Sunday, 31 October 2010

Time for America to prove its enemies wrong

It has long been popular amongst left wing commentators and intellectuals both in Europe within the liberal rim of America, to view the average (white) American, that is to say those living in the bible belt or wider, “fly over” states as being dumb. The liberal media encourages us to laugh like drains at film of Americans questioned randomly in the street, who are unable to identify the location of Iraq, Afghanistan, or even Australia on the map, or who have no idea what country they celebrate becoming independent from on the 4th of July.

The alleged stupidity, racism and general lack of liberal values lurking at America's red heart simultaneously provides the opinion forming Left with both an unending source of hilarity and an army of stereotypes upon which to hang their ideological agendas.

In Europe, we have long become accustomed to watching documentaries filmed in places like Kentucky or Texas, where the locals, who speak in that slow drawl which the media long ago educated us to associate with ignorance and bigotry, have their comments and responses to questions edited and distorted, so that the politically correct interviewer, nodding conspiratorially at the camera, can expose them as ill educated, xenophobic, or, if the narrative requires it, as irredeemably hateful.

The American accent, together with the white South African accent, the German accent and to a lesser extent the Australian are the only accents we remain permitted to mock, and only the American, German and Afrikaner may now (together with upper class English) be reviled.

This, of course, only applies to white people who speak with American, South African or German accents. Colour, plays a huge role in how we have been conditioned to view an accent. For instance, the Southern Belle accent, hailing from places such as Georgia, Alabama and the Carolinas when spoken by a white woman evokes in out Pavlovian minds the frivolous arrogance of privilege, inbred racism, and of course stupidity. Yet, let that same musical voice come from the lips of a black woman and we hear poetry and the deep dignified echoes of a noble soul, perfected so successfully by Maya Angelou, and aspired to somewhat less successfully by Chicago born UK resident Bonnie Greer.

Of course it is a conditioned view, an attitude created by a thousand bad movies and though the constant propaganda pumped into our lives through the Stasi approved thought control device in the corner of most living rooms.

How could a country of stupid people become the richest, the most powerful and most successful nation in the world. Asia and Africa are larger in terms of land mass and population, Africa has more in terms of natural resources and, beneath the Sahara its land is no less fertile, yet for all the millennia of world history Europe alone rivals what America achieved in just four centuries (slightly more than two as an independent nation).

America's enemies point to its military power as the cause of America's greatness, but which came first, and was it military might which invented the aeroplane, the steamboat, the microprocessor, the pacemaker, air conditioning(1), a cure for polio, and put the first man on the moon?. It was not military might which achieved those, and so many other great advances from which we all benefit. It was the American people who achieved them together with the prosperity and comfort which they were able to extend to most of their population and who made the American dream a global aspiration by 1950.

The people who built America were not dumb, and they were not the hicks and hill billies which the obnoxious Bill Maher claims half his country men to be

However, from time to time, even the brightest of people can do some very dumb things, and in November 2008 the American people did something so dumb that it goes some considerable way towards proving true much of what their left wing critics say about them. Except that in this instance, their critics would not have considered what they did to be dumb.

In November 2008, the American people allowed a swooning media to persuade them into voting into the most powerful position on the planet a man with virtually no relevant experience, of whom they knew virtually nothing other than that he attended a fanatically racist church and had some very dubious associations. They entrusted the power to destroy the planet to a man who's career consisted of brief dalliance with the law, a period as a Chicago community organiser and an incomplete term in the US senate, where he had achieved nothing other than a reputation as the “most liberal” senator with one of the worst voting records.

Most people who voted for Barrack Obama knew absolutely nothing about him before he ran for president. The blacks voted for him because he was black, and, to some degree, so too did the whites, they voted for a black man to prove to themselves they were not racist, one of the worst sins in modern America, and because they wanted to believe a promise he never fully quantified.

It is now two year on, and it would take either a moron or a fully committed socialist not to realise what a terrible mistake they made. Not only is Obama clearly not up to the job but his every act and policy runs contrary to the best interests of the Average American and to the future of their nation.

In two day's time those same average Americans go to the polls when they have the opportunity to deliver a verdict on the current administration, and also to do something to make up for the damaging mistake they made in 2008. The polls suggest that the result may be devastating for the president and for his party.

However, nothing is certain until it is done, and there remains the possibility that the American electorate will prove that they are, after all, as dumb as their cynical European enemies and home grown liberal traitors always claimed they were. If their enemies are right, then on Tuesday the American voters could show that the greatness which was America has now been brainwashed and dumbed down to the point where they no longer have either the ability, or the will to save themselves.

