Monday, 30 August 2010

Three things about Islam

I am afraid that I found this video's presentation quite irritating, however, it is also very interesting and provides an elementary introduction to Islam.

Hat Tip: Dr D


Anonymous said...

You should look in on the new conservative expat blog, based in Jakarta! Ross's Right Angle.
Right and left fight it out every day.

alanorei said...

Three more things about Islam:

1. Acid attacks - on helpless females

2. Honour beatings and killings - on helpless females

3. Genital mutilation - on helpless females.

I perceive a trend here.

Anonymous said...

"1. Acid attacks - on helpless females

2. Honour beatings and killings - on helpless females

3. Genital mutilation - on helpless females."

Actually these things happen amongst them in their countries most of the time.And if you want my honest opinion:We shouldn't give a damn whether animals kill each other or not.I really don't care what they do in their countries.Or would you fight some "righteous" war to end these cruelties?They aren't even worth a White man's dog ,let alone a White soldier's life.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

@ Anonymous 12.19

Unfortunately all three of the horrors which Alan lists have already arrived in the West, certainly we have seen all three in the UK, whilst honour killings are becoming a serious issue in America.

I am sure the same applies in other Western countries.

We certainly should not send our troops over there, but because of uncontrolled immigration we now have to face these issues here.

Anonymous said...

Well yes Sarah,it has arrived here,but it still happens among THEM.Of course when it happens to a White person my opinion is different.Call me whatever you want but i don't care what they do to their own.Even if it is in the West.Islam is a problem that's nothing new.But it is not the main problem,the problem is anti white racism.

Now let me tell you i knew hundreds of Muslims here in Germany and yet i have to find one who dares to insult Jesus in my presence.Not one of those i knew(hundreds believe me) ever insulted Christianity,and i'm a Serb.I'm tanned and got dark hair.They somehow believe in some "immigrant solidarity".That is probably the reason why they respect me, an ultra nationalist Serb, ten times more than a German.A German gets no respect from them ,despite the fact that Germany was one of the major players among the countries which bombed Serbia in favor of Muslims.

They hate you because you are White.And nothing else.Most of them aren't even religious.I would go as far as saying that it is more Turkish/Arab/Paki nationalism than Islamism.Islam just adds more fire to it.

Anonymous said...

I quote again

"1. Acid attacks - on helpless females

2. Honour beatings and killings - on helpless females

3. Genital mutilation - on helpless females."

This may be true with fundamentalists.This is were my argument stands.And here i actually agree with the MSM:Majority of Muslims are not fundamentalists.Right,BUT that doesn't stop them from hating Whites.Maybe the majority are not fundamentalists,but they are damn sure nationalists of the nastiest type.Keep in mind that they have never been brainwashed with self-hate as you have been.They have no problem with their own racism.I know that from real life expirience,seen it and heard it a hundred times.

alanorei said...

I suggest that when the Muslims are the majority, they will all be fundamentalists i.e. Qur'an believers, overtly.

This is certainly the verdict of Nigerian Christian G.J.O. Moshay in Who is This Allah? p 25, describing Muslim tactics. He also shows that our politicians and law enforcement officers are stupid where they think that 'radicalization' or 'extremism' are add-ons via 'militants.' They have been germane to Muslims for 1400 years and are now.

"Migrate to Christian areas because they are tolerant. Pretend to be peaceful, friendly and hospitable; begin to clamour for religious political and social rights and privileges that you will not allow to Christians in an Islamic country; breed fast there and settle down; there should be no Christian activities in your community; you may speak or write to discredit their religion, but they must not talk about Islam; begin to expand your community; Christian activities should be restricted in all the places you expand to; the moment you have enough military might against these ‘disbelievers’, these trinitarian kaferis, go ahead and eliminate them or suppress them as much as you can, and be in control."

Moshay concludes "Where immediate invasion is not possible, that has always been the policy."

This is what we are seeing in the UK.

trencherbone said...

I see CAIR is screaming 'hate crime' because somebody left a plastic pig near a mosque.

Hate crime my ass! If you want to see a real hate crime take a look at what they do to kids in the name of Allah.

These inbred moronic retards even take offense at pot pigs in a kuffar's window.

They may not all be active terrorists, but they all have the potential for terrorism because they all share the same murderous ideology.

If you want your children to have a future, remove the Scummah from all positions of power in the West.