Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Pan Atlantic Show trials - Part Two

Early last year I wrote an article entitled “Blood Sacrifice Denied”, in which I reported on the outcome of the trial of two white American teenagers charged with the racially motivated killing of a Mexican illegal immigrant. At the time I expressed the view that the verdict, both boys were acquitted of all charges, including murder and “ethnic intimidation” but convicted of simple assault, sat fairly with the evidence given in court, whilst denying a blood sacrifice to satisfy the various race hate groups and anti white media pundits who had laid siege to the court throughout the trial.

In saying this I had underestimated the vindictiveness and racism of the current US Department of Justice which, despite the jury’s verdict proceeded to bring federal civil rights charges against the two young men.

As a result, last week the race hate groups, such as the Hispanic “La Raza” (The Race) who had stood pumping the air with their fists outside the court, got what they wanted when Derrick Donchak and Brandon Piekarsky were convicted of what the media is predictably choosing to call a “hate crime”.

However, as evidence of the lengths to which the US department of Justice were prepared to go in order to obtain a conviction against Donchak and Piekarsky it should be noted that they have, in fact been convicted under a statute of the Federal Fair Housing act.

The particular statute in question makes it a crime to “use a person’s race, national origin or ethnicity as a basis to interfere, with violence or threats of violence, with a person’s right to live where he chooses to live”

One can only assume that this charge was based on the fact that one of the people involved in the two part brawl which led to Luis Ramerez death, not incidentally one of those convicted, told Ramerez to “go back to Mexico". A statement which, given that Ramerez was an illegal immigrant amounts to little more than advising a law breaker to stop breaking the law. How exactly does telling an illegal immigrant to return to his homeland differ from telling a robber to stop robbing?

This was an outrageous act on the part of the US Department of Justice, who, as you may recall recently dropped a case of illegal voter intimidation against the New Black Panther party, after the case had in fact been won. The DOJ under arch Obama crony Eric Holder have reacted in a manner which would be unthinkable had the races been reversed, as is so often the case, merely to placate left wing activists and illegal alien support groups.

Furthermore, for no other reason than pure visceral racial bias, have chosen to disregard the patent fairness of the original jury’s verdict.

The details of the incident during which Ramerez died, strongly mitigate against the original charge of murder and despite one statement, made by a third party, provide no conclusive evidence of racial bias on the part of either defendant, but, hey why let facts get in the way of a good “hate crime” prosecution?

Although there are some differences in the witness statements, they agree on the following:

  • The defendants were part of a group, who had been drinking and who came across 25 year old Ramerez alone in a park with his girlfriend’s 13 year old sister.
  • The group asked Ramerez what he was doing and this led to a brawl, during which the “Go back to Mexico" comment was made.
  • The brawl ceased and the group of white boys began to walk away leaving Luis Ramerez in a sufficiently fit and uninjured state to make a number of cell phone calls.
  • Ramerez then pursued the group of white boys and charged at them thus initiating a further brawl. It was during this second brawl that one of the group of white boys (again, not one of the defendants) punched Ramerez causing him to fall and hit his head on the sidewalk (pavement).

Forensic evidence confirmed that Ramerez’s injuries were consistent with a moving head colliding with a stationary object rather than by a moving object colliding with a stationary head as would have been the case had death resulted from kicks to the head as the prosecution alleged. (a more detailed account can be found in this excellent article )

The defendants were correctly convicted of assault during a drunken brawl, albeit they could have claimed that there was a significant degree of provocation on the part of Luis Ramerez.

However, it is inconceivable that a fair trial, as averse to this flagrant travesty of justice, would find that the evidence as produced in court supported either the charges or indeed the conviction.

Also explained in the report I linked to above, there are also questions as to the basis of the Federal Civil Rights charges which were brought, given that civil rights only apply to American citizens and not to illegal aliens, consequently Ramerez had no civil rights to be violated.

However, irrespective of technicalities, this was clearly a show trial leading to a demonstrably unjust outcome. Despite the contrived nature of this prosecution the boys could face life in prison, and that is certainly the sentence which the racists running the US Department of Justice will be pressing for.

Vast swathes of the American public have been bullied and brainwashed to the point where many may no longer be capable of feeling outrage on behalf of white males involved in conflict with non-whites irrespective of the circumstances.

However, in the highly unlikely event that the case were truthfully and fairly reported it should cause all Americans considerable concern at the degree to which the rights of that nations last remaining unprotected group have been eroded by the forces of progressive hatred.


Dr.D said...

This is a case of double jeopardy, something that is strongly contrary to the American system of justice until the current administration and Attorney General Holder. They were tried once for this and acquitted, and that should have been the end of it. But not with the Holder DoJ who are entirely racially motivated. It is going to take many years to restore us to where we were even two years ago in terms of justice for Americans.

PamelaJ said...

You are right this is double jeopardy, and it has been done just because the lads are white.

This would never happen if the races had been reversed, after all the DOJ has made it very clear that they will only use Federal civil rights laws to prosecute whites.

America should be outraged but they are too afraid of being called "racists"

Anonymous said...

Why are whites so goddamn spineless? Where are the lobby groups protecting our civil and racial rights? One thing about the blacks and hispanics, at least they stand together, while whitey only screws his own kind over.
Man, sometimes I´m ashamed to be white.

Anonymous said...

If I may.It is most assuredly double jeopardy,there are many federal statutes which can be applied when a state cannot or will not prosecute.Federal prosecution can be financially crushing,bond is rarely given and assets are commonly seized,leaving one a sub par attorney.Few can beat the Feds,as the game is a rigged formality.

Anonymous said...

The Double Jeopardy run around began with Rodney King. The police officers were acquitted, then the animals rioted. The Feds came in with their charges of "civil rights violations".

Anonymous said...

Anti-racism shows itself as nothing but anti-white. It's purpose is genocide. It's not "cultural" genocide or "religious" genocide,even though, those things die as well. Anti-racism is to GENOCIDE the entire white race.