There are troubling indicators, a US correspondent of mine wrote at the weekend, incredulous at the fact that some houses still proudly displayed Democrat signs. Commentators on TV have suggested that, despite how little attention the current Administration has paid to the nation's security, the latest security alert could influence events in the Democrat's favour, if Obama pretends to be tough enough.

Yesterday an estimated 150,000 people (or 215,000 if you believe the US media, which some dumb people still do) attended Jon Stewart's “Give Barry a second chance he might get better” rally, menacingly entitled “Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear", somehow missing the soviet style implication that anyone who does not agree with the ruling administration must necessarily be insane.

Things could go either way, and the presidents colour, and voter racism, may influence events, but not in the way the liars in the press pretend. We must never underestimate quite how racist the black and Latino electorate in America are or how strongly most white voters wish not to be racist. Whatever, their reasons for voting, they know they are delivering a verdict on America's first black president, can they deliver that verdict or will Obama's colour save him at the last moment?.

In the same way as we have been brainwashed about Americans, they also have been brainwashed about themselves. These are, alter all, a people who still believe that racism is a white on black affair, despite all the evidence around them, that lie could still win the day.

That fact, more than the inevitable mass voter fraud by the Democrats and lies the media will surely tell is the greatest threat in Tuesday's election.

America faces the greatest test they have faced in generations will they finally act against the forces determined to destroy them or is all too late?. In just over 48 hours we will know if America can still be saved, or if its people truly are as stupid as their enemies always said they were.


(1) Contrary to the Black Inventions Myth that an African American called Frederick Jones invented air conditioning in 1949, in fact a white man Dr. Willis Carrier built the first machine to control both the temperature and humidity of indoor air. He received the first of many patents in 1906 (US patent #808897, for the "Apparatus for Treating Air"). In 1911 he published the formulae that became the scientific basis for air conditioning design, and four years later formed the Carrier Engineering Corporation to develop and manufacture AC systems.


Anonymous said...

The rally was funny and mocked the Glen Beck rally that created fear. It was actually saying everyone should work together to move the country forward. conservatives and progressives. Glen Beck scared the nation and creates fear and this was just trying to balance it out.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Yes, I am sure it was amusing, that's Jon Stewart's job. It was also a very ruthless political exercise and no doubt a lot of you fell for it.

alanorei said...

Although dated, The Dispossessed Majority by Wilmot Robertson, published in 1981, is perhaps the most detailed analysis of the current 'enriched' mess that the US is in.

This is an extract, p 294, my emphases:

"Dr Arthur R. Jensen is director of the Institute of Human Learning at the University of California and vice-president of the American Educational Research Association. The Harvard Educational Review (Winter, 1969) was largely devoted to Jensen's statistics-studded examination of the inability of education to correct genetic differences in Negro and white intelligence. After publication, Jensen received an unprecedented amount of hate mail, including a few death threats.

"In Berkeley, the Students for a Democratic Society engaged a sound truck to demand Jensen's dismissal, later invading his classroom and forcing him to hold his classes in secret. He finally had to call on the police to protect his files and had to keep the lights on in his office all night to discourage looters.

"A number of his liberal colleagues brought him before a specially organised investigators board with all the trappings of a medieval witch trial - the first time in American academic history that a professor has had to defend a scholarly paper before an inquisitorial proceeeding that included videotape cameras. New York Times Magazine, Aug. 31, p. 11.

"In 1970 a group of Harvad students called on the Harvard Educational Review to turn over to the Black Panther legal fund all revenues from the sale or distribution of the Jensen article. They further demanded that all copies and reprints in circulation be destroyed and no further reproduction and distribution be permitted.

"In addition to the heresy of racism, the fundamental charge against Jensen was that I.Q. tests were culturally biased against nonwhites, although Orientals sometimes obtained higher scores than "whites" (a category that often included Hispanics) and American Indians did better than blacks.

"Jensen demolished these allegations in his book, Bias in Mental Testing, The Free Press, New York, 1980.

"In the meantime, a federal court judge in San Francisco ruled that I.Q. tests were biased, and another federal judge in Chicago ruled they were not."

Medieval witch trial and inquisitorial proceeeding, especially by the media, pretty well describe what is going on in both the US and the UK when anyone refers to racial reality.

extant said...


I do so enjoy reading your brillinat work, you are a real professional amoungst amatures ,you stand out like a diamond !

