Friday, 20 August 2010

A case of Bloggers Block

I am sorry this blog has been so quiet recently, but I am afraid I am in the midst a period of what might be referred to as blogger's block. I have come to the conclusion that, after two years of blogging, I need a break from writing for a few weeks.

At the moment, when I consider sitting down to write something my mind goes blank and I really can not find any inspiration.

Partly this is due to the fact that it is the Summer holiday, there are children to feed, entertain and take to places which inevitably means that I have less time, but also, I think it goes beyond that and I just feel in need of a break.

Writing about the subjects I do can actually be quite emotionally draining. In part that is due to the fact that one is forced to confront the situation we as a people are actually facing, that can become very depressing and sometimes really quite frightening , which can start to wear one down eventually.

The size of the forces ranged against us, the scope of their assault upon us and the pace at which it is happening is really quite staggering and in so many ways it is made worse by the level of blindness and passive acceptance displayed by so many of my countrymen. I am sure part of the problem is that there is an innate decency and niceness in so many people that they are incapable of fully appreciating the degree of malevolence being focused upon them. They know things are not right, but they are loath to make a fuss so they hope we can all muddle thought and that it will all be all right in the end, but, of course, it won't be.

What makes it more depressing is the knowledge that so many of the enemy are the enemy within and that so many of our own people are knowingly betraying us.

There are also so many who are on our side but who refuse to see the real enemy,

It is becoming more and more frustrating every time I post as it is almost guaranteed that someone will write in to tell me that, whatever I have written about is the fault of the Jews. Each time that happens I want to scream because I know although the writer is usually well intentioned they are seeing only a tiny fragment of the canvass. Whilst so many fixate on that fragment, the main cancer is spreading.

People will tell me in all seriousness that the Islamification of the West is a Zionist plot, which is the equivalent of accusing wildebeest of letting the lions into the herbivore enclosure in order to piss off the zebra; it just does not make sense.

There may be some Jews amongst our enemies, but our problems are far larger than that, and if we fail to appreciate the real enemy because of myopia or because of an agenda then we are lost.

Marxists, be they Jews, Christian, Agnostics or Atheists, together with Islam, mass third world immigration and traitors within our own midst are a far greater threat to us than a few Jewish bankers, film makers, the state of Israel and some mouldy old protocols put together, yet so many refuse to see that.

I hope nobody will take offense at this, I do accept that these views are genuinely held, but they are one of the issues which are getting under my skin at the moment. I know I have to come to terms with the fact that a belief in a Zionist conspiracy is so widely held especially amongst US Nationalists, albeit less so in Europe. However, it is distressing all the same because whilst so many of you are distracted by this side show you are blinded to the enormity, and true nature of the threat facing us.

The predicament of the white community in South Africa is also deeply distressing, I am often sent pictures and descriptions, which I need to see and hear about, but which are very disturbing, and which once seen are impossible ever to forget . This too becomes depressing, especially as I believe that same level of brutality will become commonplace much closer to home.

That said, please continue to keep me informed, we need to know these things, and to get the truth out.

A blog like this is not always an easy place to write for and the issues I write about are seldom comfortable. Sometimes all these issues come together and I feel the need to get away from blogging for a while; this is one of those times.

This blog will return to normal activity levels in due course, I have too much to say and care too much about the issues to not carry on, but before then I need to take a little time off.

I will continue to write when the mood takes me, I plan to say more on the Obama issue over the weekend, and I shall certainly report any further attacks on the South African farming community. However, if I am a little quieter than usual please be patient and understand that I am taking some time out so that I can return refreshed to the fight.


INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

Know what you mean Sarah.

FishEagle said...

I felt the same frustration that you mention about people that always blamed Jews for all the problems they were facing. That was a deciding factor that made me decide to stop blogging on 'I Luv South Africa but I hate my Government.' I argued the idea with a fellow blogger that we should just flat out delete all the anti-Jew comments because it stifled debate, rather than encourage it. I argued that it wouldn't be a freedom of speech issue because the people that had anti-Jew sentiments still had access to exactly the same public forum i.e. Blogger. Let them build up their own followings on Blogger if they wanted to express their opinions.

