Sunday, 22 August 2010

Seeing Through State Propaganda

David Hamilton, who regularly contributes to Sarah Maid of Albion as Mister Fox, has put together a selection of essays into an e-book entitled "Seeing Through State Propaganda"

Mister Fox is a superb writer with a gift for analysis and exposing the truth of the situation faced by the western world, and this compilation of his essays are highly recommended.

This e-book can be downloaded as a high quality easy to read e-pub document by clicking here

Users may need to download Adobe Digital Editions to read this format

Alternatively, this can be viewed as a PDF file which can be downloaded by clicking here or read online by clicking here
Note this links are temporary and will only be available for a short period, therefore, would anyone who can help in obtaining long term hosting for Seeing through State Propaganda please e-mail me at

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Anonymous said...

Hi, could you please repost the ebook "Seeing Through State Propaganda", thanks