Saturday, 16 October 2010

Obama's half brother (52) marries 19 year old third wife

Malik Obama now has as many wives as brothers in his picture

Link: As he is a Kenyan Muslim polygamy is apparently quite legal


Dr.D said...

I'm sure that the witch Michelle is enough to make Obama convinced he does not want any more wives, even though as a muzlim he is allowed 3 more. He made a bad choice the first time, which serves him right. She is enough to make any man lose interest in marriage.

Macaw said...

This 1/2 brother is an amateur. Our "president" Jacob Zuma, has 5 wives and 23 offspring (that we know of). And he is not even a muslim.

Actually, we have no idea what religion he practices.

Mick said...

What can we say folks...

Look at the hands, look at the facial features.

We must surely have found the missing link between man and ape!

Ronbo said...

I wonder if Obama sent his half brother a wedding gift?

We know our president has been somewhat niggardly in regards to his African family.

I understand his aunt lives in public housing in the USA and another half brother in a cardboard box in Kenya on $20 a month.

Anonymous said...

Imagine Kennedy or Reagan could see that photo. I cannot even believe what this world has become. Please pinch me, I must be dreaming.