There is no need to feel drained and beaten down by our culture and its politics. I've referred a couple of people to the following link (particularly the discussion section after the post):

Most of them didn't understand the significance of the point I was making and they probably won't go to the trouble of investigating it further. The point is that we are at fault and we need to own up to it before the white race can protect itself, starting with yourself. Once you get it, you're ready for the war...

Red Squirrel said...

Have a good holiday Sarah, you deserve a well earned break. It can be very painful covering these issues.
Bless you,

FishEagle said...

Referring to my last comment, with 'war' I didn't mean it in the literal sense although I wouldn't preclude the literal meaning if we had to protect ourselves.

Anonymous said...

'People will tell me in all seriousness that the Islamification of the West is a Zionist plot..'

No plot, our politicians are thick Sarah, thick as two short planks.

'Marxists, be they Jews, Christian, Agnostics or Atheists, together with Islam, mass third world immigration and traitors within our own midst are a far greater threat to us..'

Marxists are stupid. Truth is the way we deal with them:

We, the historic people of these Islands, have unalienable rights to self-determination (our treasonous Parliament is just a bloated admin department, gone mad)

We choose a date and inform the political elite that from that day forward we, the historic people, will govern ourselves.

You can see I like to keep things simple and eschew ideology of any kind:

Ideology = bullshit.

1. Socialism

2. Islamism

Emulsify these two and you get a kind of liquid manure. It has an unnatural smell, a smell that does not occur in nature.

I invite your readers to put forward some ideas on how we can rid our Land of this unworldy smell - after our 'secession'

Have a good rest Sarah x


Mike Smith said...

Smaak the picture of the teddy at his PC with the Spiced Gold. hehehehe.

Just do what I do with these Jew bashers. Simply delete. All rubish Nutzi trash. I am so thick skinned after four years of blogging that I have no qualms to delete their shit or telling them exactly where to get off.

Nevertheless, enjoy the break and hope to see you back soon.

Anonymous said...

Have a rest and take care of the family and realize the world needs writers/bloggers/thinkers like you. Don't give in to despair, whether it's articulated by the right or the left; your right in so many ways and you have those who support you, even in these dark times.

Lygeia said...

Anti-semitism, or anti-Jewish feeling, is actually anti-Muslim sentiment, and the Muslims laugh, and laugh, and laugh.

Hundreds of years ago, when Jews were kept in ghettos in Europe, so were the Muslims. The other Europeans simply noted that there were people who lived in ghettos. They came out during the day to work in the cities and villages. Then they went back to their ghettos at night. Since both Jews and Muslims were forced to live apart from the local populace, the local populace confused them together. The Jews were accused of the things the Muslims did.

t is Muslims who believe in waging eternal war against non-believers. Jews believe in co-existence. It is Muslims who kill and attack the people of their host countries. Yet the Jews are blamed and accused of inciting violence.

It is time we woke up.

Anonymous said...

You mention that Marxism is part of the problem. Marxism is a Jewish creation.

We all know that America is on the side of Israel. Let's assume that Israel have decided on a strategy to ensure they get more sympathy from the white Western countries. Thus a strategy to increase the number of alliances.

The best way to do this would be to pursue avenues of increased Muslim immigration into Western countries.

Then by making use of the controlled mass media they can induce fear into the local populations. (for example: By the year 2025 British whites will be a minority in their own country)

Fact is that anti-Muslim sentiments will rise as the level of Muslim immigrants in these countries rise. It does not take a genius to know this, as it is human nature.

The end result of the Jewish strategy of mass Muslim immigration into white countries, will be an increase in anti Muslim sentiment.

This is counted on. In the end Israel will have secured more alliances and the white man will fight their battle for them.

Birdman said...

Hi Sarah. Take a break. Your family comes first. I will keep popping in here to see what is going on. As Mike says; the spiced gold looks good.

Take care now.

Anonymous said...

Have a good break........Franks

Anonymous said...

Spend time with your kids and take a break. The worlds problems will still remain upon your return.
Nothing wrong with taking a step back from the front to renew ones self.
A clear mind free from fatigue and distraction is a strong one.

-concearned American-

Anonymous said...

American snipers in Iraq killing for Israel.

BritishActivism said...

What often frustrates me is how these issues tend to veer off into two extremes.

