Sunday 15 November 2009

A Salute to Brave Warriors

There are a few remaining African based blogs which continue to report the truth of what is happening in Southern Africa. I luv South Africa, Ne Ultra, Afrikaner Broadcasting, Die Nuwe Suid Afrika, Cape Independence Movement, Tia Mysoa, and Sokwanele (This is Zimbabwe) still post harrowing accounts of what life has become. However, it is becoming progressively more difficult and dangerous for them to do so, especially for those living in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Perhaps the most successful of all these blogs was “Why South Africa Sucks” which, over the years has achieved phenomenal popularity and internet traffic on account of its willingness to “speak truth to power” and tell politically incorrect and uncomfortable truths.

I have long been a supporter of “Why South Africa Sucks” and its various successors, which Google kept closing down, despite having some personal issues with their choice of both language and imagery. A visit to WSAS was not a comfortable journey for the faint of heart, but then the subject they were addressing was not for the squeamish.

Sadly Why South Africa Sucks has fallen victim to the new police state which is forming in the Southern Hemisphere. The bloggers at WSAS have long had to contend with threats to themselves and to their families, however, in recent weeks events have taken an even more sinister turn for the worst, culminating in a mass police raid on the home of one of the main contributors. The blogger in question's door was kicked in and he was arrested by around twenty armed policemen, in front of his terrified children.

He was held in custody overnight, amongst hostile black prisoners, and it was made very clear to him and other bloggers that the powers that be in South Africa had been taken a strong interest in WSAS and were no longer prepared to permit it to continue revealing the truth to such a wide audience.

The small group of writers who contributed to WSAS are brave and honourable men, but they all have young families, lives and jobs in South Africa, and they have decided between themselves that, as the threat has now become so real, they can no longer continue to put their lives and families at such risk in the violent, and increasingly totalitarian state where they still reside. Hence Why South Africa Sucks has now been closed down, which is a sad loss to the internet and to the cause of free speech everywhere.

The writers at Why South Africa Sucks and its various prior incarnations were warriors in a war we will all soon be fighting. May God keep them safe and see them well for they have shown great courage in the face of a deadly foe. They have now wisely chosen to move on, but their bravery and their achievement remains.

However, this is not the end, other sites continue to tell the truth from outside South Africa, retired Dutch journalist Adriana Stuijt runs two excellent sites Censor Bugbear and the Afrikaner Genocide Archives both of which continue to report the disturbing news from South Africa which is seldom reported in South Africa itself, and is never revealed in the International media. Meanwhile South African Diaspora chronicles the lives and challenges facing ex-patriot South Africans who have left the hell hole their homeland country has become

Also, following the closure of Why South Africa Sucks an ex-patriot South African and one time WSAS contributor, now based in the USA has now launched My South Africa Sucks where he plans to carry on the work of the sadly fallen WSAS free of very real danger of doing so from within that collapsing country. I would like to wish him every success.

I hope we will all continue to support those few isolated sources which report the truth about what is happening under black rule in Southern Africa, despite the fact that it is no longer politically correct to do so. It is vital that the the truth is told, and I salute those brave men and women who report it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah, you're an absolute trooper, I stopped by to drop you a line and let you know where the new blog is, and you already had the heads up!
Thanks so much for your help and support!

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

You are welcome Dark Raven, it is a cause more than worth supporting!


FreeThinker said...

You are a true patriot Sarah! Not only for us in Britain, but also those of us with South African heritage.

I salute you and the work you do.

Glenn Elsden said...

Dear Sarah,

Thanks for the heads-up on my humble online abode. You really are an amazing woman, and true compatriot! I’m not one that comments too often, but allow me to make use of this opportunity to assure you and other readers that South Africa will not collapse without a fight. When I say, “fight” I do not mean bloodshed, but resistance on many other levels. Yes I cannot deny that the wheels ARE falling off in many places in South Africa, but not all is doom and gloom!

The Afrikaner is an exceptionally resilient and tough breed. Although many have packed up and left the country, mainly to secure their future financial survival among people of their own kind, and also to protect their families and young kids from the onslaught of black savages who have no regard for life in general, the few that remain here, and who cannot leave for various reasons, are not going to be bullied by the thugs in our ANC government.

It’s important to realize that many South Africans are too busy working to repair the damage caused by our corrupt government, and have little time left to write (or blog) about their daily activities. I am also pressed for time, hence the reason why I cannot keep up with everything on my one-band-show @ Tia Mysoa. I'll leave that task for the folks at SA Sucks and others!

I salute you too. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

yes, councils like Cardiff City Council , have blocked all or near all Blogs from access from their libraries, as they contain ''hate'' and ''discrimination'' , politics /opinion

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for the plug for my blog. Sadly haven't really had much time recently to get anything meaty out there although today I posted a very good reason for all people to boycott Vodafone and their products see here:

Thanks for helping highlight the issues in South Africa!


Old Atlantic Lighthouse said...

The asylum case in Canada may be the reason for the crackdown. Sort of like the Soviet Union. Some in the ANC got training there.

Anonymous said...

All of my life I have been a supporter of both the good people of Rhodesia and South Africa. One thing, especially about the Whites, whether Afrikaner or English, of RSA, is the reluctance, on some parts, to analyze who did it, who was the perpetrator of the downfall.

I felt very sorry for Uhuru Guru's plight. No one should have to be subjected to that. Yet it always puzzled me why he would have harsh remarks for those who wanted to be helpful because unless you know where the punches are coming from you cannot effectively defend yourself.

I speak of the influence of Jewish organisations on the downfall of RSA, as well as Rhodesia.

To call such truthtellers names and forbid their remarks is not a sign of good health.

Joe Slovo, a Holocaust survivor from Lithuania, you go to prison if you doubt the entire official Holocaust story so let's accept that lest we hear the knock at the door in the dead of night, surely South Africans recall him.

Here is Jewish Slovo singing with NM about killing whites.

Helen Suzman, the Oppenheimers of DeBeers and on and on.
For example the
Rivonia Jews who were treacherously plotting to overthrow the South African government.

Who can deny the Jewish owned American mass media and the never relenting propaganda wages against the "white minority" government in South Africa.

It's impossible to fight when you don't even know who your enemy is.

Devarpan said...

Dear Sarah,

I have been going through your blog since some time and it is good that you and a lot of fellow bloggers are highlighting the plight of a lot of South Africans. But I see that a lot of comments on the articles are racist. I think introducing racism only exacerbates the problem and steals focus from the real issue. The real issue being Crime.

Also all the Afrikaners who have moved away from South Africa have moved to Multicultural societies like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK, USA etc. None that I am aware of have moved to unitary country like say North Korea or Libya etc.

My Point being, please dont think that other people are not with you I am a foreigner in South Africa and I am not White but I strongly support a popular movement against Farm Murders and want to contribute in any way to stop it. Please educate the people and leave the racism out of it. We have to be the change that we want to see. God Bless