Friday, 6 August 2010

An insult too far

As many of you may be aware the chances of a thirteen story Islamic Center and mosque being built next to the area in New York, known as Ground Zero, where the twin towers of the World Trade Center were destroyed by muslim fanatics in September 2011 are growing by the day.

If this abomination does come to pass then, were Mayor Bloomberg or indeed Obama to walk up to the spot where the towers fell, unzip their flies and urinate into the earth where the victims dies, they would not commit a greater act of deliberate contempt for the memory of the dead and for their families. I do not know enough about Bloomberg to comment on his motives, but I suspect as far as Obama is concerned, the offense it will cause is the point, it is certainly what is motivating those behind this sickening plan.

I would like to recommend the comments of two separate gentleman on this subject first the excellent Pat Condell, I missed this brilliant commentary when it was first posted in June, and I am grateful to TVJ for drawing it to my attention, you can either watch the video at this blog, or even better click here to watch it and rate it at Youtube

Also another Pat, this time Pat Buchanan has written this fine article on the matter.

Both these brave patriots make their points very tellingly, we are at the eleventh hour but there may still be time to change some minds before this terrible mistake is made. Hence I urge readers to circulate foth of the above as widely as possible.


Birdman said...

My main question here is what are the American people going to do about this?

Anonymous said...

This is a insult to the people who lost there lives due to a act of terrorism in the name of islam.What are the authorities thinking are there turning into labour controlled councils like we have here??

Anonymous said...

Pat Condell may be spot on about Muslims but he is still oblivious to the danger of PC/MC.He is yet another of those people who would say the most politically incorrect things about Islam ,but still defend Multi Culturalism/Blacks/Radical Feminism etc. not realising that those are all part of the same army.

I'm not too opposed to that.I see anti-Islamism as a first step.Should it go mainstream then it will be a major defeat for PC.Once anti-Islamism is mainstream,it will not be too hard to point out problems with other "noble savages".

Ronbo said...

What will the American People do?

The "Victory Mosque" in New York City is not a "done deal" regardless of what the Leftist Bloomberg Regime and their Muslims allies think - Resistance is growing daily encouraged by the blogs, Fox News and Talk Radio which have already made this a national issue.

What form will resistance take?

It will be peaceful at first - construction companies and workers will be encouraged by Patriots not build the structure. If the construction begins expect picket lines and civil disobedience to stop and/or delay the building process.

On a parallel track while the construction area is turned into a dog and pony show Media Happening for months on end, the Legal Eagles will file endless law suits against everyone in sight including Traitor Bloomberg and CAIR.

And so forth...

If all that fails, and the so-called "Victory Mosque" at long last completed, as 9/11 has shown the world, any building, no matter how well built or guarded, can be destroyed in a few hours.

In the words of George Bush: "This will not stand!"

Anonymous said...

From the article to which you linked:

'Mr Bloomberg said the families of those killed in the attacks on the US on September 11, 2001 - some of whom have vocally opposed the project - should welcome it.

''The attack was an act of war and our first responders defended not only our city but also our country and our constitution,'' he said. ''We do not honour their lives by denying the very constitutional rights they died protecting.''

So the people who perished in the Twin Towers did so whilst fighting for the constitution?!

Anonymous said...

This will end badly, no doubt.

They should start by waking up.

Mind you, if 9-11 didn't wake them up, nothing will.


Anonymous said...


I have read some of your articles and you are certainly not an ignorant or a stupid woman. However I am somewhat of disbelief if you truly believe that Muslims were responsible for 9/11 and in our own country 7/7.
It is obvious for all who choose to ignore the propaganda that we see on a daily basis forced upon us by the media and look elsewhere for their information, most notably the last free standing bastion of freedom of speech and truth - the Internet.

I have every right to be espousing the views that I do because I too was one of the many ignorant, media believing twits, who believed the continued demonization of Islam. I went into a period of long study on it and I discuss my transformation from Islam hater into life understander and to see that Islam is being set up here in the West. I'm not going to go into it on this post but suffice to say, Israel and the New World Order are involved and 9/11 was a planned atrocity upon the American people in order to drum up support for the people of America to attack Afghanistan and Iraq in order to secure the oil. Al Qaeda is a CIA outfit as well as the Taleban, being funded by Pakistan finance, all the way from, wait for it, the USA.