On one side you have those who are extremely deep thinkers, who in my opinion are often exactly right with the vast majority of what they insinuate, but they often end up delving deep down into things which are not actually at all helpful for solving our problems in the here and now.

Like scientists, they tend evaluate cold hard facts and look into various experiments that we have been subjected to - but they are always on the back-foot when it comes to working out what we can actually "do" about anything in real terms in real life for the future.

I wish they would come up with some answers (or flaws in the system they see) from their research, rather than just perpetuate the doom that we already know is coming, sit back and say it is all futile.

We have to be ahead of the plan, and cut if off, not play perpetual catch up and seeing things in 'hindsight' all the time.

All they can hope for is that enough people investigate the subjects and 'awaken' themselves to find their own "threshold" of what is true and false....

...but given the stage things are at out there (in terms of people being totally "plugged into the system" and virtually unable to think for themselves) - it is extremely slim that such an inquisitive thought will enter the heads of the general populace in the first place, never mind the even slimmer possibility of enough of these people understanding it all in time for our demise to be thwarted.

On the other side, you tend to have those who are not prepared to listen at all to any of "that side" of things (because it is often so taboo and often so far fetched in its vitriol and conspiratorial presentation).

They would rather course along a route that is solely blinkered about Islamist threats, bombs, terrorists, 'paedophile prophets' etc, in an almost knee-jerk reaction.

I do not mean this site, or many on the Nationalist circuit - but more the EDL and Daily Mail readers (ranting about banning nativity plays etc) come to mind here.

People who are just reacting naturally to what's presented right in front of their eyes, yet never dig any deeper in their minds as to "why" we are now "as we are" in this country.

(In the terms of the nativity plays for example, not realising that it is often not actually the Muslims who are to blame for such action being taken, but white liberals and their ideological agenda, and thus they go out and vent their frustrations on the wrong targets).

Anonymous said...

"Hundreds of years ago, when Jews were kept in ghettos in Europe, so were the Muslims. The other Europeans simply noted that there were people who lived in ghettos. They came out during the day to work in the cities and villages. Then they went back to their ghettos at night. Since both Jews and Muslims were forced to live apart from the local populace, the local populace confused them together. The Jews were accused of the things the Muslims did. "

And what does that tell us about today?as far as i know the last Muslims in western Europe were expelled in the Reconquista or forced to conversion.So what "Muslims in Ghettos" are you talking about?When and where did they exist exactly?

Do Muslims have a monopoly on western Media like the Jews have?I think not.The owner of the German Pro-Sieben (biggest media group and hardcore PC/MC)group is a Jew for instance.Same goes for American anti-white media and Hollywood,hardly any anti-White propaganda movie without Executive Producer -stein/-berg/-feld/-baum.

Do Muslims own the US Federal Reserve Bank?I don't recall Goldman-Sachs being a Muslim name.

And how come Zionist Jews like Madeleine Albright,Richard Holbrooke and Wesley Clark supported Bosnian Muslims cutthroats,Albanian-Muslim KLA Terrorists and to this day support Chechen-Muslim Terrorists against Russia?Now there are Muslim fundamentalist countries in the heart of Europe.Hey i thought Muslims are such a big problem for the Jews, why did they not support the Serbs and why did they demonize the Serbs so much?

BritishActivism said...


I find neither extreme position to be particularly helpful in regards to what we are facing as a country, and neither stance helps us to win the real bread and butter support we would need to acquire to save ourselves as a race and nation.

We can all theorise and theologise until the cows come home, about who is originally responsible for what, or conversely, what is said in the Koran and Hadith verses....but in the mean time, the steam roller of both aspects of our demise is coming straight at us.

Do I believe in vested interests for a global governance, be it for certain individuals to have money, power and control - or as being part of a simple end result of a rampant international capitalist system that will inevitably lead to a pyramid of power by an ever decreasing 'few' corporations at the top?

- or, it being worked towards for another ideology of the "left" (for their John Lennon'esque "one-worldism" of "No borders" "no religion" "no races" etc)?


I think it is all working hand in hand, naturally and organically, each aspiring to their own ideals.

Do I believe that the desire of Islam - a complete system of life - is a threat to our own civilisation, by being an all encompassing ideology which seeks to cover the globe, by hook or by crook, turning chunk after chunk of land into Islamic compliant states and not stopping until the "House of War" turns to the "House of Peace"?


