Sunday 4 May 2008

The Enemy within

I recall that, as a teenager, during the early 1980's, I, like many others was a huge fan of an American TV series called “V” where malevolent Aliens sought to take over the Earth, and consume its current inhabitants (literally). Initially, these ill intentioned space beings seemed kindly and benevolent, and indeed they looked so like us it was heard to tell who was earthling and who alien.

That was until some accident would rip away a section of their false skin revealing the green reptilian scales beneath, and exposing the invaders true monstrous intentions.

“V” was in a genre of mostly 'B' Horror movies, such as “The invasion of the Body Snatchers” They Live” and “The Thing” where mankind is either threatened or ruled over by creatures which look like men, behave like men but are actually extra terrestrial invaders intent on the destruction of humanity.

It is a compelling and terrifying thought to believe that dreadful beasts walk amongst us disguised as us and indistinguishable from our own, but committed to our demise. Indeed the idea of alien creatures, or different species, taking on the form of humans in order to achieve their wicked aims is an evocative one and exists in many cultures and legends .

More fantastically, the one time sports presenter and sometime, self proclaimed. son of God, David Icke has from time to time taken the legend (or fact?) of The Illuminati quite a few steps further down the evolutionary chain and claimed that the world is ruled by shape shifting reptiles, capable of adopting human form. According to Icke's version of reality, many prominent people, and all world leaders, from George Bush, Hillary Clinton to members of our own dear royal family are, when viewed in their natural form, huge Komodo dragon like lizards.

Why is it I wonder that this same concept is repeated so frequently in our entertainment, our myths and legends and in our conspiracy theories? What attracts us to this much repeated scenario where people who look like us, but who are out to harm us are, in truth, aliens who bear no similarity to us whatsoever physical or otherwise.

Could it be that it is altogether more comfortable to imagine that our foes are scaly green aliens or shape shifting lizards, than it is to accept that there are people within our own community, people who not only look like us, but who are like and yet who are working tirelessly towards the aim of our destruction, and that so many of these people are in positions of power and influence?.

In fact such people now so dominate positions of power and influence, and have such control over the media and of most means of communication, that they can all but silence any dissenting voice. I am sure that many BNP voters were over the moon with delight to see that for almost the first time ever someone they had voted for was allowed a tiny amount of coverage, when Richard Barnbrook won the BNP's first ever seat on the London assembly.

Usually anyone who does not share the politically correct ideology favoured by our masters in the nations newsrooms finds access to any public platform is barred to them, and it is almost impossible to get their message heard.

Don't be fooled, you can be assured that the status quo will be resumed shortly. Our media overlords had no option other than to give Richard air time after Thursday's election, but he would be a fool to believe that aberration will continue, or that he will not shortly find that his speeches, policies and initiatives will join the blooded legion of racially battered white boys in the news exclusion zone.

The media is not alone, all 24 of the other Assembly members have already decided to deny the almost 131,000 Londoners who voted for the BNP the representation to which our democracy allegedly entitles then, by agreeing to “shun” Richard Barnbrook. Which apparently is their idea of democracy!.

It seems that democratic rights extend only to those who voted for politicians with a Common Purpose stamp of approve on their behinds.

Why is the establishment so desperate to silence the voices calling out against mass immigration and for the fair treatment of the native British population?, why do they try and portray BNP voters and members as hate filled, jackbooted, fascists when a single visit to the BNP's website shows that could not be farther than the truth?

If, the BNP's message is so vile, and if, as is often said, “Sunlight is the best disinfectant” why are they so reluctant to shine any on the BNP and other white nationalist groups, surely if what they say about the Nationalists is true then the more they are exposed for what they are the more the public will reject them.... surely?.

In fact the reverse is true, just like the leaders of North Korea or the old Soviet Union knew that their subject peoples would no longer be so compliant if they learnt the truth about the outside world, the fat controllers who steer public perceptions have no wish for the public to know the truth about alternative viewpoints.

It is a cliché to say that they fear the truth, however, it is also a fact. They fear the truth because the truth would get in the way of the project (or Common Purpose), if the public knew the truth they might be less willing to accept the lies, and that would not suit the purposes of those who control our destiny. This very fact alone exposes their plan for what it is, if to succeed in their aims they must hide the truth from us, then their aims can not be in our best interests, and they know it.

There can be no question that they have defined aims, this is not about conspiracy theory, it is obvious to all that there is a project under way which is determined to change this country and this continent beyond recognition. The native peoples of Britain and mainland Europe are white, however, day by day they become less so, and it is our own governments, our own leaders, cheered on by our home grown press who are doing it, and not one of them has a slimy green scale under their skin (much as some may appear to have)

The only possible outcome from that campaign is that Europe's once proud status as the home of the white race will be gradually diminished and quite probably destroyed.

It is no coincidence that it is only our continent this is being done to, and there are no plans to change Africa's position as the (main) home of the black race, or Asia's much prized racial integrity. Those cultures will be preserved because it is they who are the vehicle of our abolition.

It is only the lands of the white race which are under siege, and it is white politicians who are primarily responsible.