When we speak of Stasi, most people who hasn't dealt with the Councils/Authorities, have no idea how bad it really is.
We no longer live in a Democracy, it is gone. We are now merely existing in the depth of fragmented Social decay and it will not get better, only worse !

Only a War will turn it around.


Vanishing American said...

Please don't blame the American people in general for the disastrous results of the last election.

In many recent presidential elections, only about half of the eligible voters actually cast votes. In 2008, 60-something percent voted, and Democrats voted in greater numbers (probably because of much larger--than-normal minority vote turnout).

Many Republicans were not pleased with the party's choice of McCain, and thus many conservatives sat out the election, dismayed by the poor choice. Those who did vote for McCain did so only because of Palin. In other words you might say the GOP threw the last election.

This time, people are energized and irate. I have a feeling it will be different.

Robert said...

Dear Sarah,
If only you would lose your illusions about Churchill, you would be perfect.

Anonymous said...

The war is coming, make no mistake about it.


Curt said...

". In just over 48 hours we will know if America can still be saved, or if its people truly are as stupid as their enemies always said they were."

Sarah, Rest assured that there are many (probably a majority) of whites who know that electing B.O. was a huge mistake, and those same Americans are not stupid. Indeed we will turn out at the polls and vote against Democrats in the hopes of reducing Obama's influence, but already there are many instances of voter fraud (voting machines rigged so as to register a vote for a Democrat where a vote for a Republican was logged into the machine). This is a matter of record. You can expect much more of this at the polls in 48 hours. Indeed, it has been widely speculated that voter fraud was at least partly responsible for Obama's election in the first place. Since the switch-over from paper ballots to electronic voting took place, the integrity of the system was compromised if not outright destroyed. Now, a well placed and knowledgable hacker can skew the results in favor of a Democratic candidate. The system here is completely corrupt and you can blame the American voters for any victories for Obama's allies if you like, but it will have been an engineered victory as the average (white) American knows that more of the present form of government spells his/her economic doom. We have as little control over our government as you have over yours in Britain.

Anonymous said...

"Glen Beck scared the nation and creates fear and this was just trying to balance it out."

The really scary thing is that there are people who believe this. They are so incapable of rational thought and so leftist extremist, that a poor modrate liberal like Glen Beck (called an extreme rightwinger in leftist speak) is vilified as a hater. There is really no hope for them. But they are an extreme danger to civilisation and must be politically quarintined. I hope the Americans do that on Tuesday.


Sarah Maid of Albion said...

I hope that nobody read this article as an attack on Americans, that was not my intention, what I wrote was meant as a warning

I do accept that in 2008 John McCain was a very uninspiring candidate. However a very large number of people voted positively for Obama, and I am afraid that the same influences which drove them to do so are still there.

The media is still biased and still lies, the brain washing still continues on TV, in the school room, on he college campuses

Clearly many people have realised what a huge mistake they made in 2008, I just hope there are enough of them.

zazie said...

What makes me think there is some hope for the democrats to be voted OUT this time is the outrageously biased attitude of our (French) MSM when "reporting" on the coming American elections....They must be really afraid, to show such unfair arrogance!

Dr.D said...

Tomorrow will tell the tale for the USA. Please, everybody pray for the USA, that we are able to right this ship and set the course correctly again. We have been headed straight for the rocks for the past two years, and we are perilously close to total disaster from which there is no recovery. If this opportunity is blown, it will just about be all over for the USA, so we must get it right.

alanorei said...

This series of WND articles by Chuck Norris seems to be informative to me. The link may be useful.

Your prayer request is noted, Dr D. They often say in the movies that "We've only got one shot at this!" That statement appears now to be terribly real.

mary sullivan said...

the people of a country vote according to who control the media.
the Jew 100 percent, run the American and Canadian media.
Thus the Jew decides who rules America. These are the same Jew that cover up all the Whites slaughtered in South Afica. It is never mentioned in the U.S or Canada

alanorei said...

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch is a papal knight, with the Order of St Gregory the Great.

It's claimed in some quarters that he's Jewish, or at least had a Jewish mother.

If so, he certainly knows who to suck up to.

alanorei said...

With all the issues over what the Jews do/do not control, it begs the over-arching question:

Who controls the Jews?

Their high priests actually gave the answer 2,000 years ago.

"We have no king but Caesar" John 19:15.

That's how it's been for the last 2,000 years, almost. That's how it's going to be for a while yet.

The modern Caesar is not hard to identify.

Anonymous said...

Every person has the potential to be Caesar. As Abraham Lincoln said,

"Nearly all men can stand the test of adversity, but if you really want to test a man's character, give him power."


