Tuesday 28 July 2009

Update on "One day in Britain"

Further to one of the news items I posted about last week, football coach Ricardo Morrison was today found guilty of the murder of aspiring model and Hollyoaks actress Amy Barnes. Morrison stabbed Amy to death following a violent argument at the home they shared after she finally told him that she was leaving him.

Following the verdict details of Morrisons previous history of violence was revealed to the court, including a series of convictions for assault, many of them against previous girlfriends and only a month before the murder he had violently assaulted five women in a London club. It also came to light during the trial that he had subjected Amy to nine months of abuse and violence before she eventually decided to end the relationship.

The revelations about Morrison's past give a clear indication as to what he was seeking from his relationships with women. However, one has to ask what was in it for Amy, and why did she stay with him for as long as she did , given that the violence apparently started from very early in the relationship.

It seems that she covered for him, and continued to tell her family that he was "the love of her life" even when he was regularly beating her. Why would she do that?

The usual excuses made for women who remain in abusive relationships do not apply here. Amy was not trapped and dependant upon Morrison. Her career was moderately successful, she had appeared in a popular Soap Opera and had a good income from modeling. She had friends, and a supportive family who proved their devoting by coming to her aid as soon as she finally called, although, alas she called too late. She didn't have to stay, but she did, she stayed for nine months

Again we are confronted with the question as to what it is that some women are seeking when they enter into relationships with black men, when a disproportionate number of such relationships are abusive.

I have heard such women give explanations, such as "black men are better looking" which is certainly not true, in any event you will often see such women rejecting stunningly attractive white men in favour of extraordinarily ugly black men. Then there is the hoary old chestnut "black men treat women better", which in the majority of cases is self evidently rubbish.

Some also imply that the sex is "better", I do not have the personal experience with which to judge that claim, but I strongly suspect that it depends upon what sort of sex you are looking for, and that may bring us closer to an answer.

Women who chose mixed race relationships

The picture above shows three white women who have been in lengthy relationships with black men (Antionette Richardson who was recently jailed after phoning her black boyfriend and asking him to beat up a man who had accused her of queue jumping, Nicole Simpson, the late wife of O.J. Simpson and Alisha Whitehead who is currently in the Dayton news after her black partner dumped two of their children in the trash). A look at these three women's faces may provide a more telling explanation, as to what need mixed race relationships may have fulfilled for them.

They say that some women like bad boys, personally I don't, for a start they tend to hit you, but maybe for some, that is the whole point.

I expanded on this theme in a previous article Dangerous Liaisons which I wrote last year, and which readers may wish to re-visit.

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Casper said...

Are you by any chance a racist?

Race, color, or religious conviction, have nothing to do with abuse of women - it's bad people who does these things, and being black/colored/white have nothing to do with it.

Just look at the famed footballers who come from not too well backgrounds (or maybe to well backgrounds) and gets heaps of money for doing something silly and then wreck havoc when ever they feel... nothing to do with color, it's simply bad behavior.

Oh, did I forget, women are not much better, they just don't use physical abuse....

Also maybe the English favorite past time; being drunk, could have something to do with it (see that was not a very objective observation).

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

"Casper said...

Are you by any chance a racist?

Race, color, or religious conviction, have nothing to do with abuse of women "

Unfortunately Casper, although the media tries to hide the truth, to an overwhelmingly disproportionate degree the abuse of women is about race, and color. Admittedly most domestic violence is black on black, (or brown on brown) but black on white comes in second.

Anonymous said...

For the answer to the question of why attractive white women enter into abusive raltionships with blacks, read up the revelation of Heidi Klum as to why she was initially attracted to Seal. That's the bottom line - although it's a myth in reality.
Why they stay in abusive relationships with blacks - that's just as easy, once they've had that first sexual encounter, deep down in their souls they know that they have just copulated with and formed a physiological, spiritual and psychological bond with an organism to which their deepest instincts tell them they are nothing more than a sperm receptacle, a vessel for reproduction and nothing else and that any departure by them from that deeply congenital disposition of blacks will endanger their lives.
Usually these first copulations are excessively rough and totally devoid of any tenderness, love, affection or consideration of her needs.
Subsequent encounters become increasingly frequent and demanding, even opportunistic and as such usually awkward and unenjoyable, but they also become violent then brutal and progressively more perverted incorporating physical violence, vicious penetration vaginally, orally and analy and also incorporate progressive degrees of pornography culminating in violent and bestial pornography.
At this point the woman dreads these encounters but has to endure them multiple times a day every day, she developes rashes and injuries, usually a variety of STD's and feels violated, dirty and progressively more afraid after every encounter.
She is afraid to go for a medical check up in case injuries consistent with abuse are found by a medical practitioner. She is emotionally and psychologically confused and bewildred thinking that if she could be used and abused in such a manner, her black partner must love her or feel some tenderness or affection for her for the almost sacrificial manner in which she has made herself available for his almost animalistic sexual demands. The reality is that he despises her for her different culture, skin colour and her pathetic willingness to endure any abuse in order to please him or gain his approval and in short order, this "relationship" develops into a brutal cycle of sexual abuse with almost unnatural frequency when she discovers that he also has other or multiple partners.
You can ask any woman that has been in an abusive relationship with a black and survived,why she put up with the abuse and she will tell you that it was because right in the beginning she was warned that if she was unfaithful to him or if she left him he would kill her and once again, she would know deep in her soul that this was the utter reality of her infatuation with black phallus. Furthermore, she would have been threatened with equal measure by the assault/murder of her loved ones, family, friends, Mom and Dad, little brother or sister and for certain, any lover.
Typically such threats are very sexually graphic, very sexually violent and the sheer violent and graphic nature of these threats as well as the abusive nature of the "relationship" she is enduring will leave her without the slightest shadow of a doubt that at the very least, her black lover is most certainly capable of carrying these threats out and at the very worst, as we have seen, will actually carry them out.
It is a tragic and frightening situation with an incidence between the 70th and 90th percentile of these interacial "relationships", yet I have no sympathy for white women driven by their lusts to copulate with blacks - if you want to shag black, expect to put your life on the line.....

Dr.D said...

Anon 15:02 said what I have always heard was the reason for these black man white woman couplings. Rather like a drug addiction really, hooked in a single experience.

Robert said...

The bravest man in Britain.


alanorei said...

I sometimes wonder whether this white female/black male situation is God's judgement on white Britons in return for mixed race liaisons during the Colonial era, though I think it happened more in India than in Africa (though appreciably in the Caribbean as well).

In any event, you reap what you sow, Galatians 6:7, "Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also rep."

Certainly such liaisons have been the subject of anthropological studies, the conclusion being that northern European whites and blacks basically aren't fertile, long term. Mulatto females are effectively sterile by about the 4th generation i.e. they miscarry, not quite the same thing but nearly so.

So basically blacks+whites is ultimately the death knell for both races i.e. a twin tragedy, which would fit a judgement on sin explanation, in the form of God's dire warning to each race, which is why He set "bounds" to their habitations, Acts 17:26. Break the bounds and you break your lineage in the end.

Regrettably, however, any white female who has absorbed so much black culture (rock music, most leading rock/pop stars, male and female, with only a few exceptions, are Caucasian but 'sing' with an Afro-American diction, and have done since the 1950s e.g. Presley) that she's effectively black on the inside won't understand that she's committing generational suicide.

But since the Colonial era with its miscegenistic liasons was finite, I hope therefore the present mixed race aberration will suffer the same fate.

"The Lord...will not always chide: neither will he keep his anger for ever" Psalm 103:8, 9.

The sooner we hit the buffers, though, the better.