Wednesday 18 November 2009

Lies told often enough

An earlier post to the Home of the Green Arrow by Sir Percival linked to an article on the Voice Online website. The article written by the black journalist and famously anti-white racist Darkus Howe was a sneering and hate fuelled diatribe asserting the fait accompli which is how the enemies of the native British population now seek to portray the multi racial nightmare which has been forced upon our benighted nation without ever allowing the us a democratic vote.

This claim is usually made with the smug malevolence of a rapist reminding his victim of her rape, and Howe certainly stuck to tradition in this respect, as the reader could all but visualise the bile dribbling into his keyboard and mingling poisonously with the toxic residue of his earlier work as he typed.

As I pointed out in the comments section of Sir Percival's posting, I noticed the following line lurking menacingly amongst Howe's corrosive prose:

"It is clear to me that at this point in time the path out of recession can only powered by new and huge injection of immigrant labour."

Given that the huge injection of immigration has already taken place over the last ten years, during which time we have seen the most comprehensive invasion of sovereign European nation in history, and at the end of which we find ourselves in the midst of the worst recession ever recorded, my fist reaction was that Howe must have written the line as some cruel and tasteless jest. However, upon reading further, it became clear that the deluded and vengeful old fool most probably believed the piffle he composed.

Opinion is split as to whether it was Goebells or indeed Lenin who first said that a lie if repeated often enough becomes a truth, however it seems they both said something very similar, and that device forms the foundation upon which the entire argument in favour of a multicultural, multi-racial and diverse society is built.

We all know the lies, but I will mention just a few:

“Whites commit the majority of all race hate crimes”, a total fabrication of course, but it is a lie believed by the majority population because it has been told to them so often.

“Britain is a nation of immigrants”, a deeply dishonest lie, which Bonnie Greer attempted to promote on Question Time with her retelling of history, based on extremely dubious authority. In fact 75% of Native Britons can trace their genetic ancestry back to the end of the last ice age However, sadly and deliberately damagingly, it is the Greerite fairy tale which is taught in our schools.

“Foreigners are entitled to live in Britain because many of then fought for us during the war”, does that mean we, the British, can go and occupy Korea, Malaysia (as was), Kuwait and Sierra Leone because we fought for them?. Furthermore, is it okay to boot the Somalis and Eritreans out, given that most of them were on the other side?

What about the laughable old fiction that “diversity is strength”, a lie accepted by this generation alone. Every generation before ours knew that strength lies in unity whereas diversity leads to division and weakness. Diversity does not enhance, it destroys, or, at the very least, changes things irrevocably, seldom for the better. However, the claim is repeated by our leaders, over and over again, until they sound like an aviary full of one trick parrots

Then we have the lie, enshrined in Darkus Howe's snarl about the recession, that Britain's society and economy benefit from immigration, another falsehood repeated over and over again in the hope we will believe it. It is when telling this lie that politicians bleat statements such as “All parties must counter the threat from the BNP by pointing out the benefits of immigration!” yet they never quantify what they actually mean. Where, or what, exactly are these benefits?

As I stated above, and in earlier postings (although it is worth repeating) following a human landslide of these so called benefits, we are experiencing the worst recession on record, our economy is in the worst state it has ever been in during peacetime, and national debt is now so high that our children and probably our grandchildren will still be paying off in many years time. Yet, madman like Darkus Howe are calling for more of the same?! What is it that makes you think they might not have our best interests at heart?

Even if there were “benefits” to mass immigration, beyond easier access to couscous, okra and a proper curry, which have not yet been revealed to us, lets not forget that there are also health “benefits” to smoking. Up until the 1960's some doctors actually recommended that certain patients take up the habit. None do now, of course. because the down side turned out to be one hell of a lot bigger than the benefit.

In the same way, the mythical benefits of Immigration would have to be quite something to top the downside.

An article on the BNP's website estimates the cost of immigration to the British Tax payer to be around £13 billion per annum. Their figures are very well sourced, but, as they concede probably underestimate the amount which immigrants send out of the country each year (type the words “sending money home” into Google and see how many results you get – make sure you are sitting down when you do so). In addition, a report back in July revealed that foreign criminal gangs are costing Britain over £40 billion per annum, this would not be possible without immigration.

On top of a conservatively estimated annual net loss of £53 billion,we can not ignore the negative impact which immigration has on our society.

We are now in a situation were our cities are becoming segregated and balkanised, crime is out of control leading to added pressure on the police, the prison service and, of course, the public. We are seeing new and nastier types of crimes, not only are new and far more vicious types of street gangs roaming our streets, but previously unheard of crimes such as gang rapes, honour killings and even suicide bombings have been brought to Britain, and, as if that was not enough, we have, so far, had at least one muti killing

A report just last week revealed that London needs an extra 50,000 school places. Our health service, which now has third world standards of hygiene, is under such pressure that it views an eighteen week waiting list to be an achievement. Our roads are congested, our cities polluted and we can not build houses fast enough to accommodate the relentless invasion. (the environmental impact of immigration is huge but hushed up)

Previously eradicated diseases, such as tuberculosis have reappeared in Britain as a direct result of immigration, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

On top of all this we are subjected to progressively more oppressive and draconian legislation so that these enforced changes can be imposed upon us, which, in itself is a curtailment of our freedom. This is all but entirely the result of enforced multiculturalism.

Frankly, if the fanatics running this country remain unable to quantify a benefit of mass immigration which outweighs the clear and easily quantified downside of immigration, it would be fair to conclude that no such benefit exists.

Demented bigots like Darkus Howe may still believe in the myth, but any sane politician, even those most committed to mass immigration knows that there is no actual benefit to it, certainly not one which the wider public would either understand or welcome.

