Sunday, 29 August 2010

Standing on the Firm Ground of Ancestral Precedent

By Mister Fox

The mainstream parties have bad images - treason, war crimes, corruption, sleaze but are part of the same elites as the media and hold the power. The corrupt MS politicians when exposed are so as individuals but in the case of un-orthodox parties individual cases of bad behaviour are generalised to dehumanise all the members.

People are losing their trust in mainstream parties but they see BNP not as a saviour but a threat even while the country is being Balkanised! The elites call it ethnic cleansing when the wrong side like Serbs do it but when they do it to us they call it progress and dehumanise protesters as “racists” and “haters”.

Of course the mainstream are going to oppose us and of course they are going to use their political power and influence on us but there is no need for the wider population to hate us. Our opposition to “race replacement”was the normal, natural way of thinking until Hitler made it look evil and barbaric and were seemingly unaware that we have a British tradition. Before Hitler the Conservative party was the national party and many Socialists were patriotic.

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misterfox said...

Sarah, that image is absolutely supurb. Very evocative. You got it absolutely right!

PamelaJ said...

This article is not only very astute but it reveals a superb grasp of our history, so different from the left wing slanted distortion of the past churned out by the likes of Simon Sharma or AJP Taylor.

Bravo you have obviously studied the subject.

alanorei said...

An excellent analysis.

I submit here a comment that you kindly posted on May 18th last, Sarah. I think it has relevance in the light of the article.

Note that any anti-Semite who wants to pick up on one small part of the comment below can view his true self here, with apologies to every self-respecting spitting cobra on the face of the earth.

As for the threat to the white Caucasian race by miscegenation, I submit the following from Vatican Assassins by American Baptist researcher Eric Jon Phelps, p 581.

Comments in braces are EJP's updated remarks.

"After the (civil) war, while under martial law, the Jesuits continued their attempt to destroy the Protestant White race of the South. The unparalleled and farsighted Robert L. Dabney, one of the South’s greatest Presbyterian ministers and youngest member of General Jackson’s staff, writes:

""...once abolition by federal aggression came, these other sure results would follow...full negro equality: that negro equality thus theoretically established would be practical negro superiority
[as demonstrated in America’s Africanized culture of today];...that this miserable career must result in one of two things, either a war of races, in which the whites or the blacks would be, one or the other exterminated; or amalgamation...And this apparently is the destiny which our [Jesuit] conquerors have in view [which is in complete agreement with the Order’s Masonic Jewish Zionist Israel Cohen’s A Racial Program for the 20th Century (1912) advocating a continual Negro agitation against all Whites in general, Negro prominence in sports and entertainment, and ultimately the sin of interracial marriage]. If indeed they can mix the blood of the heroes of Manassas with this vile stream from the fens of Africa, then they will never again have occasion to tremble before the righteous resistance of [White Protestant and Baptist-Calvinist] Virginian freemen; but will have a race supple and vile enough to fill that position of political subjection, which they desire to fix on the South [and the nation]."" EJP's emphasis added.

Like it or not*, Robert L. Dabney's analysis via EJP is probably one of the most comprehensive overviews of the whole issue.

*The 'not' brigade would include the BBC and the rest of the MSM, the C of E, both houses of parliament, the EU, NWO, UN, both houses of congress and probably the majority of academics on both sides of the Atlantic.

But sometimes the minority does have the truth.

Note finally that EJP is emphatically not anti-Semitic but he has researched in detail associations between some Jewish Zionists and the Jesuit Order via high-level Freemasonry. Further details may be found on his site

One reason for the unceasing media hype on racial 'equality' is that most members of different races are naturally disinclined towards long-term relationships with each other, i.e. interracial marriage. Wilmot Robertson in The Dispossessed Majority, p 54n, notes that in 1977, 421,000 black-white couples existed in the US. He states that this figure was less than 1% of all US married couples, 48,000,000 at the time. USATODAY appears to have got its figures wrong but it does quote a Stanford University sociologist who says that interracial marriages were in 2005 7% of the then 59,000,000 marriages in the US. Even this apparently near-tenfold increase in about 30 years wouldn't be enough to satisfy the nation-wreckers, though. A dictatorial NWO would no doubt therefore turn to enforced race-mixing, ultimately to destroy both white and non-white races by natural sterility or mulism after a few generations.

