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Dr.D said...

This needs to appear about every other week, I think. People have very short memories.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

You said it!

I will probably add it to the fixed right hand column

Ian said...

Dear Sarah,

The following anti-communist blog might be of interest to you and your readers:
Keep up the good work!


Anonymous said...

You Goyim, We Are The Destroyers”

From You Gentiles, by the Jew Maurice Samuel, 1924

* “We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers for ever. Nothing that you do will meet our needs and demands. We will for ever destroy because we need a world of our own, a God-world, which it is not in your nature to build.”
* “Wherever the Jew is found he is a problem, a source of unhappiness to himself and to those around him.“
* “When Germany and England and America will long have lost their present identity or purpose, we shall still be strong in ours.”
* “Our attack on you is only incidental to the expression of our way of life.“
* “Because your chief institution is the social structure itself, it is in this that we are most manifestly destroyers.”
* “Years of observation and thought have given increasing strength to the belief that we Jews stand apart from you gentiles, that a primal duality breaks the humanity I know into two distinct parts; that this duality is fundamental, and that all differences among you gentiles are trivialities compared with that which divided all of you from us.”
* “Nature and constitution and vision divide us from all of you forever.”
* “In the heart of any pious Jew, God is a Jew.”
* “Freedom means nothing to us: freedom to do what?”
* “We are unwelcome to you because we are what we are.”
* “Repudiation of the Jewish religion or even of Jewish racial affiliation does not alter the Jew.”
* “In the arts we have been second-rate, third-rate. While in the moral effort we have exceeded any living race and have produced an overwhelming number of revolutionaries and socialists and iconoclasts of the true prophetic type, we have, in science, belles-lettres and the plastic arts been a thoroughly minor people.”
* “We have joined your capitalistic world in deliberate emulation and rivalry: yet Jewish socialism and Jewish socialists are the banner bearers of the world’s ‘armies of liberation’.”
* “As the Jew assimilates, acquires your languages, cultivates a certain intimacy, penetrates into your life, begins to handle your instruments, you are aware that his nature, once confined safely to his own life, now threatens yours. You are aware of a new and more than disconcerting character at work in the world you have built and are building up, a character which crosses your intentions and thwarts your personality.”
* “His [the Jew's] enmity to your way of life was tacit before. To-day it is manifest and active. He cannot help himself: he cannot be different from himself: no more can you. It is futile to tell him: ‘Hands off!’ He is not his own master, but the servant of his lifewill.”
* “For when he [the Jew] brings into your world his passionately earnest, sinisterly earnest righteousness, absolute righteousness, and, speaking in your languages and through your institutions, scatters distrust of yourselves through the most sensitive of you, he is working against your spirit.”
* “We are a homeless mass seeking satisfaction for our constructive instincts. And in your institutions we cannot find satisfaction; they are the play institutions of the splendid children of man – and not of man himself. We try to adapt your institutions to our needs, because while we live we must have expression; and trying to rebuild them for our needs, we unbuild them for yours.”

Anonymous said...

* “Our abominable seriousness breaks jarringly into your life-mood. But you feel our disruptive difference most keenly, most resentfully, in our deliberate efforts to change your social system. We dream of a world of utter justice and God-spirit, a whole world which would be barren for you, devoid of all nourishment, bleak, unfriendly, unsympathetic. You do not want such a world: you are unapt for it. Seen in the dazzling lights of your desires and needs our ideal is repellently morose.”
* “But we cannot help ourselves: any more than you can help resenting our interference. While we live we must give utterance to our spirit. The most insistent effort on our part will fail to change our nature.”
* “He [the Jew] is a citizen of the world; he is a son of humanity; the progress of all humankind, and not of only of any single group of it, is in his particular care.”
* “The cosmopolitanism of the radical Jew springs from his feeling (shared by the orthodox Jew) that there is no difference between gentile and gentile.”
* “In everything we are destroyers – even in the instruments of destruction to which we turn for relief. The very socialism and internationalism through which our choked spirit seeks utterance, which seem to threaten your way of life, are alien to our spirit’s demands and needs. Your socialists and internationalists are not serious. The charm of these movements, the attraction, such as it is, which they exercise, is only in their struggle: it is the fight which draws your gentile radicals. And indeed, it is only as long as there is an element of adventure in being a radical that the radical movement retains any individuality. And it is only in the fierce period of early combat that you welcome us Jews – as allies. You are deluded in this – so are we. You go into the movement boldly, adventurously; we darkly, tacitly. You make it a game; we do it because we cannot help ourselves.”
* “A century of partial tolerance gave us Jews access to your world. In that period the great attempt was made, by advance guards of reconciliation, to bring our two worlds together. It was a century of failure.”
* “A world that has absorbed the Jews will to that extent be a Jewish world.”

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

I sometimes wonder if its worth carrying on

defender said...

