the start of the Industrial Revolution THIS vulger mess of Britains cities and towns is now the result.

The sins of our forefathers greed and ignorance were bestowed on us. Like the Mayans, Romans et al it's finished and WE only have ourselves to blame as we cannot muster a leader!

Britain and France have become scrawny gasping donkeys with hideous fat lumps like Vanessa Feltz and Dianne 'Abbott' riding and breaking their backs.

Anonymous said...

We need someone with a thick skin, a sharp mind and guts of iron.

Cromwell, Thatcher, Churchill-they all had these qualities.

So did Enoch.

These people exist.

We just have to advertise the job.


Ronbo said...

Say what you will about Cromwell - and there are many valid grounds for criticism - he did the very necessary historical service of ending the "divine right of kings" as far as the English speaking people were concerned with his stage managed execution of Charles The First.

One thing is for certain: The execution of the head of state for treason sends a message to other would be tyrants for generations.

This chapter in English history is a lesson that America may want to apply its own contemporary traitors.

But it could only happen if America had a revolutionary as ruthless as Cromwell.

Anonymous said...

The virulent anti-Semitism witnessed above is one of the reasons many good people stay on the edge of nationalism and do not vote for it.

My family fought, by name, in the Civil War and are also in the records of Edward 111's reign - the roots lie deep in these islands - I am not Jewish by any descent.

Yet, I will defend the Jewish input into Western civilisation - in music, art, literature and, yes, even politics.

Whatever pointers there may be of Jewish actions - Rothschild after Waterloo - I don't consider Jews to be a threat to our Western values. For the most part they have assimilated into our society. Marx, the Frankfurt School et al need to be confronted and exposed, but they are part of the free speech for which these islands are supposedly famed and which Voltaire noticed.

As for Israel, perhaps I shouldn't comment - but many people I know, and agree with, consider Israel to be one of the current battlegrounds of Western civilisation. If it goes down, we're next on the list.
Is there a Zionist plot to destabilize the West?
I don't know - but have yet to be convinced by interpretations produced so far.

I think there's a lot we can learn from the nationalism shown by Israel.
Imitating the mindset of interwar Germany will get our own nationalist cause precisely nowhere.

zazie said...


Thanks for the answer ; I do understand what you mean, and how you feel; I am sure it is not too late ; not quite, but it is high time we fought and get our lands back.

zazie said...


Thanks for the answer ; I do understand what you mean, and how you feel; I am sure it is not too late ; not quite, but it is high time we fought and get our lands back.

Anonymous said...

White people of the West had better take a long, hard look at what was done to the white, Christian Boer nation in South Africa. We were made out to be the skunks of the world, we were made to feel guilty because we looked after our own. Go here:
and read some truth about what happened. Hear this warning: They are going to do the same to...

Anonymous said...

Re Anonymous' post (14th July 0833):

Zionism is the problem. The world revolutionary movement is like a chameleon; the USSR was a testing ground, the EUSSR is the proving ground. Wake up!

I agree that the average Jew is not necessarily a Zionist, but the statnic Zionist / Freemasonry conspiracy has been ongoing since the days of Weishaupt.

Western Civilisation can be saved if the populations return to their Christian roots, eschew aethism and demand a halt to the insidious globalisation process by insisting upon repatriation of all non white races.

Read some of William Guy Carr's books. Join the dots!

Anonymous said...

Excellent piece.