Friday, 13 August 2010

More South African genocide

I am sad to report another series of attacks on white South African farmers, two of whicg were fatal so far this month bringing the total number of white farmers killed since the end of Apartheid to 3117.

Farmers wife dies following attack
- body guarded by her pets

Three Jack Russell dogs belonging to Chrissie Harmzen, 70, climbed on top of her and guarded her after she was so severely assaulted on a farm outside Burgersfort in Limpopo on Friday morning that she died later that day of her injuries.

Johan Harmzen, 72, told how the dogs wouldn’t let anyone near his injured wife. “They were very attached to her.” he said. The couple has five Jack Russells.

Mrs. Harmzen was attacked and assaulted barely five steps from the back door of the house she and her husband rent on the farm, Dresden.They have been living on the farm for the past ten years.

“She was beaten so hard that her lungs burst,” said her husband. She was also repeatedly beaten in the face and hit over the head with an unknown object. Harmzen died of her injuries in the Midmed hospital in Middelburg, Mpumalanga.

The couple had been married for 50 years and three months.“We were a part of each other,” said Mr. Harmzen.

Only Mrs. Harmzen’s cellphone, the back door keys and the security company’s panic button were stolen. Nothing was taken from the house.

“It wasn’t a robbery or theft. It was just plain murder. It was a sadist who came here to murder,” Harmzen said.

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Man killed on Smallholding - domestic worker assaulted and raped

A 46-year-old man died after five men gained access to his smallholding outside Tzaneen and assaulted him, Limpopo police said on Wednesday.

Police said five unidentified men wearing balaclavas waited for the man at his gate on Tuesday evening and then assaulted him with pangas and iron rods.

The man died on the scene.

A domestic worker on the property was assaulted when she came to investigate.

She was dragged into the house where two of the men raped her.

The men took cellphones and household appliances, including a television and DVD player. They may have also taken two guns from the safe. Source


Pensioner Survives Farm Attack

An elderly man was assaulted on his smallholding in St Albans, Port Elizabeth police said on Sunday.

According to police, four men attacked Jack Bergman, 86, in his bed after climbing into his house through a window in the early hours of Saturday "The victim had several face injuries and stab wounds to the chest and on the arrival of the security company he was semi-conscious".

A security company found the pensioner, who lived alone, after the house alarm went off. He was taken to Livingstone hospital.

No arrests have been made.



Post Script - A tale of two Couples

Readers in the UK will be aware of the fact that the headlines here last week were full of reports about the "British" couple, Gul and Begum Wazir, who were murdered in Pakistan in what was variously described as an honour killing or a dispute over a marriage. However, to my knowlege there was significantly less mention of the British couple Christopher and Jennifer Early, who were murdered in South Africa , following what was described as a "robbery", I wonder what it could have been that made the one "British" couple so much more news worthy than the other.

thanks to Dina, Jenny and Toppie for alerting me to these news items, most of which never make it into the international news.


Macaw said...

This morning, I was contemplating not visiting this site as I was wondering if the news of additional murders had reached you. I knew that you would post them and to be truthful, I am sick and tired of hearing about this. Every morning I open the papers (The Star, Pretoria News, Beeld (which is an Afrikaans newspaper).

On the front pages are either, murders, continued strikes or major corruption. This sh*t weighs you down.

A friend of mine came back from Switzerland and the first thing she mentioned was that she could once again feel the oppression on her shoulders by having to lock the car and keep the windows closed while driving.

Don't even mention the fact that at the slightest noise at night, I reach for my firearm (I sleep in a locked bedroom). Don't mention the fact that on your way out, you scan both sides of the road (not for cars). Don't mention the fact that when you open the door, you first look through the peep hole(No idea what it is called in Europe). Then you lock the door and unlock the security gate. Then you lock the security gate.

This is bullsh*t and no way to live, but we have no choice as some of us just cannot leave here due to various reasons. If I could, I would be long gone.

Ok Sarah, rant over.....

Anonymous said...

The "postscript" is completely on the money, and under-appreciated.

The BBC often does this. What does BBC stand for?

Big lie, BS, Corruption.

The BBC is OBSESSED with Muslims; far more so than Hindus, or Armenians, or Inuit, or Pygmies, Aboriginals, Maoris or even its "own" white people.

Time for a can opener. Who knows what we'll find inside.


Anonymous said...

Sarah when i was on holiday the BBC Scotland swiftly reported on Dr Smart who was a technical director in a SA company, he was shot in a car jacking, the BBC did not mention that this man was a scientist, all they said was "that a Scottish man has been shot in a car jacking incident".....Donna