Monday, 25 October 2010

Wikileaks: More Civilians Killed In south Africa Than in Iraq War Over Last 6 Years

As I type Channel 4 TV's Dispatches documentary is reporting on the Iraq War data recently published by Wikileaks. Amongst the hundreds of thousands of documents released are figures that show that, in terms of civilian deaths, South Africa, a country which is not currently at war has proved far more deadly than Iraq.

According to information released by Wikileaks, the total number of deaths caused by the conflict in Iraq over the last six years has been 109,032 of which 66,081 are recorded as civilians.

In the same period, according to South African government figures an average of 18,000 people
have been murdered each year, totaling at least 108,000. That so many people have died violently in a country which is not at war is shocking, the fact that it is has gone virtually unreported in the world's media is unforgivable.

ANC wants to carry on singing "Kill the Farmer Shoot the Boer"

Also in South Africa The ANC government has filed an application with the court for leave to appeal against the ban on the controversial song Dubul’ iBhunu (shoot the Boer) which they wish to carry on singing, despite its apparent call for genocide against an ethnic minority.

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defender said...

Sarah, hon, you have to post this.

The face of modern day slavery. A 13 YO boy just released, and has nothing left.

Anonymous said...

Good day, Sarah.

A little something that you might find very, very interesting.

The gist of the matter is that up to 41 000 South African farming families could be resettled in Georgia. The Russian one, that is.

Keep up the excellent work.

Uncle Nasty

Avril Brand said...

Update on the number of FARMERS murdered in South Africa - 3741