Sunday, 31 October 2010

Deafened by the Vuvuzelas

Censor bugbear reports Saturday, 30 October 2010:

Armed attacks against rural whites peaked during WC2010

Armed attacks and murders of ‘rural whites’ in southern Africa between Jan 2010 to Oct 30 2010 -- peaked during World Cup 2010

Oct 30 2010 – According to the two graphs from, the number of armed attacks targeting ‘white rural residents’-- 96% of those reported were Afrikaans-speakers -- showed a dramatic peak during and after the FIFA World Cup 2010 football tournaments in South Africa.

Over the past ten months there were 216 attacks against whites in cities; 535 against white smallholders, farmers …

The first graph shows the 216 logged attacks in towns and cities, increased during the WC2010 when the ANC-regime stopped publishing such reports).

  • It showed a total of 216 attacks logged against urban whites from Jan 2010 to Oct 30 2010, peaking in August with 8 on one day and now levelling off to three attacks a day.
  • The second graph shows details of the more than 535 armed attacks targetting ‘whites’ on farms and smallholdings.
The highest level of city-attacks– eight on one day – occurred in August 2010 – just after the WC2010 had ended and during the internet campaign of several 'black-racist’ groups such as COSAS and Blackwash urging blacks in townships to ethnically-cleanse all the white families.

The report continues at Censorbugbear Reports

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