Thursday, 5 August 2010

Justifying slaughter

One of the most repugnant experiences in the last 48 hours has been watching the deeply vile US mainstream media seeking to excuse workplace mass murderer Omar Thornton (pictured above) from any responsibility for his crime and to blame his numerous victims for forcing him to shoot them in cold blood. Omar Thornton was black his victims (eight dead two injured) were all white, only a fool would expect honesty from the American media in such a situation.

Nicholan Stix gives his own views on the victimisation of a mass killer in an article which can be read by clicking here.


Anonymous said...

Stix's summary of the event is really good, and from my experience (I live in and worked in a government unionized job) it is spot-on in its assessment of the social mechanics at work here. Blacks expect to be excused from consequences here for any minor or major infraction of rules of conduct, breaking laws or of any responsibility to society for any of their anti-social actions. And they are almost always allowed to use "the race card" (even expected to do so) to "get over" as they refer to it (means get away with their infraction or crime). In this case the perpetrator knew that he was going to have a hard time avoiding a long prison sentence or the death penalty (which he would have deserved) so he decided to kill himself instead. Good riddance. And all this over pilfering beer- he was an idiot on top of being a criminal and his girlfriend/wife is a nitwit and his mother-in-law is white trailer trash.

Ronbo said...

The foregoing anecdotes are just that -- anecdotes. The Department of Justice, however, collects data on crime -- the Uniform Crime Reports,**** the National Crime Victimization Survey, ***** and so on. The author Jared Taylor ****** analyzed these figures and found that a black is 55 times as likely to attack a white than vice versa, 103 times as likely to rob, 40 times as likely to rape a white woman than a white man is to rape a black woman, and 237 times as likely to gang up on whites to rob them.


I think after reading this horrible account of man's inhumanity to man you will wonder, as I do, why this story was ignored by the Lamestream Media, and why has the issue of black racism and hate crimes against whites are not being addressed by the civil rights establishment of the federal government?

Do we now live in an Orwellian society where everyone is equal but some are more equal than others? This would certainly seem to be the case in America today where no insult, however minor, by a white towards a black goes unpunished, yet where gangs of drug addicted black thugs seem to believe they have an unquestioned right to rob, rape and murder whites.

If the legal theory today is that crimes against a person of a different race should be punished by more severe sanctions in federal court, then why are blacks never given these severe sanctions?

Anonymous said...

Just like the media to inflame racial divisions by distorting headlines to sell papers ''Black man kills white racists'' sells more than'' black man caught stealing murders fellow workers in revenge''.There also seem to push the blame on someone else than the perpetrator and also make the victims in some way deserved it so not to enrage the minorities!But the race card is always used as a ''get of trouble'' excuse and i have experienced such actions in the workplace.

Anonymous said...

Hate crime laws, created and pushed by jew lawyers, are only enforced on Whites. The Govt. never prosecutes blacks under hate crime laws. However, black crimes against Whites are vast and outright racist.
Its a double standard. blacks use the "nigger" word all the time. If a White guy were to use this word during a fight with a black, he would be charged with a Federal hate crime.

If a black calls a White man or woman "honkey, white boy" while he brandishes a weapon or rapes a female its not considered a hate crime. Its just passed off as blacks being blacks. And of course it Whiteys fault for being victimized by a black anyway. Its always your fault everytime a black goes on a killing spree and kills Whites. Its always your fault that blacks sit on their asses and collect welfare. Its not their fault that they are only 12% of the population but consist of 53% of the murders.

Its always the White Mans fault. Even when its clearly NOT.

-concearned American-

Anonymous said...

As you are well aware Sarah the crime of racism is the most henious in our society, including murder, paedohilia and rape, i've no doubt this ruthless killer was aware of that and sought to put it into some kind of context, and of course the "liberals" lapped it up, just like he knew they would....Donna