Anonymous said...

"interracial marriages were in 2005 7% of the then 59,000,000 marriages in the US"

That is only the marriages.But what about the unmarried interracial couples?

I give you an example.Germany does not have a very large Negro immigrant population,yet last week when i returned from the Gym i saw 4 White women with their mulatto mongrels and you guessed it,no father in sight.1 Negro with his clearly light skinned mongrels,and one White man with two mulatto sons.The 4 women and the Negro i saw within a span of 45 minutes,just on the way from the gym to home.
Heck even today in the super market i saw a Negro ,who was so ugly that not even the filthiest race traitor whore would take him,yet he held his two mulatto bastards in his arms.It seems to me that there passes no week where i don't see one or more single mothers with their non-white offspring.

But it is true to some extent:If it was really as bad as the race bastardizers wish it to be,they woudn't bombard us with images of (what else) Black men with White women.This shows that there are not enough mongrel bastards for them to be content.

alanorei said...

Re: interracial cohabitation, you are right, Anon 12:15. It really is indicative of the emerging Beast's kingdom, Revelation 13.

At a rough guess, I'd say that at least 70% of blacks with a white 'partner' cohabit and probably 50% of same-race couples. These are rough guesses only.

If we consider, say, 60,000,000 married couples in the US now, 7% of that is roughly 4,000,000 mixed-race marriages. That would give 10,000,000 mixed-race cohabitations (rounded).

The 50% cohabitation rate among same-race partners probably gives another 60,000,000 cohabitations (rounding up generously).

That gives 11% mixed-race partnerships of all US partnerships, married and cohabiting.

i.e. (4+10)*100/(60+60+10) = 11

That is an appreciable figure and, though very approximate, is probably not a million miles from the truth. It's an alarming trend.

But it's not the whole truth. Promiscuity remains endemic in the West but blacks have always 'distinguished' themselves in this respect, as was evident in WW2. Comparable figures for VD cases per 1,000 ration strength per annum in 1943, Middle East, give the following, from The Sharp End of War by John Ellis, p 308:

British Army, White Brits: 21
US Army, White Americans: 34
US Army, Blacks: 451

Many of the blacks were said to have been infected before enlistment.

The picture for blacks probably hasn't changed much (new medications notwithstanding). The picture for whites will have got worse through increased adoption of African 'culture.'

We should note that for Asians in this country i.e. Pakistanis in particular, marriges between close relatives have resulted in a disproportionate rate of birth defects.

So here we have a nasty triad of evils eating away (quietly) at our nation's vitals, in addition to all else stemming from 'enrichment,' i.e. crime, violence, overcrowding etc.

Disease, sterility, deformities

All with attendant extra costs, one way or another.

It doesn't bode well for the future.

misterfox said...

PamelaJ and Fellist to the last article.

When I returned to political activity after 20 years, I sioon realised that nearly all the books on the subjecy of mass immigration were by Marxist acaedemics and blamed us for being racists and not giving immigrants everything we built up over the centuries in our own country.
I conciously set out to create a history of opposition to mass immigration: to revise modern British history from a Nationalist Conservative perspective. The first over view of immigration and opposition to it was the only one ever written. No one lse bothered.
There were reams of Marxist sociological and historical studies and all blamed us for objecting to it!
I also got tired of people talking about Enoch as the first and only objector when he was actually late to the issue. I wanted Cyril Osborne, who began his campaign against in 1954, to get some posthumus credit. I bthink that a statue of this great but unsung British hero must go on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square!
This virgin soil for young historians. The field is wide open to them and my great hope is that some will take up the torch and share the burden.