Our establishment are doing this to us only half consciously, they are doing it because they are the product of a radical ideology designed for an entirely different purpose. They and the generation before them were created and indoctrinated by people who hoped to see the West overthrown by a Communist East. Although that purpose no longer exists the mindset has long been fixed, Western Culture must be destroyed, and if the Soviet Union is no longer there to do it, Islam and mixed marriage will work well enough. So, although the aims have changed, they carry the project forward, and indoctrinate new generations because they have been programmed to do so.

Nobody but a fool is ignorant of the threat we face from Islam, and yet, despite playing lip service to a war on terror, our white European leaders cheerfully preside over the, not so gradual, Islamification of Europe and plans are in place to speed up the process as the descendants of the vicious Ottoman empire lurk again at out gates.

We are kept in in ignorance of the truth of the racial violence being inflicted on our own people, and lied to be by politicians and journalists who do not care about their own people, worse, they actively campaign against their own people.

These same people encourage interracial relationships, in the full knowledge of their failure rate and the huge numbers mixed race children living in single families due to the disproportionately high numbers of absent black fathers not to mention the increased risk of violence and the inevitable genetic effect miscegenation has. It is not racist to point out that once a child is born of a mixed race couple, a genetic line is changed irretrievably. Given that the promotion of mixed race unions is just one of a vast series of assaults upon the racial integrity of white Europe, only those deliberately and stubbornly blind to what is going on can not detect a deliberate common purpose.

That purpose is most certainly not the survival of a safe majority white Europe, and again it is our own politicians from our own main stream stream political parties, and not extra terrestrials in human guise, who are behind it,

Like the embattled earthlings in “V” we, as a people, are under threat from people who seek to destroy us and our entire way of life but they are not green skinned aliens or poor David Icke's nine foot lizards, they look like us, because they are like us and hate us for it. They are the enemy within.


bernard said...


Short bit of biographical irony here:

You would have been too young to go to the flicks in 1979 when Ridley Scott's 'Alien' came out.
In the 1960s/70s before pc infected the language, the general term for foreigners seeking settlement here was--aliens. (a term not in use in the USA).
I remember quite a few satirical magazines, including Private Eye, having a field day with this title!
The ribaldry and humour that accompanied the films opening night, from joe public, was really hilarious.
It may account, some 3 years later, for Carpenter's more prosaic film title 'The Thing', to which no-one could-- misconstrue.

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Aaaahh ... " They Live ! " Great ol classic . Quite a few of us understand the significance of it all . Wonder how many get the Biblical side ? Why do they make such films - to be vulgar , they like to gesticulate it in our faces . A smirk 'n a laugh ... cause what can we do about it .

Our status is that we're being thinned out , dumbed down and diluted . All by design . We pose a risk and a hindrance . Those who are traiterously doing the selling out of our people have a rushed schedule for compliance . But oh don't they love their filthy pieces of blood stained silver .

Our people are too soft , too gullible . Too relaxed and mesmerized . Throw them some new shiny trinklets , sexually excite the mixing of the races ( TV is so open as to what they intend , if folks would only see ) and let us merrily destroy ourselves .

The Big Dogs will maintain their control but the turf is getting split up internationally . They seem content in their safe enclaves but the asian and other aliens - strangers have a full green lite . They've been hard at it for some time .

Skimmed thru the David Icke info , nothing there melted my butter . Seems they always mix in enough truth with the inflated BS , so their intent is to discredit .

They must keep the critics and alarmists quiet amongst us . They plan well and are very effecient .
The rams of our people smell the wolf and his bloodlust , the global air is thick with it . They ravenously prowl within our very sheepfolds ... why should we allow ourselves to be silenced ?

I can remember a time when these young ( and beautiful ) white girls wouldn't be caught dead with a black . But now it seems to be some status they think they have to attain . They're everywhere , acting just like 'em . With no shame . Enraging , pitiful ... irreversible .

Bravo for your mention of ..." the
blooded legion of racially battered white boys in the news exclusion zone ." Lotta good ol boys doing what they can out there , and of most importance ... we gotta get our people woke up !
These might be pretty gold plated links they've fastened in our lives , but they're links in the chain restraining and containing us none the less .

Well , I've yakked on enough . Thanks to all 5 people in Europe who have visited my blog . If I look close , I did get a hit from New Zealand . Probably he got a wrong number !

And thanks for rearranging yer side bar ... was getting a krik in my neck .

( last one out lock the door ... yall drop by )

alanorei said...

Thanks, Sarah, insightful comments as always.

However, I don't subscribe to David's Icke's thesis, because St Paul, 1 Timothy 2:1, 2 makes it clear that kings and all that are in authority are men, who are to be prayed for.

Obviously, there is no point in praying for lizards, so Icke is wrong on this point.

That said, the Lord Jesus Christ said in John 6:70, 'Have not I chosen you twelve, and one of you is a devil?'

Observe, not 'THE Devil,' not 'possessed BY the Devil,' but 'A devil.'

If you examine the Lord's statements, it is easy to see where He was speaking figuratively, e.g. 'I am the vine etc.' John 15:5 and where He was speaking literally.