7/7 was an attack against the people for the simple reason that Blair's popularity was at an all time low and the people were vehemently against action in Iraq and Afghanistan. Something was needed to drum up public support. For those following Blair of late he smells of one thing - OIL.

I am certainly not a leftie. I never have been and I utterly loathe Pat Condell, firstly because he's a socialist, responsible for voting in Nu Labour which has wrought destruction on this land. Secondly because he's a firm advocate of gay, feminist and immigrant rights, that is a proponent of multiculturalism. I am certainly no anti gay, but I loathe homosexuality being shoved in my face and given privilege over the heterosexual majority. Thirdly because he's a hater of religion, of what I am not particularly a part of, but respect their rights to worship, without having bigots like Condell on their case all the time. And fourthly because he doesn't have a clue about Islam, considering he throws it about continuously in every video he does on the Internet. He conveniently misses out Judaism/Zionism where much of the problem lies.

Islam is being set up for one reason - WAR! The New World Order is gearing up the world for a strike against Iran which will very likely not be as easy as Iraq and will more than likely draw in Russia and China, concerned about American & British Imperialism, because guaranteed Britain will follow along like a puppy.
Things are not so clear cut as you imagine Sarah. Islam is most certainly not the enemy although common sense predicts an Islamic majority through peaceful demographic birthrate.

This whole situation stinks, along with people like Pat Condell who's only common strand with the right is his hatred of Islam. It is because of the likes of he that the UK is as it is, a dumping ground for third world peoples and alien cultures.

Anonymous said...


Think about this people?
How better to stir up anger and hatred by allowing (even contemplating) a Mosque to be built slap bang where the Twin Tower were, where it was (falsely) reported that Muslim terrorists flew two planes into?

This would be no different to the council placing a man right next door to the widow of the man he murdered.

This is merely one big lie, that all of you are believing on a huge basis. The NWO are managing to break Christianity, but Islam is a tougher cookie to crack, therefore all of you are being purposefully wound up in order to show you're anger that I can see no better by the comments in this article and in the media.

Islam is being set up. I'll say it again ISALM IS BEING SET UP and all of you are following the pied pier of the NWO happily as he leads you to your doom.

I realised a long time ago that the media does nothing but promote lie upon lie upon lie in order to get you to believe. It is the media that has been promoting Cultural Marxism and the wars in the Middle East and it will be the same media that will demand you send your children off to die for the bankers and the Zionists and all the other organistaions and secret societies that comprise the NWO.

I was where all of you are. I thought that Islam was here to destroy us. Then I educated myself.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Sorry Harbinger, but I do believe that Muslims were responsible for 09/11 and also for 07/07.

We are under threat from three directions, from Marxism, from mass immigration and from Islam. All three are equally malevolent and we are fools to underestimate any one of them.

I do not know enough about Pat Condell's views on other issues to comment on them, but I agree with what he says about Islam

Anonymous said...


It is your opinion and as with all opinions, I will respect it, but vehemently disagree with it.

There is overwhelming evidence against to prove that Muslims were not involved with 9/11.

Should you read one of my latest articles "The Worm Turns" you will see what I think of Islam within the UK.

In fact I feel so strongly about this that I am in the process of writing another article which I will put up later tonight.

I suggest when it's up you have a read as it will explain much especially why people feel as you do about Islam, when faced with the reality of modern Britain.

If you recall the email I sent you, you will know that I have been where you are regarding Islam. I'm glad that I've changed my stance.

Anonymous said...


Might I remind you that the Marxism which started to lay the foundations in the West, circa 1933 when the then (Jewish) School of Frankfurt fled Germany due to Hitler's rise to power, is very much within the basic doctrines of those in power today, such as our political elites, regardless of what parties they belong to?
Might I also remind you that immigration was one of the objectives of the School of Frankfurt/NWO?