Why wouldn't they wish to expand what they believe in, what they believe to be "best" and the "superior" way to live?.

It does not mean all Muslims are sinister and always "plotting" and scheming, or are terrorists or sympathetic to terrorism.

The Muslims, like Communists, just have their world outlook, their beliefs on what is best, their rules and values of how to order society and the world - and they set about achieving it.

When their demographic numbers amalgamate into sufficient quantities, it is inevitable that society will come to reflect these virtues.

The trapping of a "democracy" and "demographics" determining the way the country is shaped should be plain for all to see.

It does not mean every Muslim seeks to "impose it" on us, or are even aware they are going to be doing so - they are often just living in their own bubble as individuals and abiding by their own structures and outlooks.

They are organising for their own families, communities, areas..thinking "what is their problem, why do they hate us so much?"

BritishActivism said...


Both the NWO (and its orchestrators) and Muslims simply work for their own interests - as we get chewed up and over-ridden in the middle.

Chaos has been purposefully imported for destabilisation purposes, to bring about "change" to the old world order.

This chaos has had to be sown to create the "new" order.

Some aspects of the imported chaos just happen to have their own plans too, in terms of their Islamic desires for future of the West.

It is not an "either - or" situation in my view. I think we are under a two or three pronged attack, all at the same time. Islamically, Globally, and Racially.

Both subject matters, to me, are real threats to our survival in all aspects of our identity.

It is my preference to try and focus on things which are holdable, and holdable to account.

I just wish I was smart enough to do it, as it is often extremely hard.

We do not need to crudely "blame Jews" so obsessively, go into deep theories and slink into long convoluted explanations that will leave the average person in this country dumbfounded and switched off.

All I think we need to do is inform people of the general agenda of what is going on, make them aware of what is happening and who is doing it (in terms of NGO's, pressure groups, lobbyists, "charities" etc).

Lets give them the tools of a general understanding of where things are heading - and the tools of a general argument to counteract it (and a sense of why they should care!).

Most people are completely unable to defend their own feelings, because it is all jumbled up in their minds. As such, they often just don't bother defending it at all and "go with the flow".

There is enough stuff out there (like the "EU" subject, for example)to use without any further depth being required.

Things like this can be explained in simple terms of the "objective" and the "consequences" of it.

How about another example of Common Purpose and its post-democratic plans of choosing "future leaders"? or various trusts and pressure group NGO's -

- What are they up to? and Why? What effects will their desires and actions have on us all?

They are 'real', they are 'grab holdable', and action can potentially be taken against them in real terms - or at least be held up as examples that people can see and 'accept' the reality of.

I think the same can be said for the Islamisation process.

It is perhaps not really necessary to do anything other than hone it down to show that Islam is a complete system of life and show in clear unshakeable terms what its end desires are - and why it needs to be rejected if we seek for Western civilisation to stay alive. It is not as though there are no examples of what is going to be coming in the future.

Why can we not just present a case like this, backed up with simple solid logic about this situation we are in, and stick to it without wandering off into the wilderness and going all around the houses? (such as this country does with Burkha debates, FGM, arranged marriages and other cultural abnormalities)

Blaming Jews for every ill is not helpful for us, especially in terms of gaining interest and support from the public - and neither is rhetoric banging on solely about suicide bombers, "paedophile prophets cults" - and inanities like trying to have "no more mosque" campaigns in a country which is demographically being slaughtered (and where Muslims are rising 10x faster than the rest of society).

If we could find that "sweet spot" between the two, and present Nationalism as an answer - I think we would be onto a winner.

I think we have to start sorting the wheat from the chaff. Not always easy though, I know.

Sorry if I am rambling, I am not really on par at the moment :(.



BritishActivism said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
FishEagle said...

Oh my word. This isn't so hard to grasp people. The earth has a problem of over population. The result is that almost every other species on the planet is dying. Who is being blamed for it? It is the white race that instigated the problem with the development of medicines, which was made available to the rest of the world without any thought about the potential impacts. Now the white race is attempting to engineer an improvement in the under developed races because low human development index is associated with high birth rates. The idea is noble. Not only would a smaller world population slow the damage to our natural environment, but peace is conducive to innovative research that would help us minimize our impact on the environment. The problem is the premise that race is a social construct and that it can be engineered.