So why do they continue to promote this insanity when they must know that no good will come of it? Why do they continue to grant access to plane loads of pregnant women and to the sort of young males who could only be welcomed by agenda driven zealots, anarchists and that small group of white women who would not understand the concept of patriotism, honour and decency if it bit them on the backside, right next to their “Give me one Kwame” tattoo?.

Why do they follow a policy which wins approval only from sluts, freaks and fanatics unless there is an ulterior motive or, perhaps another lie?

Various possibilities spring to mind. Firstly it is quite possible that the “establishment” has been taken over by a group of totally evil people who gain a certain nihilistic pleasure out of watching the destruction of a once great civilisation.

Mad as that may seem, there is another possibility which is perhaps even madder. It is possible that they truly believe that all the cost, all the strife and all the inevitable blood-shed will be worthwhile if they can create a mono-race. It may be that they actually believe that if through forcing the races together they can produce a single race of caramel coloured people with curly hair in that shade of reddish brown which you do not see anywhere else in nature, and that will eventually lead to social harmony and what they see as fairness.

If this is what they really believe, then they are indeed truly deluded.

Believing that breeding a homogenised single race from the racial mix they have selected will lead to a better world ignores some very uncomfortable facts, in particular that amongst these particular groups the greatest level of conflict exists where there is the least ethnic difference. The Sunni Muslims hate the Shiites possibly more than they hate anyone else. One of the current greatest risks of nuclear conflict is between India and Pakistan. Meanwhile, the West Indians loath the Africans, and the Africans hate them back, it is no secret that much of the gang violence on our streets is due to conflict between African and West Indian street gangs.

The history of Europe is clear evidence that a common ethnicity does not prevent conflict and the same apples to Asia and to Africa. Inter tribal violence is amongst the most bloody, we do not have to go back to Rwanda to see evidence of that, many died in Kenya in 2007 merely for being from the wrong tribe. The so called “xenophobic” violence in South Africa continues, as recently as last week there were further attacks on Zimbabwean immigrants by members of the blood thirsty Xhosa tribe from which the allegedly peace loving Nelson Mandela originates.

When was the last time anyone in Europe set fire to an immigrant? Such acts have been horribly common in the outbreaks of sub Saharan tribal “xenophobia” despite the fact the ethnic divide is significantly less obvious.

This latest conflict has not been reported in the British Press, but that is of course the repeated lie of omission whereby suppression of the truth creates a new truth for the public to believe in.

Ending race even if it were possible will not end conflict in fact it could well make it worse.

To believe otherwise sounds like madness, but in the world of lies which our leaders inhabit who knows what they may think and what mad dreams they may dream.

Another possibility course is that they were silly teen aged idealists believing the silly things which teen aged idealists believe but they then went into politics and never grew enough to admit they were wrong, even when it became patently obvious that they were.

So, which is it? Are we ruled by the bad, the mad or just the very, very silly? To my mind, most likely it is a mixture of the three. However, the one thing which is certain is that, for whatever their reasons, they are lying to us, those lies are leading us towards the abyss and we can not allow that to continue.

Hat Tip: Dina


Robert said...

Superb post.

McGonagall said...

Why do they push it? I've thought about that myself and came to the following conclusion:

Indigenous people have a sense of ownership and entitlement to the land they inhabit. There is a feeling that no one can take the land from them or do things to it without their permission. In short - sovereignty.

However, if you flood the land with people with no such sense it becomes infinitely easier to disenfranchise the indigenous population and take whatever can turn a profit. Like water for example. That a foreign company could own our water was inconceivable when I was a kid.

But it's not just resources but services as well. The NHS was something the people of Britain demanded as a right. This reflected their values - that folks deserve medical treatment when ill regardless of their financial status. But the NHS was allowed to run down, was staffed by foreigners (some of whom can't even speak English),and is now ripe for privatization.

Now the once proud and powerful British workers can linger on the dole while foreign corporations bring in hundreds of workers to complete projects because they will work for less. And this is deemed legal and workers are labeled xenophobic if they complain.

Now the front runner for the European presidency wants to get rid of symbols of nationhood and replace them with symbols of the EU. Any reminder of what we were is to be eradicated - our identity erased from history and memory.

The project is almost complete and I see no hope of stopping it - the British are too cowed - they're a beaten people.

JPT said...

'“Britain is a nation of immigrants”, a deeply dishonest lie, which Bonnie Greer attempted to promote on Question Time'
I couldn't believe it when she said this. She also said on the same show 'there ARE no Indiginous Britons Nick - if you go back to the last Ice Age all there was here was ice'!
Cheeky cow!
Would anybody be allowed to get away with saying something like that about any other race or nation? No.

alanorei said...

A most searching analysis

Thank you for posting it, Sarah

ceorl said...

I agree with every word you've written Sarah. Howe is a nasty, sneering bigot with a clear agenda where his decendents will not be a minority in this country. As for 'diversity is strength', Orwell couldn't have come up with better.

Liked scunnert's posting except for the last sentence. I don't think we're a beaten people. Time's running out but we have to win this struggle for our land. We have nowhere else to go.

J B said...

Divide and rule; it's an old trick. Let's not fight amongst ourselves. Even the mainstream political parties are not really our enemy; they're tools. They are used by people with real power in today's world; who control (and have a lot of) money. They have no national allegiance; it looks like they aim to consolidate and formalise their power -- on a global scale. The manufactured global warming scare being a part of that agenda.

I'm not sure what we can do to be honest, their power and influence is profound and comprehensive. Here is something Americans are doing:

Although, unless a worthless life of obedience and servitude to these fascists is what you want, giving in isn't really an option either.