Friday, 27 August 2010

Obama and Holder taking on Arizona's Immigration Law

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Dr.D said...

This man speaks very eloquently the obvious, the things that most people are afraid to say. I hope that many will listen to what he has to say and take it to heart. He is pointing directly to high treason. The long established punishment for treason is death. Let us not shrink from that now.

windcatcher said...

Hey Sheriff Joe, make the Federal Government and the Narco/bankster State of Mexico produce the Treasonous secret trade agreements signed by Bush and Fox and Obama and Calderon.
NAFTA was illegally planned and implemented and was not ratified by Congress and it can not “legally” supersede our Constitution.
The U.S Justice department is part of the Traitor criminal organization of World Banksters and Big Oil who have overthrown, by corruption, our American Independence, Constitution and Freedom.
Not one Bankster was brought to Justice for the world’s greatest mortgage fraud (15 trillion), yet the Justice Dept. go after Arizona for enforcing a Federal law that the Feds refuse to enforce.
The illegal and Fascist Federal government wants to implement the secret trade agreements and open the borders to the North American Union. The political appointed Fascist Justice Department is there to deliver for them and crush any state that gets in their way.
The corrupt Fascist Federal Government and the corrupt Justice Dept is the back door criminals who refuse to honor our American Constitution which they have overthrown; they are the Treason criminals to our Democracy who someday will be brought to real Justice.
Ask yourself why the Narco/bankster state of Mexico has kept the Mexican people down to starvation wages and live in third world poverty when their country is so rich. Cheap slave labor is why, by design, by the multinational corporations who corrupted the elite Mexican government.
The Feds is prosecuting and harassing Arizona because Arizona wants to enforce the law that employers verify legal immigration before hiring an employee. The Feds refuse to enforce the laws that are on the books or even collect income tax or employer tax from the employers or the illegal workers.
Federal Illegal aliens are a freebee for multinational corporations at states expense.
Racial Profiling is a Joke. If a white man stole my car, I wouldn’t be looking for a Mexican or a Negro! Get real!
I stand with the Sheriffs and the State of Arizona to fight for our Constitutional Democracy, Independence and Freedom.
It is still legal in Arizona to buy a gun and to join a state militia.
It is a citizen’s responsibility to defend our Constitution that embodies our Freedom, Independence and Democracy.