Tuesday 20 July 2010

Sacrifice betrayed

On Monday night there was a television documentary on called WWI: Finding the Lost Battalions regarding attempts to identify the recently discovered bodies of around 250 British and Australian troops who died during the brutal Battle of Fromelles in July 1916, half way through the First World war and who had been buried in unmarked communal graves.

This process had been made more difficult by the fact that most formal identification had been taken from the bodies mostly by the Germans, who had forwards this on to the Red Cross, so that the families of the dead could be informed that their husband, lover or child had fallen and lay amongst the bodies of his comrades in a foreign field.

Hence, in addition to DNA testing, it was necessary to examine other objects which had lain with the bodies for almost a hundred years.

One particularly poignant item, amongst many, was a tiny leather pouch in the shape of a heart, which when the century old stitches were painstakingly unpicked, revealed its long concealed contents, what remained of a lock of hair. The tiny item, evidence of a love torn apart by that cruel war, had been carried into battle by the object of that love and then it had lain with him throughout that century and into the next.

A small fragile token of a love long forgotten, shared by lovers now long dead, but with the power to touch us now in another time and in another world.

As the process continued and as bones were identified families were contacted and notified that the remains of grandfathers, great grandfathers, and in the case of one woman in her late 90’s, the father she had never known had been found.

It was then that the grey and sepia tinted photographs of fresh, handsome and achingly young faces were taken from boxes, passed down through families and stored away in attics, and the stories of those brave young heroes sacrificed so young and in such great numbers, so very long ago, began to be told.

We heard in their own words as their views changes as they realised what they were facing. "It'll be rather fun out there," Lt Charles Phipps, who died aged 20, assured his family in one letter home before heading to France. But a later note told of "the horrible smell of dead bodies in the trenches". The cameras followed Lt Phipps' great-niece, Fenella Tillier, as she travelled to Fromelles to stand on the very trench where he died - then later found his name on a war memorial. "Life isn't fair - and what was it all for?" she wondered aloud, and many of us watching will have wondered the same.

Another story was of a young man called Robert, born in Scotland but raised in Australia, and fighting for the Empire in an Australian regiment. Together with Robert’s own great niece, we read his letters to his mother revealing the excitement of a boy embarking on the adventure that would be his brief but bold manhood. Then we read the letters his hauntingly beautiful fiancĂ© Nancy had sent to her would be mother in law, expressing her grief at the loss of “her boy” and how much she had loved him.

Nancy’s letters had ceased shortly after the war, but the programme traced her and found that she had lived to a sturdy and handsome middle age, married a butcher and named one of her two sons Robert. As the name did not feature in either her, or her husband’s family, we can only surmise that he was named for her lost love, and wonder, with the other Robert’s great niece, whether the husband knew the reason for the choice, or whether it was a secret Nancy hid within her heart.

From Britain alone there are millions of such stories. So many young lovers torn apart never to meet again in this world, so many futures which could have been but never were, so many hopes dreams and plans which came to nothing, and in particular so many young men who sacrificed everything and died terrible deaths for the sake of their country and the love of their homeland.

Those death were terrible, out of respect for the dead no bodies were shown, but one who had seen them said that few looked as if they lay in comfort and most appeared to have died in agony.

What was the purpose of this ocean of death, agony blood and heart ache? what did so many give up so much for? For every one, the purpose was this country, they died for England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, they died for this land and for its people.

But they were betrayed by man and by women not worthy to walk the land they died for.

Politicians who came after them, and who cared nothing for their sacrifice and to whom such concepts as love, honour and patriotism are beyond their understanding, have betrayed their memory and maybe even rendered their sacrifice meaningless.

Does anyone believe those millions of young men who died for this land would not recoil in horror at what has become of it. They did not for one instant imagine they were dying so that greedy self serving politicians could replace their grandchildren in their home land. They did not die so Britain could be given to Islam.

The biggest lie is the one told when the political scum oozes out of that repository of treachery and deceit beside Parliament Square and claim that the multi-racial experiment being imposed upon the descendants of those who died in the world wars, or in the case of the second war, upon those who survived it in their old age, somehow represents the spirit and principle for which they fought, it does not.

They did not fight suffer and die so that their grandchildren could be disinherited for the sake of a Marxist fantasy, for make no mistake, if our current pack, and I use that word advisedly, of politicians have their way, in less time than the bones of those young soldiers have lain in that field in Northern France, there will be no Britain for those of native British blood to inherit.

