Wednesday 18 November 2009

Racism alive and well in South Africa

I would like to draw readers attention to an article posted on the Cape Independence Movement Website earlier this week which I feel deserves a wider audience. It appears that the South African mobile phone Company Vodacom, which is now part of Vodafone, are offering selected South Africans the option to buy shares in the company. However, there is a catch, applicants must belong to one of the following groups:

  • Black people (African, coloured, Indian and Chinese) who are natural persons and citizens of South Africa through birth, decent, or naturalisation occurring before 27 April 1994
  • Black Groups ( black companies and black entities, including stokvels) incorporated or formed in South Africa.
  • Black business partners who have been invited to participate.

Vodacom goes on to state that potential applicants are disqualified from purchasing shares:

  • If you are not a black person or a black group as defined in the prospectus.

To quote from the CIM website “they’ve classified people by the colour of their skin. Note how all of a sudden, Asian and coloured people suddenly become “black”. Do you also notice that by classifying everyone as black bar white people they have effectively excluded white people because of the colour of their skins. Sheesh, and there we though racism was well and truly over in South Africa.”

However, as we have long known, anti-white racism is alive and well in South African, it is far more vicious, violent and all pervading than anti-black racism was under Apartheid ( for a start, blacks were not slaughtered in even a fraction of the numbers before 1994 that whites have been since) and yet it is smug with it.

Read the full article here

What do we hear from the sanctimonious world media, which screeches like a demented banshee at the merest hint of white racism, at this clear evidence of corporate racial discrimination? Not the slightest peep!

It seems that not only is anti-white racism alive and well in South Africa, it thrives in the international media as well.


John G Kerlen said...


You're a star, thank you very much for posting this article. It's a great honour, and compliment that you have plugged my blog once again! I am in the process of setting up a separate blog, to try and gather support for a Vodafone boycott. Here's hoping it will work!


ceorl said...

You couldn't make it up! But people think you do. Try talking to self loathing liberals about South Africa and they tell you it's all propaganda. Then they'll discuss with their pc friends how much better things are in SA at a civilised dinner party over a glass of Shiraz. It's all like the Oxford debating society for them, not real life.

ic1male said...

There is a new film (about SA) called 'Disgrace' staring John Malkovich. It isn't as graphic as it should be, but its a start.

John G Kerlen said...


Have set up a blog to help gather support for a boycott. Can be located here:

Thanks for all your support!