Saturday, 16 October 2010

Prosecutors ask to drop charges against Wilders - Court to Decide

In the middle of his trial prosecutors in the Netherlands have called for the charges of inciting racial hated against Dutch Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders to be dropped. They now concede that as a politician Wilders has a right to speak out on "social issues" and that he was criticising a religion (Islam) rather than a race of people.

Mr. Wilder's trial continues next week when the judges (pictured above with Wilders) will decide whether to agree to the prosecution request or to continue with efforts to convict this most brave of politicians.

Readers may recall that it was Dutch judges who ordered a reluctant prosecution to proceed with this case following an appeal by Wilder's enemies in 2008. Assuming the Dutch judiciary is as traitorous and opposed to their own people as their counterparts in the UK, we await their decision with interest.

News story on America's Fox News

Note to the usual suspects: I will not be approving any messages accusing Geert Wilders of being a Zionist pawn for targeting Muslims rather than Jews, so do not bother writing them. Wilders is one of the few brave and honourable politicians left in Europe and deserves our respect.


Jones said...

I wonder how Roland Freisler would have dealt with this conundrum?.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

@ Jones

I guess that could be a controversial question, but I'll let it through :)

It will be interesting to see how Freisler's natural heirs in Holland react to this

Mick said...

I take my hat off to him.

I am in a position where I have joined a Nationalist party to try to protect our rights as a white race.

I have been asked to consider standing as a member in my shire.

Of course, my existing government swoons to the theme of multiculturalism.

Now, I am in the position where I work for a big corporation and I have a number of friends who are of a different colour than I.

It sure is a problem! I can work with people of other races as long as they are not dominating my race or me. I actually get on well with some of them.

However, now I must answer the call and speak out publicly to protect the future of my race.

Obviously this will isolate me in my multiculturalist state and the other races within my working group.

It is not easy. If anyone says it is, chances are they are probably not speaking out publicly.

Well done to Wilders. He has done what many of us profess to but find difficult when reality approaches.

I only hope I am as brave as he is when my time comes.

Peter said...

Quite right Sarah, Wilders is a man of courage, and the conventional wisdom is 'PC' gone mad. Anyone who questions conventional wisdom is condemned by the asses who follow the crowd, as with, say, the reasons for global warming. Let's hope Wilders is free to speak his mind, which echoes the thoughts of many others.

Dr.D said...

It is still in the hands of three clearly biased judges. They may decide to flex their muscles and find him guilty of something just to prove their power, although at this point it would be a grave mistake for them to convict on very much. If he is convicted, it will just mean he has to appeal which drags the whole process out longer and makes Holland look all the worse.

fellist said...

Wilders is one of the few brave and honourable politicians left in Europe and deserves our respect.

Brave, yes, but I don't know about honourable. I had understood that he is essentially a soft conservative with a big thing about Muslims, not a nationalist (meaning ethnic-nationalist, of course)?

If that characterisation is fair, he doesn't help us much, indeed he diverts those who might otherwise come to us, but he does help the lunatic war party.

Anonymous said...

Sarah you're not Sarah Gorrell are you?

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

No, I'm not Ms. Gorrell