Thursday, 7 October 2010

Shining light before willfully blind eyes - the plight of the Afrikaner people

The following letter was recently written by Adriana Stuijt who runs the Censor Bugbear and Afrikaner Genocide Archives websites to the Peace Research Institute of Oslo, Norway and is published here with permission


From Adriana Stuijt
To Christine Storo,
Board Member, Association of Norwegian Students Abroad;
Peace Research Institute of Oslo, Norway (PRIO)

Dear Ms Storø

Re: my criticism: your recent xenophobia-briefing concentrating on only on black-versus-black violence in South Africa:

I am disappointed about your routine reply in response to my warning about the ongoing, quiet genocide of the Afrikaner minority in South Africa - which should have received a mention in your 'xenophobia-report' recently. One can never really describe this present ongoing genocide of this highly-disfavoured, very visible 3-million-strong Afrikaner minority in South Africa merely as an 'interesting read' as you did, alas.

Even Prof Gregory Stanton of Genocide admits that the Afrikaner-Boers are being endangered by genocidal behaviour regarding the socalled 'farm-attacks' in which more than 3700+ mostly-Afrikaner farmers have already been slaughtered, often in extremely gruesome circumstances which the ANC-regime describes as 'ordinary crime'.

Perhaps from your comfortable job at ANSA and PRIO you might not want to make waves by raising this very "uncomfortable issue" publicly?

However our documentation - which is now also being prepared for a pending law-suit at the International Criminal Court in The Hague - is well-proven and extensive and has been maintained since 1994 by a variety independent observers like myself. The genocide - a combination of well-organised, armed attacks by youth-militias and laws created to bring the Afrikaner minority into deliberate homelessness, unemployability and destitution, where they are becoming internal refugees in the country of their birth -- is deliberately created by the ruling SA troika-government i.e. the ANC-SA Communist Party-Cosatu alliance.

And we can prove it with all the facts and documentation gathered since 1994. The SA ruling-troika has no meaningful political opposition and thus has been able to create a vast number of Neurenberg-style laws without any formal opposition - and which bar the Afrikaners as the disfavoured, previously advantaged minority, from the entire job-market, (except perhaps some specialty-jobs). The ANC even describes the young Afrikaners born after the end of apartheid in 1994 as 'previously advantaged' despite their very obvious homelessness and desperate poverty - and even refusing the most destitute Afrikaners (- some 800,000 homeless destitutes now are living in 460 internal refugee camps ) the most basic rights to survival such as government housing, government-issued food-aid-stamps and government unemployment; they are even denied child-benefit and disability pensions and also are denied treatment at the vast majority of government-health facilities despite their dire poverty. The ANC-government is also making a very organised effort to stop them from being educated in their own language and own cultural background: such cultural suppression forms an integral part of the genocidal process.

South Africa thus is the only country in the world which has actually made laws to 'protect' the majority population from a very small minority group... whereas such laws in the rest of the world are usually always intended to protect minorities.

More than 63% of all these destitute Afrikaner inmates in the internal refugee camps around greater Pretoria especially - are older than 60 years reports Solidarity trade union's Helping Hand charity. The vast majority of these camp-inmates also are amongst the best-educated people in South Africa and still badly needed in the maintenance of the SA economy: nurses, municipal engineers, teachers, skilled mineworkers, artisans. municipal clerks, government department clerks, law-court officials, etc. Yet despite the huge present shortage of skilled workers at all levels of society in SA - forcing the government to even import doctors, nurses, teachers etc. from Cuba and Morocco, for instance - the ANC-regime refuses to hire even the best-educated Afrikaners and also despite repeated appeals, refuses to end its so-called 'black-economic-empowerment' laws which have brought the Afrikaners into this serious situation of homelessness and destitution.

The ANC-regime claims that 'the top jobs are still held by whites', however their claims are grossly inaccurate: more than 68% of all the government jobs now are held by blacks across all sectors: and the few top management jobs still held by 'whites' are held by English-speakers, usually immigrants on temporary contracts. Anyone moving about in public life in South Africa today can attest to the fact that there are very few whites actually still seen working in for instance banks, supermarkets etc.

Meanwhile there are many tens of thousands of public- and private-sector jobs especially in the health- and education-sectors for which no "suitable candidates can be found' ("suitable" as in suitable black candidates only) and thus these jobs are deliberately kept open rather than hiring qualified Afrikaner whites languishing in the internal-refugee camps.

The German nazis also barred Jews from all public life between 1933-1945...
This entire process presents a very similar picture to those many nazi-era laws made against the Jews of Europe during the nazi-occupation of the continent now generally referred to as the 'Neurenberg Laws'. These were designed to eradicate the ability of European Jews to survive: and as now also occurs in South Africa, European Jews from 1933 also were barred from public life, legal employment, home- and land-ownership, barred from access to public education and increasingly also pushed into 'internal refugee camps (ghettos) before their final annihilation. As a Norwegian citizen, you are undoubtedly familiar with the final results of the nazi-laws in Europe.

