Thursday, 7 October 2010

With my deepest sympathy to a fellow blogger

I would like to extend my heart felt condolences to South African blogger Tia Mysoa, with whose blog I have long shared mutual links, on the tragic death of his 21 year old son.

As a parent myself I can only imagine the effect of the death of a child in such sad circumstances.

May God be with you my friend, you and your precious child will be remembered in my prayers and also, I am sure, in those of my readers.

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Tia Mysoa said...

Dear Sarah,

Thank you for posting this beautiful expression of your condolences. My family and I really appreciate that you have kept us in your thoughts and prayers.

My eldest son, 24 years, who is living and working in the UK on an ancestral visa, arrived in South Africa on Friday morning. The memorial service will be taking place on Wednesday, 13 October. After that I’ll be making some serious decisions about possibly joining my son and other family members in the UK.

Kind regards, and God Bless!

Glenn Elsden