Monday, 18 October 2010

The Maitlis Quandary

Following the rescue of the Chilean miners last week, there was a report on BBCs's Newsnight, when leggy auto-cutie anchor Emily Maitlis interviewed the Chilean writer, (and one time Duke Lacrosse hate 88 member), Ariel Dorfman. During the interview Maitlis referred to the numerous displays of patriotism by the miners, how they chanted the name of their homeland upon their escape, how they had sung their national anthem with such obvious enthusiasm and pride. The Chilean flag had been repeatedly waved, and even the escape capsule was painted in the national colours.

Maitlis appeared bemused and stated that she could never imagine such behaviour happening here. Of course, she was right such a thing would, now, never happen here. As a member of the controlled media the fragrant Emily's should know her own commanders would not allow it.

She and the over promoted, left wing, academic muttered a few politically correct platitudes in explanation but did not arrive at any particularly meaningful answer as to why Chilean culture differs so greatly from what passes for our own modern culture.

Of course, in truth, whatever else one may have to say about the 1973 coup d'etat and the subsequent dictatorship, it had the result that the Chilean people did not have Marxists whispering poison in their ears from their earliest school days throughout that crucial period of the 1970's and 1980's which led to the decline of so many western nations, including our own.

Unlike the British, the people of Chile were not taught that national pride and patriotism were evil, undesirable or simply not very cool characteristics. The left always accuse the right of hatred, but it is in fact their own hatred with is the most destructive. The left has undermined many nations from within for no other reason than their hatred of what was there before.

The left did not have the opportunity to do their thing in Chile, and as a result in recent weeks we have seen a display of national unity and national pride, the like of which I fear our own nation may no longer be capable of mustering.

One other feature of the news coverage of the mine rescue was the stress our media placed on the fact that one of the miners was an “immigrant” from Bolivia. I suspect our media did this in the knowledge that due to the poor standard of modern education, and the fact that doing so would not involve either booing at Simon Cowell or admiring Tess Daly's latest frock, nobody would bother to look at a map and notice the proximity of Bolivia to the Atacama desert.

This “immigration” was the equivalent of a Frenchman working in Dover, or an Irishman working in Liverpool. Furthermore the ethnic difference between a Bolivian and a Chilean is virtually non-existent. This was not immigration as we know it and which has been forced upon us. Chile is not a multi cultural society.

It is of course true that evil things happened in Chile and that many people died. However, are the three thousand casualties of the Chilean dictatorship, including the 1,000 “disappeared”, that much greater than the casualties of the vicious ideology currently ruling our own country.? I have little doubt that a fair and honest analysis, were such a thing now possible in this country, would attribute more than 3,000 British deaths to a direct result of multiculturalism in the same period. (American readers may also wish to consider that question)

And tragic as each death was, the number fades into insignificance when compared to the in excess of 180,000 non-medically essential abortions carried out in this country each year, due also to a political ideology.

Throughout the 1970's and 1980's the Chilean regime were international pariahs, hated by the left and held up as an example of all that was evil. The Chilean leader, General Augusto Pinochet, was viewed as a monster and pursued to his grave by Socialist zealots.

However, from our perspective now in 2010 we can only look at Chile and wonder which of our nations really lived through the most evil dictatorship, and which nation is in the fittest state to face the 21st Century.


Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right, Sarah - the Chileans demonstrated faith in God (Christ), patriotism, traditional values and organization, and proclaimed this to all the world. Chile's stock has shot up = what a nation! I for one want to visit.


Ronbo said...

The thing I'll never forget about 9/11 were the American flags (Old Glory) displayed everywhere - on houses, cars, boats, businesses, clothing - EVERYWHERE!

American flags in the MILLIONS!

Before noon on 9/11 the stores had sold out of flags - and for months it was difficult to buy one.

Today American patriotism has fueled the Tea Party rebellion that proudly displays Old Glory in all its meetings, demonstrations and speeches.

Therefore, American patriotism and love of our Republic is alive and well, despite decades of socialist anti- patriotic propaganda, and when Americans see patriots in Chile sing their national anthem and proudly display their banner of red, white and blue - the colors of liberty - Americans understand and cheer our South American friends.

fellist said...

The same with the communist countries. It seems dictators have enough on their plate and don't risk alienating/ inflaming the people further by importing race-replacers, while 'democratic' leaders see a choice way to gain more and oppressive power thru' doing just that.

And like you say, the Chileans have done better on the deal than us as things stand.

fellist said...

It surely has some significance that Chile, like Argentina, is basically a European state. The Indians were pretty much killed off or driven out. It's a country of Germans, Italians, and of course Spaniards, for the most part. (I think I'm right in saying that). It must have been - and remains - much easier to cohere around a new national identity when you're all the same race, religion and, roughly, IQ.

Dr.D said...

To describe the Bolivian as an "immigrant" is a real laugh. People have gone totally nuts these days. He stepped across a line on the ground, not much more.

At this point, Chile is looking like one of the finer places on earth in terms of brotherhood, Christian faith, good leadership, and community. I'm not much for deserts, and the Altacama looks absolutely forbidding to me, but the people looked absolutely wonderful.

Anonymous said...

You're quite right in highlighting the word "immigrant" in the context it was used, whereas anyone else would simply describe the man as a "Bolivian". But the brainwashed Leftist herd will use whatever disengenuous means it takes to advance their cause.

Closer to home in Britain, here's a video example of another country expressing national pride with unrestrained enthusiasm in song and flag-waving. But more importantly, it's all displayed within a solidarity of their indigenous race... plus, it's quite refreshing to watch.

...and just to remind your reader's once again, of how the British government intends to undermine the indigenous Brits, read here.

Although, I'm sure the same devious immigration policy exists here in Canada and Australia/New Zealand.