Therefore, would it not be safe to say that our governments, nothing but NWO shills, are purposefully allowing Islamic immigration in on purpose to destroy the indigenous people and their culture? Who would you blame, the person who dropped the dog into the lion's cage to be eaten or the lion? Remember, Islam is only doing what Islam has done for centuries (Islamise), the same as the lion would eating the dog. It is the people who are allowing unfettered immigration into the UK (feeding the dog to the lion) that are the problem here, not the Muslims.

Throughout the history of the west, it is littered with battles against the Ottoman Turks and the Moors in Southern Spain. We have collectively united (well Europeans that is) to drive the Muslims from these shores, yet today, they are being allowed in and more so, there is talk of Turkey becoming a member of the EU.

Islam is not the enemy as you are being led to believe by the media. They are being openly allowed into the west to cause the same havoc that lions would if let out of their cages.

You are being purposefully programmed by the media to bring out the reaction that you have against Islam in order to play into their hands of rebellion, resulting in more liberty destroying laws and and ultimate showdown with Islam in the West and the East, in order to set up a one world government and banking system, which has been planned for, well, at least 4 or so centuries (maybe more). You are being played Sarah. This is exactly the reaction they want out of you and by promoting it you are doing their dirty work for them.

I know you will disagree but like I said I was where you were and vehemently anti Islam, but continued question asking on the overall reality led me to enlightenment and peace with myself. I know how you feel because were I where you are now and someone wrote just what I've written to you, I wouldn't want to believe what was written either.

I'm sure you will find my latest article very interesting.

Media Manipulation leading to Muslim Mayhem

Birdman said...

@Harbinger - Are you suggestion Blag flag ops? It is an interesting point, but I do not know enough about that to form any view on it.

@Ronbo - thanks for the reply. As I am not from the US, it is great to hear from someone who has first hand knowledge of possible actions. Let's hope that the Mosque does not go ahead

@Sarah - I have a feeling that this post about the Mosque and 9/11, 7/11 etc could well turn out into a debate about who, why and what and the purpose of your original post might well fall by the wayside...

I support you and your site. Keep up the good work. Seeing as it is very early on Sunday morning, I am noww going to have another cup of coffee :)

kerdasi amaq said...

Thanks for the laugh.

If it can be shown that these people are muslims, G----- B---, D--- C-----, R--- G------, L---- S----------, and B------- N--------, I'll believe that it was muslims did it but not until then.

No mosque at Ground Zero.

Ronbo said...

Interesting that many people believe the absurd conspiracy theory that George Bush and Karl Rowe had the WTC blown up on 9/11 - but refuse to believe the mountain of evidence linking Obama to Marxism, Islamism and the Leftist revolution designed to destroy America.

What's the matter with people?

They can believe The Big Lie based on nothing more than Leftist propaganda designed to smear good men who stood up against radical Islam, but refuse to see The Big Truth that their country along with Western Civilization is being destroyed before their eyes on a daily basis.

We reason and fact based Bloggers know how Cassandra must have felt...Always making accurate predictions of disasters and never being believed.

fellist said...

Even Buchanan misses the point, there should be no mosques in America at all. I say this despite doubting the official version of 9/11.

fellist said...

P.S., your American equivalent (female, brilliant, ethnopatriot blogger), Vanishing American, is back up and running in case you hadn't noticed.

Anonymous said...

I detest Muslims. The way they carry themselves and the radical views are the reason. However, 9 11 was a call to arms organisied by western elite. A false flag if you will. How could one mobilize and propoganize a nation armed to the teeth to wage war?
Take a step back and look at this situation:

1) Israel needs help. The faux nation is in moral and demographic danger.

2) Prior to OIF Iraq was in full mode of helping Palestine.

3) What was the only way Israel could survive and how?

4) Most of the American elite are jews and are not loyal to America. The majority of them are dual citizens of Israel.

5) 9 11 conviently happens soon after Bush was elected by jewish money and the backing of jewish media. Within his first year in office..??