This is what is needed to be done -

1) Stop aid to developing countries. Less developed races are not going to be developed within one generation (and they're not going to stop breeding like rabbits), no matter how much money you throw at them.
2) Stop the flood of immigration from third world countries to first world countries.
2) Develop research in genetic studies and prove or disprove Watson's theory that intelligence is genetic (apparently this research is only a few years from completion).
3) Develop research to improve our understanding and mitigate the human race's environmental impacts
4) Get rid of all egalitarian political philosophies, especially communism and democracy, and implement meritocracies. We are only equal in the eyes of the law, NOT in our ability to participate in the voting process. These philosophies just encourage further population growth.
5) Encourage families to have enough children to replace the existing white population

If that's not to your liking, maybe you can take comfort in the fact that nobody is going to conquer the West for long. We'll all be dead soon if we don't stop using up everything on earth for human consumption. Western culture is the only culture that has the means to save the human race.

Don't respond to the liberals' fears and don't even attempt to 'convert' them. We are not responsible for them. They've become our enemies because they refuse to see the facts and suffer from the 'deer caught in the headlights' syndrome. The only way to respond to their fundamentalism is without fear. We have nothing left to lose and they are lost, so get over it.

Anonymous said...

Sarah, don't quit. Take a break, but don't quit.

You occupy a unique niche.


Anonymous said...

@ Fisheagle

"They've become our enemies because they refuse to see the facts and suffer from the 'deer caught in the headlights' syndrome. The only way to respond to their fundamentalism is without fear. We have nothing left to lose and they are lost, so get over it"

Best statment I,ve read all day!!

-concearned American-

Anonymous said...

" Mike Smith said...
Smaak the picture of the teddy at his PC with the Spiced Gold. hehehehe.

Just do what I do with these Jew bashers. Simply delete. All rubish Nutzi trash. I am so thick skinned after four years of blogging that I have no qualms to delete their shit or telling them exactly where to get off."

Where can I get off??
People like you are a big problem. I guess its up to you to decide what is "good speech"
Keep up your "good speech" rules.
Its people like me that speak the truth.

-concearned American-

Anonymous said...

Just reading all the articles makes me need a holiday as well. Bliksem, its the few of you that have the "gutspa" to tell the world the way things are that still gives me a litlle hope.
The task is huge, the support few, the enemy has major $$ to bankroll their lies. However there is some that can see that the Kaiser isnt wearing clothes. Too few unfortunately but their is some.
So from little me(Dingo) to the big you. Thank you and enjoy your break..

Urban Commando said...

Sarah, please continue blogging! Your erudite commentaries are beautifully written, thought provoking and intellectually first rate.

Please take a well earned break, and we all look forward to your return, full of vim and vigour!

Anonymous said...

Its the Jews. So simple an explanation that it seems too simple to accept. But once you take the viewpoint that the Jews are behind the major crap in our world, things REALLY start to make sense.

For the last few years, I've gone through phases of believing that it's the blacks fault; the Muslims' fault, the fault of the liberals; the fault of the liberal politicians and governments etc etc etc.

And every time I felt confused - and found myself asking why my assumption lead to so many contradictions. Until I put the JEWS in the spotlight. I don't mean ANY jews - I specificaly mean the war-mongering KHAZAR (Ashkenazy; Talmudic) Jews who invented communism and are behind communism everywhere. The Jews who aren't really Jews. They are FAKE jews because the only adopted Judaism in 800 AD. Before that they worshipped the Phallus. They are NOT the Jews of the Bible and are not descended from the Jews/Semites of biblical times.

Please, just do some reading around. Don't take my word for it. Spend a few months in the evenings entertaining the notion that it could be the Fake Talmudic Jews. Read what this guy has to say:

Look at other sites, a lot of the American PATRIOT sites have it exactly right. But BEWARE. The Jews control the media and are disinformation experts. They have websites and media everywhere which try throw you off the scent. Don't be deceived. THINK. WAKE UP!

FishEagle said...

@ Anon 7.01. Right on cue!

@ Sarah, without freedom of association there can be no freedom of speech.