Thursday, 7 October 2010

Blatantly lying Anti White Socialist media caught out…again


Anonymous said...

The idea is given here that Socialism and Big Money go together.
Surely not.

But yes -- Tony Bliar and Cherie (especially Cherie). Now there is Greed!!

Anonymous said...

The MSM are up to it insidiously on youth programmes too.

This afternoon I dipped in to the offerings of CBBC which my 10 year old niece was watching.

I noticed a vile Asian woman (Meera Syal) narrating in some form of "comic" (sic) fashion the multi-culti BBC's children's take on British History.

They highlighted "smashing the Saxons" with a seemingly smug take on the Normans defeating the Saxons in 1066. They advanced to 1086 when William the Conqueror introduced the Domesday book using classic UAF type 'actors and actresses' dressed up as 'Normans' imposing their smug 'French' will of victory on the dreadful 'Saxons' - Engish.

They appeared to be glorifying the Norman defeat of the 'Saxons' i.e. the English trying to depict them further as Germanic scum or 'losers'

I believe this is designed to deliberately instill a negative stereotype of English SAXON history in youth It's been taught like this for the last couple of decades

Now if CBBC put on a show about "Bashing the Picts" or Scots or Edward the 1st "bashing the Jews" or bashing anything other than the Saxons (English) can you imagine what would appear from the wood work of the communist politburo?? RAAAAAACIST !!!! hysteria no doubt

Talk about biggotry in our own country eh!

Anonymous said...

"Expelling the Jews" or "Bashing the Pakis"

You will never see a headline like that caricatured on a children's BBC program or "Time Tunnel" archeological show as you do when they speak about "Bashing the Saxons" as in the the Norman conquest.

This tax funded propaganda machine takes the piss out of all EUROPEAN history.

Do NOT pay the licence fee. Let the immigrants with our jobs pay for it.