Saturday, 28 August 2010

Obama's poll ratings at 78%


Dr.D said...

It ought to be close to 100% amung his fellow muzzies, but perhaps he is not moving quite fast enough for them. Their generally preferred approach is mass slaughter, and BHO has not quite yet gotten to that level, although he is clearly working on it.

Anonymous said...

His poll ratings are less than 50% amongst average Americans.The number of Muzzies in the U.S is rising rapidly-it is frightening.I see something every day I don't think you should see in the U.S in 2010-muzzie women with head scarves,some with the head job and the robes.Freaks.I think the best we can do at this point is ostracize them into their own little ghettos.Oh,and to put a stop to the ground zero mosque-putting a dead pig on the site would put a stop to it.

Anonymous said...

It remains a mystery to me how someone so obviously committed to the weakening of the State of Israel (and America)could be supported by so many American-Jewish voters.

It was crystal clear where his real sympathies lay a long, long time ago.

This is not an anti-Semitic comment, but a genuine expression of amazement. In Israel, Obama is a much-loathed figure. Does the left hand still talk to the right hand?
What on earth were they thinking?


Anonymous said...

OMG. I cant believe you called them Muzzies! How rude. They are Mulsims and not Muzzies. The head scarf is called Hijab or Burka if it covers more. Some women wearing Hijab are so beautiful as it shows off their stunning features. I see many very attractive Muslim women I would never point and call them freaks. Where does it end? Do you do the same to Jews? Buddhists? Christians groups you dont like?

Nedd said...

Anonymous at 18:52, I don't understand it either and I'm half Jewish. Heck, I don't understand why support for Obama isn't less than 10% among anyone with the exception of the Muslims. It's frightening to think that there are still diehards who will defend this Islamic imbecile at all costs.

Anonymous at 3:06 today, you must be an Obama troll or radical Muslim sympathizer. But if you want to call them "Mulsims", works by me - might be worth "mulling" this over.

Seriously, get a life and deal with the term and while you're at, take a few lessons from Sarah here. You might learn something and perhaps use it to save whatever part of the world you're in from Muslim control. Your support for this 7th century barbaric religion is appalling.

BTW, what "stunning" features can be seen in these women since they have nearly their entire bods covered up with their garb?

Birdman said...

@Nedd, you beat me to it with Mulsims...To be totally honest here, this is the first time I have heard that, even if it was a typo :)

Anonymous said...

Well in Hijab you can see a woman's face and in Burka you can not. So you can see features in a Hijab. I am not sitting here saying "yay Muslims come take over the world." I am just saying do you need to use such offensive terms. How can you convince people to support you when you are offensive. If you had a sensible non offensive arguement I may actaully agree with you. Using terms like that though just makes me think you are a redneck. Use intelligence not offense. I am undecided on many issues and statements like that make me think that you are just intolrant and dont have anything to offer. The same statement with the word Muslim in place has much more power.

Snowy Smith said...

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Anonymous said...

And "redneck" is not an offensive term?