6) Iraq is now the enemy even though no ties with the the so called "master minds of 911" are present in Iraq.

7) After years of blood shed and murder Iraq is a mess, Israel is not in danger from Iraq.

8) Iran is now close to obtaining a nuclear weapon (bullshit)

9)The jew media is on an all out propoganda mission to once again get Americans to fight another war.

Do you see a patern here of subversion and fear mongering? Its very convienent that there is always some Muslim to blame for the advancement of Israeli intrests/survival.

Read between the lines. The intel. and moblie military units could quash any of this if it were indeed a true threat. If we are privy to this info, They have been aware of any real threat as well.

Many reports confirm the Mossad was involved in the 911 attacks.

Its common knowledge at this point 911 was orchestrated by Israel/American Govt. to incite the masses to wage war on Muslims. Not because they threatened Our intrests, but because they threatened ISRAELI INTRESTS..
Its propoganda, and your buying into it.

-concearned American-

ladybard said...

Hi Sarah, great work as always. You don't know Bloomberg? I do. He looked me in the eye and said he would investigate the refusal of the NYPD seniors and the DA to investigate two attempts on my life by (NWO thugs) NY State goons.

He then told a black junior flunkie/intern to "look into it."

Given that the perps were black and hispanic Obamanites that was insulting to me, and a clear message that White and Anglo/Irish don't count in NYC. However, he courts the Irish pols for the globalists - not hard to do. Those guys never pass up a free lunch - even if it means handing over shedloads of the taxpayers lolly.

London resident and Ashkan Bloomberg bought the Office of Mayor and has turned it into a gridlocked police state, that makes Giuliani look like a Lollipop lady.

Meanwhile, NY State deviously displaced long term residents of a touted development and replaced them with Muslims. Disgrazia!

Beverly said...

Harbinger's arguments are demolished by the historic precedents of the many Muslim invasions into Europe.
These were stemmed only by forceful and prolonged counter reaction.
Appeasement. Isn’t that what Neville Chamberlain was weak enough to try and do?

Max said...

@ Harbinger, if the lion was deliberately let out of the cage, the zoo keeper must be fired and the lion re-caged or shot.

Ronbo said...

Beverly said...

Harbinger's arguments are demolished by the historic precedents of the many Muslim invasions into Europe.
These were stemmed only by forceful and prolonged counter reaction.
Appeasement. Isn’t that what Neville Chamberlain was weak enough to try and do?


Islamists and their Western allies the Marxists only understand one thing: THE IRON FIST!

Like the collectivists of the 1930s and 40s they will rue the day they plunged the world into war.

BTW, on this day in 1945, the USAF dropped the second A-Bomb on Japan and thus defeated for all time the Shinto religion responsible for Japanese Imperialism.

Anonymous said...


Yes, 9/11 & 7/7 were both black ops (read false flag) attacks on the American people. And so was the Oklahoma City bombing (although McVeigh carried it out it was CIA planned) and many more. Th rabbit hole is very deep.


Don't you realise that Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Reagan, Carter were all part of the same financial system that control the USA? Do you still believe that there is a left and a right in the USA? Do you not realise that American presidents are all related to the Queen of England? Do you not realise that your presidents are elected before they're elected by the people? Stalin stated: It's not the people who vote that count but the people who count the votes. Think about that for a while.

Your country is controlled. You are controlled. You are a commodity of the state. How do you think the government is able to borrow money? You are the bargaining tool. As I said to Birdman, the rabbit hole is deep. I guarantee that when you start to fall down it, your whole life will be turned upside down when you realise that the system you've trusted all your life has been lying to you from day one. And regards those good men like Bush et all, do some research on them. Grandaddy Prescott Bush was a Nazi and helped fund Hitler. You and the rest of the USA (and the UK) are controlled by what the media tell you.


My arguments are demolished? How do you come to that conclusion? You think that history destroys my argument? Really? Well how about you ask yourself the following question:

"If our history is one of conquest and defense against the Islamic hordes, finally driven out of Europe in 1683 at the Battle of Vienna; if we know of the threat that Islam poses having watched it Islamise every land Islamic today previously non Muslim; then why on earth are we allowing these people into our lands and given the freedom to grow, unfettered and given rights above the majority non Muslim?"

