Sunday 6 May 2012

Reassigning Races

USA 2012

Jake England (Paleface)

Jake England is a Cherokee Indian who is currently in prison charged with a series of shootings in Tulsa Oklahoma, which allegedly targeted black males.  It is believed the killings may have been racially motivated as England's father was murdered by a black man in 2010. Despite England's Native American ethnicity and appearance, in support of their agenda the US authorities and media have decided that this red Indian has shape shifted into a white man.

George Zimmerman (Gringo)
George Zimmerman, the most famous neighbourhood watch volunteer in history, as a half Peruvian, half Jewish Hispanic with a black Grandfather, he is in fact the poster child for the ethnic diversity so cherished by the American left. That was until he shot a black youth whom America's post racial president declared looked like the son he never had.  The moment the shooting became an exploitable event Zimmerman's rainbow, and visually unmistakable, minority status was snatched from him and in support of their agenda the US authorities and media decided that this Latino had morphed into a white man
Elizabeth Warren (squaw) 
Elizabeth Warren is a tenured Harvard Law professor currently standing as a Senate candidate for the Democratic party in  Massachusetts.  In 1894, Ms. Warren's great, great, great grandmother listed herself as a Cherokee Indian on a single document, which if correct, means the blonde, blue eyed, professor Warren is 1/32 nd Cherokee (The same tribe as Jake England).  In support of their agenda, the authorities, the media, Harvard Law school, the Democratic party and Warren herself proudly declare and celebrate her status as a successful ethnic minority female. 

Who knew ethnicity could be so conveniently flexible when a Liberal narrative is at stake!!.

Four White Sex Offenders
As a related topic, I have republished below some pictures I posted last year showing some more chaps, all allegedly sex offenders, whom the US authorities had, for their own reasons determined to be white men.

Of course, should any of these guys become the victims of crime, they will suddenly cease to be white.


Anonymous said...

Assuming no worst-case scenarios, social anthropologists will one day uncover a civilization that was the mother lode of wacky – ours. If any sense can be made of it – no small feat – they might refer to it as the Great Redistribution; a century long dementia in which the world will have been reconstituted by the redistribution of wealth, race, religion, blame, praise, and reality. Some bright anthropologist will write a book the nexus of which being that after a millennia long struggle the Gnostics had prevailed but civilization had lost. For what it's worth to him, he will be right.

George Pal

bupkiss o'toole said...


TBM-1 said...

How to go from the sublime to the ridiculous in easy stages. It seems that most of this nonsense originated in the US. But Europeans have been quite happy to continue the trend. At this rate people will soon be unable to differentiate between reality and propaganda, we are there now in many cases. The experiment is almost complete. Many people will not know what has hit them when the results manifest themselves. But it will be too late then.

Anonymous said...

This is the best piece of nationalist journalism I have seen for years. It immediately and unambiguously demonstrates that the Establishment are not anti racist but anti white.
We don't need dozens of closely argued, densely written articles. We need stuff like this, and lots of it. I hope everyone who views this page will send their friends a link to it.
Say No to Genocide.

alanorei said...

More anti-white bias by a local US newspaper, even though the victims were two of its reporters.

This kind of incident is a regular occurrence in the US, as is the reluctance to report it, it seems.

Rackman said...

Two weeks ago I was looking up information regarding a local crime. I came across the registry for local sex offenders, I typed in my town (San Marcos,TX) and came up with 96 registered offenders. The majority were hispanic but were classified as white.

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Anonymous said...

none of those browns are white, none

Anonymous said...

Absolutely brilliant piece. I've been thinking about this since reading Steve Sailer's piece about Elizabeth Warren. But it took Sarah's insight to stitch into one sharp, brilliant post.

Robert in Arabia said...

I am beginning to see a pattern

Vanishing American said...

Good piece.
I've been saying that the media and the powers-that-be want to create more racial confusion until people truly will believe that 'race is a social construct,' with no hard and fast distinctions. It's a campaign to destroy all our concepts of race, or to make us doubt the traditional definitions of race, if not our very senses.

Vanishing American said...

Good piece.
As my comment appears to have been 'eaten' by Blogger, I'll try again.

I've been discussing this issue. It does seem as if there is a concerted effort by the media and the powers-that-be to blur all racial distinctions, and to render meaningless the very concept of race. Political correctness insists that 'race is only a social construct' with no biological validity, and it seems they are out to confuse us by arbitrarily assigning race in these cases, causing us to doubt not just traditional definitions, but our very senses.

Anonymous said...

Osama Bin Laden was classified as a "white male" on New York's most wanted list.

Anonymous said...

George Zimmerman is not half-Jewish. The name means "carpenter" in German, and though there are Jewish families that possess it, it is not exclusively a Jewish name. I have known German-descended and Swiss-descended Zimmermans, none of whom were Jewish. Even the lack of a second "n" at the end of the name doesn't prove that it is of Jewish origin as many German emigrant families in the U.S. modified their names to seem less foreign.

Amy said...

A development in the Elizabeth Warren "I'm a minority Native American female" story, via Breitbart:

From the article:
William J. Crawford (Elizabeth Warren's great-great grandfather who would, fifty-seven years later, falsely claim that his mother was Cherokee in that now-infamous 1894 Oklahoma Territory marriage license application) was born in Bledsoe County, Tennessee in 1837. This was just a few months after his father apparently helped remove thousands of Cherokees from their homes and a few months before his father went off to fight Seminole Indians in Florida.
His father, Jonathan Crawford, Elizabeth Warren's great-great-great grandfather, died in Jackson County, Tennessee in 1841. His mother, O.C. Sarah Smith Crawford, died sometime between 1860 and 1870 - most likely in Bledsoe County, Tennessee.
Neither O.C. Sarah Smith Crawford, Jonathan Crawford, nor any of their seven other children, apparently ever claimed that O.C. Sarah Smith Crawford had Cherokee heritage.
As recently as two weeks ago, Ms. Warren publicly claimed to have Native American ancestry. In Dorchester, Massachusetts on April 27 at the Bricklayers and Allied Craftsmen Apprentice Training Center she stated, “I am very proud of my Native American heritage.” Yet, decades after she first made this same claim, it now appears that it is without any foundation.

Anonymous said...

Re: classification of 'white'

This is actually a disturbing trend because this data will be inputted into statistics that will be drawn up to influence think tanks and policy groups, who will assume it is legit - if these are the standards being applied then God help us!

Aiursrage2k - very well put!

Anonymous said...

Photo of killer clearly tries to emphasise his whiteness (light eyes) whilst cropping the top part of his head.

A quick google shows the same picture and it suggests the killer is mixed race.

Again, for me, evidence of an agenda to try to pin as much crime as possible on whites.

To think the BBC represents me in the form of my tax money is a joke!

Unknown said...

Hermann Goring once said 'I decide who is a Jew...'. The tables have turned and now the faux-liberals in the media decide who is and isn't white. This is typical of the prevailing double standards.