"I sometimes wonder if its worth carrying on"
Now just hold on one cotton picking minute, young lady. Wadda bout your readers who need your common sense words to reinforce our resolve. I for one have followed your work and would find a hole in my mind without you.
Have a read of the following, it will cause you to think again.
And as a half black who spent 28 years living in a third world country, I understand only too well what is in their hearts.
Anyhow have a read

Letter To The White Race…

Lionheart said...

Don't let the World get you down. We must press on regardless of Bolshevik opposition. "Now is the time for all good Englishmen (and women) to come to the aid of their country!" Truth is on our side, and will prevail if pains are made to bring it to light!
Read Martin Luther's great hymn "A Mighty Fortress is our God" (the original with all the stanzas).
Cultural and spiritual renewal in Albion and the West begins with each of us making a difference where we live, and trusting in God for the outcome. Write letters, run for office, speak out and educate yourself and your neighbours (and your local representatives in government), get involved in your local Church. And if your M.P. or councilman is bad, remove him at the ballot box next election. There is too much hand-wringing amongst us, and not enough constructive action. Let's get to it! Rally the troops, we are marching Forward to action!

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

@ Ian

I have added a link to New Zeal in the fixed right hand column of the blog

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

@ Defender

Thanks :)

Don't worry I will not give up just yet. Thanks for the link


alanorei said...

Re: Maurice Samuel, even Wikipedia has very little remarkable to say about him, my emphases:

"A Jewish and Zionist intellectual, he is best known for his work You Gentiles, published in 1924. Most of his work concerns Judaism and the Jew's role in history and modern society, but he also wrote more conventional fiction such as The Web of Lucifer, which takes place under the Borgias' rule in Renaissance Italy and the fantasy/science-fiction novel The Devil that Failed. He and his work won a little bit of acclaim in the Jewish community during his lifetime."

It seems like even his own people didn't think Maurice was up to much. He was really nothing more than a semi-prolific wordsmith.

This morning I received the latest issue of The Righteous Gentile by KJB Baptist Pastor Robert Militello. In part, he says this.

"Why is Israel vexed daily by hateful neighbors? Jealousy is the name of the cancer that
abides in the hearts of Ishmael and Esau's descendants. When an Arab looks at Israel flourishing in every field of human endeavor and he sees the filth, backwardness and political corruption among his own people, he is filled with jealousy.

"Antisemitism is fueled by jealousy around the world. In America, where the dollar is worshiped, gentiles are jealous of Jews because Jews are good at making money. Hitler was especially jealous over
the prosperity of Jews in Germany and Austria. He decided to do something about it."

We all know what, Inquisition (aka Holocaust) deniers notwithstanding.

That seems to sum up every anti-Semitic jibe that you've been subjected to, Sarah.

As Ian said, keep up the good work.

British North American Freedom Fighter said...

Dear Sarah,

There is an interesting and inspiring article at the following address: - see "Vilius Brazenas, Lithuanian Freedom Fighter" story.

I wish you had a feature on your blog to enable people to easily send your stories and links to others via e-mail.

I tried to send this New American link to you, but it "bounced back" at my e-mail server.


Anonymous said...

Don't bother listening to the 'anti-semites' OR anyone else...

Listen to the following and make up your own mind!!

Keep up the good work Sarah!

Anonymous said...

"Re: Maurice Samuel, even Wikipedia has very little remarkable to say about him, my emphases:"

Who do you think runs/owns wikipedia?

alanorei said...

Re: ""Re: Maurice Samuel, even Wikipedia has very little remarkable to say about him, my emphases:"

Who do you think runs/owns wikipedia?"

Which means what, exactly?

Anonymous said...

"Antisemitism is fueled by jealousy around the world. In America, where the dollar is worshiped, gentiles are jealous of Jews because Jews are good at making money. Hitler was especially jealous over
the prosperity of Jews in Germany and Austria. He decided to do something about it."

Oldest propaganda in the world.These "Jews" have been expelled from every country they were in,and somehow it was never their fault.
I guess the backing and support of any anti-White propaganda,anti-White pressure groups,and race mixing propaganda in the US and Europe has nothing to do with their "anti-semtism".Nor the murder of millions of Russians by the "Jewish" led communists.Or the comunist movements in Germany after WW1 ,led by Karl Liebknecht (Khazar) and Rosa Luxemburg (Khazar).

The biggest trick these Khazarian,Pharisaian Talmud worhsippers have pulled is to make us believe ,they are one of the lost tribes of Israel.These Turco-Khazars have not one drop of semitic blood in them.Being a Jew means being an inhabitant of ancient Judea. Nothing more.They don't even speak Hebrew,they speak Yiddish!

These are not my words,they come from a Jew,have a read it's most informative:

alanorei said...

Re: so-called propaganda and Khazars, how does this have anything to do with Jews being good at making money and therefore provoking jealousy amongst relatively cash-strapped Gentiles, which were the central points of the citation?

Anonymous said...


Did you ignore the first part of my comment?

Do you deny that Jews(Khazars) have disproportionate control of the media and that they are using it for anti-White propaganda?

Do you deny that the vast majority of Soviet politicians in the early years were Jews?That the NKVD and the Cheka who were responsible for the murder and starvation of millions of Russians were majority Jewish(Khazar)?

