Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Bill Whittle: Ground Zero Mosque Reality Check


Dr.D said...

I hope that many will listen to what Whittle has to say in regard to the matter of appeasment as an invitation to war. He makes this case very compellingly, and we are very clearly on that same road again, more strongly that ever before. The next war will be the worst the world has ever seens without exception, unless we simply capitulate. It is not clear that even that will avert war, it may simply make us cannon fodder for those who choose not to capitulate but to fight instead. Listen to what Whittle has to say!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Sarah, glad to see you are active.


Rusty Mason said...

Hello, Sarah. Thank you for your posts. I agree that the Muslims are one more serious threat to Christendom, or what's left of it.

But the setup in this video about Germany is just more typically lop-sided lazy propaganda, which should be a flag to any right-thinking person about the rest of it.

Real history is much more complicated than this reel Hollywood history we are subjected to. The popular media and academe never give the German side of the story. The Allies had as much to do with Germany's second rise as Hitler did -- he could not have done any of it with their active participation. Besides placing impossible conditions upon Germany which led directly to starvation and desperation across the land, it was Western banksters and big business which financed Hitler and the German war machine (who also financed the Bolsheviks). The Germans, Hitler, Nazis, usw., are the constant punching bags and totems for the eternal white guilt trip. It's time for whites and especially Germans to wise up to the game which is being played their expense.

Of the 10 gazillion Hollywood movies made about this subject, all set up the scene as though Germany and Hitler acted in a vacuum and totally without provocation.

The perverted image of the KKK has become the same type of black mark upon real patriots in the United States. There was a ligitimate, perfectly logical reason for the Klan to form. We are never told that it was led by the respectable citizens of the Southern towns and counties. We are never told that it protected Southern whites, who had lost all their civil and political rights after the Civil War, and were being raped and pillaged under Union occupation.

So, back to the video and the conservative marketing incompetence behind it. Ask, Who expects that Europeans would stand up for themselves against Islam when we are constantly told that we are evil by the Hollywood propaganda ministers? It's all so backward, so Sarah Palin and Glenn Beckish.