Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Pan Atlantic Show trials - Part One

Despite the prosecution in the “hate speech” trial of Dutch Politician Geert Wilders having asked for all charges to be dismissed, the case is continuing. In addition the Judges have refused to hear evidence from 15 potential defence witnesses effectively whittling Mr. Wilders’ witness list down to three, from the original 18, while at the same time adding to the witness list against him the Muslims groups which initiated the complaints that led to his arrest.

Tellingly a verdict is expected on November the 5th

It is becoming troublingly clear to any honest observer, that, although the expression Kangaroo Court may not exist in Dutch, the reality most certainly appears to.

Meanwhile, a less publicised but rather similar prosecution is taking place in Austria where another critic of Islam -- Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, is being prosecuted for "inciting hatred against a religious group" and "defamation of religion" in a lecture in 2009 on the "Islamization of Europe."

Details of the Sabaditsch-Wolff case can be read at the Brussels Journal and there is an interview with her at the Gates of Vienna


trencherbone said...

The Continental Europeans are rapidly running out of patience with their unwanted guests. It's only a matter of time before there's a Pan-European parasite-cleanse. When that happens, the evicted Muslims will move out, not back to their impoverished ancestral homelands, but to more 'tolerant' (ie suicidal) EU countries, where they will have a perfectly legal right to settle and vote.

So when the shi'ite hits the fan in Germany, France, Holland, Belgium and Denmark (it will probably happen in very quick succession in all countries due to a domino effect), Britain can expect to receive tens of millions of jihad-crazed 'EU citizens', with murderous resentments against all kuffars, emerging out of the Channel Tunnel demanding their rights to housing, welfare and votes.

More at 'Instant Islamisation: The Tsunami of evicted Euro-Jihadists that could soon hit Britain's shores.'

Dr.D said...

That picture of the "Dutch judge relaxing on the weekend," just about cracked me up! That was just great, and makes the point so beautifully!

As people come to their senses and take their countries back, these Dutch judges and others like them will become hunted people, sought out for punishment for the damage that they have done to us. I hope that they are remembering Nuremberg.