I was where all of you are replying to this post. I was there posting on Jihad Watch, absorbing Robert Spencer's propaganda, hating Islam. However I realised a couple of things by continuously asking myself questions. I suggest you and all reading this read my article Media Manipulation leading to Muslim Mayhem

You are all being manipulated and behaving just how the NWO, who have created this mess want you to behave!

Anonymous said...

I'm not discussing this any longer as it's rude to take Sarah's post and move from the original direction she planned.

I will however finish simply by saying one thing - many of you, in your anger at seeing your lands change drastically are being blinded to the truth by media manipulation of your thoughts. You are being lied do and have all of your lives. Once you wake up you'll eventually realise that ignorance leads to frustration, which leads to anger, which leads to possible action, which leads to understanding, which leads to acceptance and eventually overwhelming peace.

Anonymous said...

Ronbo said:

"they can believe The Big Lie based on nothing more than Leftist propaganda designed to smear good men who stood up against radical Islam"

excuse me which "good men" are you referring to?George Wahabi Bush?The same Bush who gave Kosovo to the Muslims?Who supports Bosnian Muslim supremecists?Who calls Islam a Religion of peace?Who has strong ties to the Saudis like no one else?

Bush is the same NWO puppet as Obama.

"Islamists and their Western allies the Marxists "

You mean Western leftists and their Islamist tools.Islam,just like Blacks,La Raza or any other anti-White organisation would be nothing without the Left guiding and protecting them.The Left (read Jews) does not care one bit about Islamic ideology,most important for them is that 99% Muslims are not White!PC/MC is not created to replace "western values" as you Neocons believe.PC/MC is a creeping racial war of extermination against a race who have been brainwashed into believing that there are no races.Or how do you explain that virtually every non-White (especially Negros) get the same political protection or even more than the Muslims,while it's open season on Whites, verbally and physically.

Urban Commando said...

I have to agree that 9/11, 7/7 were all false flag attacks, designed to put Islam in the firing line. Ask yourself why the Islamification is taking place at breakneck speed. Ask yourself why mass immigration is destroying the White Anglo Saxon basis of Europe and America. One world government is only possible through the deliberate breakdown of homogenous societies.

Harbinger has it right; creating an externalised enemy whilst simultaneously allowing it to flower from within, are the very seeds that will destroy the old order and bring about a global government.

I used to think all this was the stuff of conspiraloons; not any more!

Anonymous said...

No question, there is now an open War on Whites.


Ronbo said...

Race War in USA

AgainsTTheWall said...

There is no question that 9/11 and probably 7/7 were false flag operations and not Islamic attacks.

It dismays me that nationalists of the BNP stripe use neo-con lies to pursue their own blinkered anti-Moslem agenda. Yes, Islam should be eradicated here but lets not ignore the real toxins in our midst - corporate capitalism, social Marxism and Zionism.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

No I don't think that is a race war, just one individual who's actions will be used to harm white people.

People like that, together with Timothy McVeigh and the Holocaust Museum killer (assuming he was guilty) are our worst enemies

John Thomas. said...

Firstly, let me say how much I enjoy your blog Sarah. Very thought provoking.
However, I must agree with Harbinger. He understands what many of us have known from the beginning.
Whenever a straw man is presented to the public by the international media, I immediately become suspicious. There aren´t many here who can remember the anti German hate propaganda that spewed forth in the USA before they entered WW11. It was frightening in it´s deception, and relentless in it´s intensity, to the point where good men couldn´t see the truth any longer.
I´m going to make a statement that even Harbinger will agree with (which shows me he has yet to reach the end of his journey of enlightenment)


