Tuesday 29 April 2008

A vote against the liars

During the last century, the Russian people believed a lie for seventy years, and the citizens of those Eastern block countries, such as Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary and the various Baltic and Balkan states which were handed over to Russia in 1945 were lied to for almost 50 years. Although the soviet Union has since crumbled, and those nations are now free, there remain many countries in today's world where the people are fed lies by malevolent governments.

Obvious examples spring to mind, such as Cuba and North Korea, where the public are locked away from the world and told to believe every new fantasy dreamed up by the Dear leader

However, it is not only in isolated dictatorships or behind totalitarian iron curtains where governments deliberately, and persistently, lie to their public. Most Western European governments lie to their electorate on many issues and particularly on the subjects of immigration and race relations, and amongst the worst offenders, supported by a politically biased media, has been the governments of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, of all political shades.

Most do not realise it but the British public had been subject to a campaign of disinformation for a period of almost half a century. We have been lied to, repeatedly and deliberately for a variety of motives, none of which had anything to do with the best interests of you or your country . They lied to hide the fact that they were allowing the largest alien invasion of this country in our Island's history and in order to keep you placidly obedient whilst they changed our country beyond all recognition.

They lied when they told you that immigration brought great benefits to Britain, whereas in truth its main benefit was to Labour's electoral support, and to their (and the Tories') unscrupulous chums in big business who want to exploit cheap immigration in order to keep wages artificially low.

Both labour and the Tories lied to for selfish and party political motives, and the Lib Dems went along with it because they are do infected with political correctness that they would rather be raped than admit the colour of their rapists.

Governments of all political parties lied to you when they said that the NHS would collapse without immigration, whereas in truth it is the third world's health service which is collapsing because of immigration,whilst ours is groaning under the strain. Anyone with eyes to see, and who lives in any major city, knows that whenever they use the health service, at least half the patients in the queue in front of them are Immigrants, many very recently arrived. It will only get worse, even if the Eastern Europeans may eventually go home as their countries' economies start to grow (IF you believe the Independant and the BBC's suspiciously timed reports), one can be sure that the Africans, the West Indians, and Asians are far less likely to leave our generous shores, and an ageing immigrant population will put even further pressure on our infrastructure.

The lies did not stop there, they lie when they pretend that that the main victims of racial violence are non-white immigrants, when any fair analysis of the figures shows that non-whites are in fact the main perpetrators, to a massively disproportionate degree, and that indigenous white population are the primary victims .

They lie when they build shrines and hold repeated commemorations of the death Stephen Lawrence for the sole purpose of hiding the truth about race crime in this country, and that, if indeed he was the victim of a race crime, their poster boy victim is in truth a rare exception.

They lie when they tell you Islam is a religion of peace they lie about our imperial past and our central role in ending the slave trade and they lie about everything which was once great about Britain. They lie because they know they can not tell us the truth and be forgiven.

If Britain is to survive and have a chance of being great again, the lies have got to stop, and that will only happen when we as a nation stop voting for the liars and start voting for the truth. Maybe we can start this Thursday.

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Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Guess all of our politicians are pretty much the proselyte today . They all know the program , at least the controlling majority does . They will promise the world but we see with our eyes the results of their mandates and efforts . They'd have no power if they didn't play along .

Got no use for any of 'em . Judas goats and renegades , soaked in innocent blood .