James Mathurin said...

I haven't been commenting on here for a while, but I thought you might like to know that this post, or the responses to it, are being talked about elsewhere.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Hi James

Oh are fstdt targeting us again? Thanks for letting me know, that is always fun. They are such moronic bigots, so what they say is always funny. LOL

Purple Chimps said...

"They are such moronic bigots"

James is from FSTDT, so you're kind of violating your own rules against attacking other commentators.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Ah yes, but they are moronic bigots in an endearingly comical sort of way.

James Mathurin said...

"James is from FSTDT"

No I'm not, I'm from England.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...


I think Purple Chimps meant you are a contributor there rather than a resident

James Mathurin said...

I did understand that, and I may have submitted a few quotes from here to there, but only when they were very much appropriate for that site's remit. I would think that, when I have contributed here, it's been clear I'm not doing it as some kind of troll, even if I have been met with more personal insults than I ever got sensible answers to my points.

James Mathurin said...

Sarah, I couldn't help noticing the little bit about the invention of Air Conditioning, which in turn drew my attention to your link to the 'Black Invention Myths' site further down your page.

Looking at that site, I couldn't help but notice a fundamental misunderstanding about who is credited with inventing any given technology. After all, the Romans had an ancient version of air conditioning, but are not normally credited as being its inventors, just as Bell was not the first to develop telephonic technology, but is claimed as its inventor.

The inventor is not the person who discovers the principle of the technology (that would, after all, be the 'discoverer' of it, rather than the 'inventor'), but the person who makes a usable, mass-producable way of using it.

A little fact-checking shows that Dr Carrier could very well be credited as the discoverer of air conditioning, but Jones is the inventor of air conditioning as we use it today, developing Carrier's work to be usable in transport and shipping, revolutionising how perishable supplies could be transported. Dr Carrier's techniques were not useful for this.

This made me wonder if the site had any other inconsistencies, so I checked a couple more which it listed, traffic lights and blood plasma.

The site lists JP Knight as the inventor of traffic lights, for his gas powered lights that were put up in London in 1868. It doesn't mention that, "The lights exploded during use in 1869 and were removed by 1870." Garrett Morgan's version formed the basis of the lights we use today by being the first that could be operated from a distance mechanically.

On blood transfusion, the site seems a little confused about what Charles Drew is claimed to have done. I could find no reference to him inventing blood transfusion, but plenty listing him as the inventor of the large-scale blood bank, as part of his 'Blood for Britain' programme, including on the American Association of Blood Banks site which the 'black invention myth' site links to.

Now, I'm not claiming the site was set up to be deliberately misleading or dishonest, but you can clearly see it gives a misleading and dishonest impression. I wonder if you might want to remove your link to it, and possibly your reference to it in your piece, purely in the interests of intellectual honesty and rigour?

Albion knight said...


Sarah is taking a break at the moment, but I'm sure she will look at what you say when she returns.

I don't know the facts about these things, but there may be other readers here who do.

However, I think you will find the Black Inventions Myths site also disputes the claim that Charles Drew invented the blood bank, so I don't think it is confused anything.

James Mathurin said...

Albion Knight,

fair enough on Sarah's maternity leave, that's no problem.

Drew is actually recognised as the inventor of the large scale blood bank, something he actually developed for the benefit of Britain in the 'Blood for Britain' campaign. The previous incarnations of the blood bank would not have allowed it to be used in the way we now think of them, especially in the theatre of war.

The fact that the site clearly has an agenda to cancel out every attribution of an invention to a non-white should make any objective reader cautious of accepting its claims as objective fact.

I just would have thought that Sarah's devotion to open,honest discussion would mean that she would not want to be associated with such a site.

Anonymous said...

Do you actually believe everything you have written in this post ? Really do you believe that when a black woman speaks with an american accent it's seen as dignifed etc ? Last time I watched black folks are actually laughed at how they speak. In fact black accents, such as african ones, if anything are seen as low class and or stupid. Which why even cartoons talk that with such whenever they wish to portray a fool.

Sounds like your suffering from victim mentality.

Also black and white folks hardly voted for Obama because he was black. Black americans vote overwhelmingly vote democrat (more than 90% vote democratic since the seventies Kennedy). They vote democratic even when the republican is black and the democrat is white (yes it has happened again and again).

My advice if you want to come off as truth ful try to tella truth that actually is true. It's obvious you have an agenda and followers to whom your pander too. But ask yourself do u want such followers