Similar increasingly desperate events are now taking place targetting the Afrikaners - and although they are a very small, highly visible and indeed very unfavoured minority because of their apartheid-history (which their pre-1994 leaders indeed recognised as untenable) -- I still consider the ruling SA troika's behaviour towards the Afrikaners as completely unacceptable and indeed a gross transgression of every human rights law in the world. Even the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples' Organisation (UNPO) in The Hague has raised the ANC's deliberate suppression of the Afrikaner minority:

I now receive near-daily reports of newborns and especially the elderly, dying of malnutrition and preventable diseases in the internal refugee camps for Afrikaners - mainly because they are being denied all government-food-aid and the one private charity which still tries to keep all 800,000 Afrikaners in these camps fed, can now only afford to feed them one small meal a day because their funding from their private donors is drying up: the special-skills mineworkers and Afrikaner artisans and engineers who were still able to get contract-jobs in the private sector and (the shrinking number of) commercial farmers still able to supply food to the camps.

These Afrikaners are also denied most access to the government's medical facilities -- which were mostly built from Afrikaner taxes before 1994 -- and thus many also are dying of many infectious diseases which could be easily cured with basic health-care and medicines. Even when they are suffering from infectious diseases they are sent away by government-health facilities and sent back to their camps: where infections such as hepatitis now are spreading rapidly. They are so malnutritioned now after some ten years of poor living conditions that many, especially the elderly, look like walking skeletons. The Afrikaner women in these camps also have had to resort to set up their own little maternity cottages where, fortunately, some qualified (unemployable) midwives often still are able to deliver their babies under dismal conditions. Some private doctors also step in to volunteer their help in the most extreme cases, but the suffering in these camps are becoming very severe.

This truly is a totally unacceptable and inhumane situation - yet you said you 'read it with interest' and 'thanked me for my time'. Forgive me for not being impressed with your shallow and in my view, very uncaring reply.

I attach a photograph which was included in a report to President Jacob Zuma about Afrikaner poverty in August 2010 by Solidarity trade union's "Helping Hand' charity. It's only one of many showing the horrific conditions in these camps. Keep in mind that these are some of the best-educated people on the African continent. The Dutch investigative journalist Saskia Vredeveld also recently published a report about poverty in two specific internal-refugee camps in Coronation park near Johannesburg on IKON-TV in the Netherlands.
* White Poverty in the New South Africa by Saskia Vredeveld :
Adriana Stuijt
Retired SA journalist,



PamelaJ said...

This is truly shocking, we must all spread the truth about this, the world must be made to see the truth before something truly horrendous happens.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for publishing this letter. If it were not for blogs like this nobody would know this is happening.

When will people start to realize that 90% of the real news is suppressed?

Mick said...

To Adriana Stuijt,

I have heard your plight and I have tried a number of times to get in touch with "Helpende Hande" ... Helping Hands.

The question I asked, on a number of occasions, was 'Will my donations get to the Afrikaner people, without getting ripped pff by the corrupt black government?'

I have never had a response. Either they are too afraid to reply and state a straight out yes, or else the money is being diverted to all africans.

I am one of the lucky ex-SA's who got out. I am able, and would love to contribute to the support of the SA Afrikaners who need it. But I'm not prepared to risk a cent for vague support who may be supporting the genocide.

PLEASE, give me an address of a group who really will help Afrikaners, and will will start contributing tomorrow!!

Eendrag maak mag. I am an English ex-SA person, but I feel as much a boer as any Afrikaner. Let me help. Give me a contact person.

Mick W

Anonymous said...

I am puzzled why, given that Christine Storo already knows about the Nazis & the Jews (and Struijt admits it, "As a Norwegian citizen, you are undoubtedly familiar with the final results of the nazi-laws in Europe."), Struijt neverthelss goes to the trouble to telling her.

Go figure.

As a PS, I wonder if Storo, as "a Norwegian citizen", knows about the 20 million (lowest estimate btw) genocided by the largely Jewish run Soviet police?

Macaw said...


Have a look at this link. Maybe you might get some luck there.

Dit is in Afrikaans.

Rina ... also Chester or Daisysmum. said...

Sad that things have come to this, it's been worring me the last few months since I saw the "Poor whites video about the soup kitchens and clothes being handed out" I decided to buy nice secondhand kids clothes to take back with me next time I go home. But there must be more we can do for the nation.
Thanks for the helpende hande link.

Anonymous said...

wat ek soek, dankie