Wednesday, 20 October 2010

A rather different fantasy

The election of US president Barrack Obama was very much a Hollywood fantasy, indeed some might say it was inspired very much by Hollywood. The image of a black president, usually played by Morgan Freeman has appeared a number of times in movies such as Deep Impact, and of course in the suspenseful TV drama 24. Hollywood and the media must have thought their dreams had come true when a black man with seemingly no past somehow, briefly, became senator for Illinois and then stood for president.

This was their fantasy made flesh, indeed for some it was their leg trembling wet dream.

However, there are other Hollywood fantasies.

I am sure we have all seen repeats of "The Omen" series of Movies in which the character Damion, who is in fact the Devil's spawn aspires to become the most powerful man in the world.

It makes a rather terrifying scenario that perhaps via some electoral fluke or lack of adequate scrutiny on the part of a besotted news media and and political elite someone completely mad or maybe even rather daemonic could achieve a position of almost total power, access to the nuclear button and the most formidable arsenal ever assembled.

One can only contemplate with horror what impact a totally mad or indeed totally evil maniac could have were he to achieve such power.

With that in mind, I invite you take a look at a number of pictures, some of which were released by the White house in the last week


Dr.D said...

Not very presidential, but more along the lines of dictatorial.

Actually, his world is crashing down upon him, and with his thin skin, he is suffering many, many small, but painful cuts every day. No wonder he is irritable!

Intruder said...

The camera can always catch an unfortunate frame and press photograpers use a multishot approach.

As for pressing the button, well maybe a leader who is scared of doing so might also be a problem.

I am still waiting for the altruistic politician - but not holding my breath.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

I do appreciate some photographs can catch an unfortunate expression but he does look positively demented (and rather demonic) in some of those pictures.

Anonymous said...

And Bush looked bored and confused all the time so I guess that showed he had an intellectual disability. Wow next you will be saying we should burn people and "dunk"" them to see if they are witches. You are clutching at straws. If you hate Obama then that is fine but dont say he is a demon it makes your arguements invalid and seem silly. At least DR D said it was dictatorial. Much more believable than thinking he is a fictional creature.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Ity seems I need to make something clear. I am not seriously suggesting that El Presidente is actually a demon from the bowels of Hell.

I didn't expect people to take the posting particularly seriously

Anonymous said...

I didn't expect people to take the posting particularly seriously

Normal people did not, I assure you. Only the imbibers of the Kool Aid and the defenders of The Messiah feel the need to "make that point". Sheesh.

On a positive note, the true lunatics are easier to identify as they are the ones who still defend the thinned skinned, inappropriately irritable, George Jefferson wannabe, "Obysmal" (sic) failure.