Do you deny that Jews are founding,backing and supporting anti-White pressure groups like the NAACP for example?

Here is one of the earliest Jewish propaganda movies:

I can't think of anybody being worked up over Jews making money.Their anti-White politics are the main reason why "anti-Semitism"(as if that word has any meaning,considering that none of them has semitic blood) exists.Your comment is the typical trick to divert attention."Don't pay attention ,they are just jealous".

With the second part of my comment i wanted to explain my emphasis on the word "Jew".

Oh and please do us all a favor,don't come back with Bible verses.Those Khazars of today are not your Biblical Israelites.


alanorei said...

Anon 16:31

You 'forgot' to mention in your previous comment that Benjamin Freedman converted from Judaism to Catholicism. That basically says it all.

Pastor Militello is from NYC. He grew up with the experience of anti-Jewish Gentile jealousy firsthand.

He was also educated by Jesuits, as you seem to have been.

That would explain your evident hatred of the 1611 English Holy Bible.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

I have rejected a number of comments, and will continue reject inappropriate messages.

Will you all now grow up and stop making personal attacks on fellow commentators.

Anonymous said...

You appear to be 'protecting' this alanorei merchant which stifles debate

Please also remind him that his crusader icon is an insult to Jewry.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Anon 06:47

I am not specifically protecting anyone but I am fed up of the amount of childish abuse which has been appearing as "comments" recently.

As for Alan's Icon, the crusaders defended Christianity, that is good enough for me.


alanorei said...

On a point of information, the figure in the icon is backed by the England flag of the St George Cross. That's mainly why it was selected. If anyone would like a brief write-up on George of Lydda as a Christian warrior, I can forward it.

On a more minor technical point, the figure is in plate body armour, which began to be used towards the end of the 14th century. The Crusades lasted from about the 11th-13th centuries and the crusaders wore chain mail and surcoats, not plate.

The figure therefore resembles a mounted knight in the closing stages of the 100 Years War, mid-15th century, not a crusader as such.

Perhaps for a change, if Sarah doesn't mind, some of the more vitriolic commentators on this thread would like to discuss the morality of that particular conflict?

Anonymous said...


Anybody can read that about Freedman,i don't have to mention that.And i have never been in contact with any Jesuits in my life.

You seem to "forget" to answer my questions concerning Jews and their politics.

But I have another question for you.
Do you agree with White Nationalism,and do you agree that Whites should be allowed to have "pure" countries if they decide to?If so,do you not see that Jews are heavily involved in the anti-White politics of today?
I for one can admit that there are a lot of Whites among the NWO zombies,yet you seem to have problems with naming your own brethren,who are involved in that game.

And do not throw around smearwords like anti-Semitism or Hatred.Please save the knee-jerk reactions for easy impressionable "Goyim".

Anonymous said...

"As for Alan's Icon, the crusaders defended Christianity, that is good enough for me.


We agree on something then...:)

Ronbo said...


I salute your loyalty to freedom of speech, however, on my blog I do not post comments from Leftists, Islamists, or the just plain insane conspiracy nutburgers.

They have their own forums where I'm not welcome: It's called the Leftstream Media, Lamerstream Media, and The State Controlled Media.

BTW, censorship can only be done by government, so as the owner of this blog you have the right to limit access to your property for any reason.

alanorei said...

Anon 15:12

You sure seem determined to follow this one down to the wire.

I'm afraid you missed my point about Freedman. I suggest read The Godfathers by Chick Publications for a summary i.e. it won't take very long and is fairly inexpensive but highlights the essential points.

Re: your question about Jews and politics, I didn't forget anything. For one thing you need money to get into politics seriously and a virulent Jew-hater and Inquisition (aka Holocaust) denier in this part of the world once assured me face-to-face that Lord Levy, with his Jewish money-making expertise actually ran this country during the late not-lamented Blair era.

As for the real motive of jealousy behind Gentile anti-Semitism, I could show you from scripture but you've already closed off that avenue, so I desist. (It is, of course, not something that any Gentile is readily going to admit to.)

Re: your second question, which is actually 3 questions, certainly whites should have their own nations (which I think answers the first 2). If you were prepared to look at the scripture, I could show you that God is a divider and a segregator, not an integrator.

You seem to imply from your concluding remarks that I'm Jewish. I'm not, though I understand that my great grandmother on my father's side was a Polish Jewess from Cracow, if that's any help. (Her husband was southern Irish, of course but more interested in horse-racing than the traditional southern Irish belief system, so that was a blessing for the family.)

Re: Jewish anti-white politics, again the scripture provides the basic explanation and therefore I can't go down that track for you. However, I have a 12-A4 side e-write-up, which summarizes the situation (though it does contain scripture). If you are interested, no doubt it could be forwarded to you and you can gloss over the Bible bits.

Not being an anti-Semite, I don't use smear words (though I don't consider 'hate' as one of them, because it simply describes what is often a sober reality and even an attribute of God, according to the scripture but therefore once again, I must desist).