The Millions of British soldiers who died in the great conflicts of the 20th Century did not lay down their lives and the futures they could have had in order that their homeland could be given away so that a grasping politician could import some extra votes or keep wages artificially low. They did not sacrifice their chance of love, fatherhood and old age so that vast and growing areas of Britain's towns and cities could become no-go areas, where British people dare not go.

Those who claim otherwise should hang their heads in shame were they able to comprehend the concept.

It is over used expression that the soldiers who fought in World War I were lions led by donkeys and in that respect very little has changed. To this day brave, handsome and achingly young men are being sent to fight and die in wars, by political leaders who are in the very process of betraying them and giving away their country as they die.

That is without question how those young British soldiers who fought for their country and those young Australians who fought for the mother country in the World Wars would see what is happening. It is a mercy they could not see the future and did not know that their deaths may well have been in vain, or that their counties, for Australia is doing the same, would one day betray them.

Within less than fifty years from now the descendants of those British and Australian soldiers who fought in the great world wars of the twentieth Century will be an ethnic minority in the homelands they fought for. If that is not betrayal, then nothing is betrayal.


Dr.D said...

Yet it all means absolutely nothing at all to the newly arrived Afghani, or the black from Africa or the Carribean. It was not their young people who died in the trenches in WW I, nor again who fought in WW II. To them, the UK has simply aways had wealth, power, freedom, and priviledge, and they have come "for their share," assuming that somehow, they too are entitled to a share.

They have no concept of a people having earned collectively what they have as a nation; their nations have never done anything and thus have nothing. In their eyes, national wealth is just something that some nations have and others do not, with no though to the idea of earning it. And likewise, they give no thought to the idea of defending it, and passing it along to one's own descendants. No, they simply see it as something there to be stolen, because working for it is too hard.

All of these same things can be said of the current leadership in both the UK and in France. They have sold both countries out completely. I am utterly baffled how they can live with their consciences. But they are politicians, and that seems to mean by definition that they have no conscience.

It is time for the people of the UK and France to rise up and take back their countries while there is still something to recover. It will take courage, and many will die, but do you really prefer living as slaves?

Anonymous said...

"Within less than fifty years from now the descendents of those British and Australian soldiers who fought in the great world wars of the twentieth Century will be an ethnic minority in the homelands they fought for."

I often wonder what these heroic soldiers would have thought if they could have somehow seen the future of Britain, the future we inhabit.

Anonymous said...

The Biggest Lie of the many that we have been told, was vented at the BBC kangaroo court (whose sole purpose was to lynch Nick Griffin); one of the panelists disputed -actually denied- the ethnic existence of the British people.

As someone whose family has suffered from participation in both world wars, and another minor but equally traumatic one, I found that very hard to stomach.

Modern 'politicians' and journalists misrepresent the sacrifice as not for King and Country, but for some other nebulous concepts which usually fit their anti-white agenda.

But don't tell me that. I know they fought out of an overwhelming sense of loyalty to their people; ie, us their families, and countrymen; and I know that universally they would be revolted by the twisting of their motives and abuse of their sacrifice. And if they fought at all for any more abstract concept, it was to make us strong, and not to make us weak the way our current 'leaders' are weakening us.

Your article is right on the money.


Macaw said...

All wars are terrible. I fought in the SWA/Angolan war in the mid 80s. No matter what the bloody politician say, they are lying. You only realise that once you have suffered. Look at us here iin South Africa.

We were sold out, not only by the CIA but by our own government.

I salute the folks in ww1 and II. There is an amazing book called '11th Month, 11th Day, 11th Hour' by Joseph E. Persico.

If you get a chance, I highly recommend it.

(Sarah, please censor/delete this post if I am not allowed to promote certain books).

Anonymous said...

"I often wonder what these heroic soldiers would have thought if they could have somehow seen the future of Britain, the future we inhabit."

They would have joined the Germans!


alanorei said...

Thank you for your excellent article, Sarah.

Fromelles was the Australians' cruel baptism of fire to the Western Front, after the horrors of Gallipoli. Further ordeals were to follow for them soon afterwards at Pozieres, during the battle of the Somme, July 23rd-August 5th, 1916.

