Monday, 30 August 2010

Silencing Sweden

In Swedish with English subtitles

This advertisement by the right wing Sweden Democrats party was banned by Swedish TV for containing "Hate Speech". As we now know in the modern world "Hate" can be defined as whatever the Stasi censors want it to be..


BritishActivism said...

That is quite a good and effective advert - no wonder they banned it.

It is well produced too, in visual quality terms. I bet it did not cost all that much money either, as it is quite simple.

Hopefully, like this blog has done, it will become even more viewed online than it would have received coverage slots on the commercial TV there.

Banning something always makes it more interesting and intriguing, so lets hope it backfires on the censors.

David J. said...

It is interesting that Sweden will proudly declare that they have Freedom of the Press, yet readily admit that they have no Freedom of Speech.

The most immediate example to mind is that of the Pastor AKE GREEN of Oland Island. He sought to preach the FULL Gospel of Jesus Christ. He was cautioned, arrested, fined and imprisoned. (For three months, I think.)

As I understand it, the Freedom of the Press newspapers in Sweden publish nothing more than mere blank pages, for what one reads on them cannot be real. Truth is not to be found in that land. One of the elements of Truth is that it is eternal. Another three elements we all are familiar with are:

(1) The Truth
(2) The Whole Truth, and
(3) Nothing but the Truth.

I welcome rebuttals.

notareargunner said...

The truth costs nothing but worth the Earth.