Yes folks, that´s what you have been taught by the very same people who are now teaching you to hate their new enemy.
Just remember one thing.
All the information you have ever been supplied regarding Adolf Hitler and the Nazi´s has been fed to you by the international media.
What are my thoughts on the man?
Well, lets put it this way. He fought and gave his life for his "Volk", and by the term Volk, he made it quite clear he was referring to the white "Aryan" race, yes, the same one that is now facing extinction. How could such a man be evil?
No, the real enemy is still within us, and it´s not Islam.
Their goal is still the same. The destruction of anything or anybody who stands in the path of their ultimate goal, the complete and total domination of mankind.
And it is for this reason the white man´s days on this planet are numbered.
Adolf Hitler wasn´t as stupid as you have been led to believe, and he, like Islam today, was never our enemy.
No, our real enemy are the invisible ones, the NWO, the Illuminati, the Zionists, the Commies, the lefties, the international Jewish bankers, call them what you like.
Stop falling for their shit.

Anonymous said...

America is also being Colonised by Muslims
and that is part of the function of Muslim Obama

Anonymous said...

On line petition NOW

Anonymous said...

fellist said...
Even Buchanan misses the point, there should be no mosques in America at all. I say this despite doubting the official version of 9/11.


as Muslims allow NO CHURCHES in their lands

Anonymous said...

Im sure many Muslims are saying to themselves wtf?! I'll bet no Muslim group in the US would contmplate building a mosque on the site for one single second. Its beyond belief.

Clearly this is dictated from above from the likes of Bloomberg and the jewish glove puppet currently in the Whitehouse.

If muslims in the US have any sense at all, none of them will cooperate with this. Hopefully it will be seen for the blatent jewish aggression it undoubtedly is.

Ronbo said...

I commented here earlier that the Ground Zero Mosque in NYC was not a "done deal."

It appears I was right on the mark.

Thanks to Obama the issue has been nationalized and his political career damaged beyond repair.

Read all about it here

Ronbo said...

"Anonymous said...

Im sure many Muslims are saying to themselves wtf?! I'll bet no Muslim group in the US would contmplate building a mosque on the site for one single second. Its beyond belief.

Clearly this is dictated from above from the likes of Bloomberg and the jewish glove puppet currently in the Whitehouse.

If muslims in the US have any sense at all, none of them will cooperate with this. Hopefully it will be seen for the blatent jewish aggression it undoubtedly is."


A classic anti-Semite hit piece!

I suppose next you'll be quoting from that Czarist fiction, "The Learned Elders of Zion."

People like you quite honestly turn my stomach - and force to remember my German landlord in Berlin (and former Nazi) during the 1970s who ranted every month when I paid the rent about the "Zionist Conspiracy" that controlled everything.

Why don't you really admit the truth - like many Muslims you're jealous of the Jews and envy their wealth, intelligence and success.

So go right ahead with your neo-Nazi rants - he or she who lacks the guts to post an identity - your irrational hatred falls on deaf ears in America. We know who is the real enemy: ISLAM - the religion of war, hate, ignorance, racism and totalitarianism.

America's war against Islam is just beginning...

Anonymous said...

Pat Buchanan is no patriot Sarah and islam is being set up,catholic/fascism here we come.Harbinger is nearly spot on,his only failure is to leave out the vaticans role.Muslims and jews are in big trouble and it wont be much fun for the rest of us either.

Ronbo said...

"Pat Buchanan is no patriot Sarah and islam is being set up,catholic/fascism here we come.Harbinger is nearly spot on,his only failure is to leave out the vaticans role.Muslims and jews are in big trouble and it wont be much fun for the rest of us either."

Dear Anonymouse:


What are you drinking, or smoking?

When you sober up, you should read the KORAN with its 164 Jihad (Sword)verses commanding Muslims to kill or convert all Christians and Jews for the greater glory of ALLAH - the bloody Arabian Moon God.

Anonymous said...

Ronbo i neither drink or smoke nor did i appreciate being insulted.Please check out the relationship between Islam and the Vatican,also the teachings of the RCC towards heretics(admitted to the murder of at least 100 million people just for having a different religion).The EU is responsible for mass immigration of muslims,the EU has been a vatican project from the outset,not hard to work out who our enemy is.