Our last surviving WW1 trench veteran, Mr Harry Patch, said before he passed away last year aged 111, about his 3 comrades-in-arms who were killed on September 22nd, 1917, by the same shell burst that wounded Harry:

"You have never been forgotten."

This should always be the case for our generations that went through the world wars.

The horrendous loss and suffering notwithstanding, they did achieve something, though it is rarely, if ever, publicised. This is what the insightful Australian WW1 Prime Minister, William Morris 'Billy' Hughes, aka the "Little Digger" said in 1920:

"The British Empire was surrounded by enemies; it was being attacked by Bolshevism, Sinn Feinism, and Germanism. The British Empire was a League of nations bound together by the ties of blood and race, and if they broke Great Britain, they broke Australia."

From Jesuit Plots from Elizabethan to Modern [1930s] Times by Albert Close.

I consider Close's book to be a 'must-read' for the background to Britain's present peril, because apart from the addition of Islam, not much has changed.

Thanks to the WW1 and 2 generations, even with disasters like Fromelles, Britain and the Old Dominions did not break. They are not broken yet but we do need more leaders like "the Little Digger."

P.S. When asked by Woodrow Wilson at Versailles why Australia should have a voice at the peace conference, Hughes said incisively, "I speak for sixty-thousand Australian dead."

This was from a nation that at the time had a population roughly that of greater Birmingham now. I hope that we are not found lacking in these "perilous times" 2 Timothy 3:1.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sarah,I had tears in my eyes all the way through'sacrifice betrayed'and again when I read the comments-so poignant,but with the honest,worthy spirit of our kin coming through.What are the invisible 'they' doing to us?

Col. B. Bunny said...

An exquisite post.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sarah for that beautiful post. I watched the ceremony at Fromelles on the BBC this week. I have to say that I became badly choked up – and I am a 53 year old male who spent many months on the Angolan/SWA border many years ago, so I’m not really a sissy.
I know the scale of death during all the WW1 battles does not compare with the relatively small count of today’s fatalities in Afghanistan, but the reason behind the deaths of all these young men is the same – money and political power play. I cannot describe how this angers me.
It is sad to think that whole battalions were wiped out in just hours during 1914/18 battles so that the likes of French and Haig could move chess pieces on a map (and move them back again)
I have visited the battle fields and cemeteries of Passchendale and Flanders and it is a truly humbling experience.
Rest in peace – “Oh you who sleep in Flanders Fields”

AgainsTTheWall said...

@Anonymous 19:40

With their inherited cowardice..

Like you I recognise the Jews as the primary enemy of White People which is their choice not ours. I do not believe they are responsible for all our ills and I would dispute that they are all-powerful. I recognise and admire their many qualities - and cowardly is one thing Jews are not.

Anonymous said...

Check out thee wiggers:


The future of white America?

CrystalClear said...

A heart rending article Sarah. True to the last word. I work with old timers who experienced WW2, and there is a sadness in their eyes when looking at what their beloved country has become.

And now we have the war in Afghanistan - and we get daily news of young British soldiers dying. For what? The real enemy is in our back yard - hidden under burquas and 'human rights' and 'multiculturalism'.

And they didn't ban the burqua because it would be 'rather un-British'...

Anonymous said...

I know you wont post this as you didnt post my response yesturday. But do as you will. You hurt your own Sarah by defending and giving cover to jews.


Anonymous said...

Censorship is not the way to run a blog my dear..

Anonymous said...

Yes, I have to agree that it is Ashkenazim that's the plague of all of mankind, but most especially the plague of the White races of European origin.

The only way to marginalize this breed for good, is though a policy of permanent DNA profiling. That way they can be prevented from attaining positions of power in any and every sphere/avenue of life, AND barred from private and commerical property ownership.

I see a day adawning when those races AND creeds historically and presently at the majority receiving end of this plague, will be forced to join forces to deal with it once and for all.

BadBallie said...

This as always been the master plan, ever since Rome fell to a small band of primitive Saxon clans. The power have actively sought to break down the white blood line by sending the fit and healthy to war to die, while the invalid and unfit is left to further soil the bloodline with his genetically inferior seed.

bryan said...

South Africans fought in both those wars...and look what we got?....then the Bush War in Angola..ditto,if u look at food in supermarkets...mostly halal....for muslim consumption,they are 2%of the population,Christians 70% plus,where will this end.