In John 6:70 He was speaking literally, of Judas Iscariot. Note also the association with the number 13, 'twelve and one...' = 13. 'Judas Iscariot' has 13 letters, he made up the 13th individual at the last supper, 13 letters, described in great detail in John 13.

Satan the Devil, 13 letters, is of course associated with 13 in scripture, e.g. Revelation 13 - note that as recently as 2003, Terminal 4 at Heathrow did not have a Gate 13.

So Judas is associated with the Devil but he was not Satan as such, he was A devil. He looked like a human and had a human father, John 6:71, 13:26 but he was A devil.


How many of those things are there still walking around and how would you spot them?

I wouldn't address these questions now but I would point out that the KJB will at least show you everything in those horror stories that is true - and correct sincere but misguided inividuals like David Icke.

It is therefore well worth studying.

You are right about the opposition that Richard Barnbrook will face. However, he will have full Party support and the enemy will to their cost, I believe, find him to be very thorny meat.

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Alanorei ... I took a peek at yer blog - I too prefer the KJV . I like the thee's and thou's myself but we must remember even there we find error to deal with . I also have the KJV 1611 , plus the others , just for comparision .

Who was Jesus constantly in conflict with in the New Testament ( which in actuality was only a confirmation of the old - God DOES NOT CHANGE ) ? Who did He call serpents , children of " the devil " and white washed sons of evil ?

Why did the translators take the original hebrew word - satan , capitalize it and make it an entity unto itself ? It merely means an adversary . Same with lucifer , used once in the Bible . Some might think ulterior purposes .

Think about it - to support the notion of a powerful devil , some fallen angel , would indicate a short coming on Gods part . An error in creation . A fallacy on His part . Not so almighty and in control as we supposed. Where did this devil get all this power ?

My Bible says God is in control of all , good and evil . And He doesn't threaten us with eternal roasting in some never ending firepit either . Another lie of the churches to wield control over a gullible and sinful people .

There are verses to support my stance on this , and other Biblical issues , but most folks are usually not interested if it doesn't fit with their preconceived notions . Anyhow , I don't wanna clog up Sarah's blog with Bible talk when most could care less .

Our people are looking for THE great deception and falling away to come , THE antichrist , THE end times ... and they're already upon us . Waiting to hear only what their ears desire , they miss all the signs that are about us in profusion .

alanorei said...

Jeff, thanks for your comments and visiting the blog. Owing to other priorities, I don't visit it myself these days.

If I can dialogue with someone who knows about blogging, I might do a bit more in future. Re: the KJV, I think Britain's decline as a nation can be traced to the abandonment of it by the C of E back in about 1881.

But like you, I won't take up space unnecessarily, only to say, though, that if Jesus believed in hell, and He did, then it is real.

Re: the end times, you are definitely right, some of the signs include apostasy in the church (if the A o C's endorsement of Sharia Law isn't rank apostasy, I don't know what is!), the formation of the European Superstate and the re-creation of the nation of Israel.

But the key question is, what is the importance for British and especially English nationalists? Jesus said in effect, Luke 19:13, 'Occupy till I come.'

That is good, practical advice for these difficult days.

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Alanorei ... very good scripture to end with , our Kings last command . Indeed a battle term , an active term , for it could imply a siege scenario .

Seems as if everytime one goes to lay out a truth nowadays , ya have to spend so much time beforehand prefacing yourself . I know how people react , for I've come up myself in the churches . By my early teens I started asking questions about some of the parts they never discuss . We were only meant to be sponges in the churches ... not to put on the " glasses " that we might see . And hear . And obey . How many years was the Bible chained to the pulpit ?

You know the verses - the wages of sin is death . And that Christ paid that ransom for us . Right ?

But , if the wages of sin is eternal torment , Christ must of necessity still be in that eternal burning hell .
Jeremiah 19 : 5 / 32 : 35 .

I don't try to be blasphemous . It is blasphemous to the Word that such is taught today .

What is sin ... simply put ?
1 John 3 : 4 .

If we nail His law , His will to the cross , wherein is our guidance , our understanding of our duties to Him and each other ? Do we not then follow our own hearts ? What directs our path ? Emotions ?

In our prayer to Him we utter -
" our Father which art in Heaven , hallowed be thy Name ,
Thy kingdom come , thy Will be done , ON EARTH ... " . HIS KINGDOM , HERE ! Kingdoms have laws and we've shredded His to bits .

Was Christ placed in a burning hell ( certain chosen ones believe so ) , was David ? Or did he go to Heaven - Acts 2 : 22 - 36 / Acts 13 : 34 - 37 / John 3 : 10 - 13 . Were we faithful promised heaven or the kingdom of heaven ... here , on earth . What's the purpose of the resurrection ? Take time to look these scriptures up , there's not that many .

Where did we get this immortal soul to burn forever ? Are we as gods even now ? Immortality is imparted by Christ , at His return . " Where the worm dieth not ... ". That mean worms too , or do we just misunderstand .

All old testament references to hell come from the hebrew word - sheol - meaning , simply , the grave , pit , place of the dead .

The new testament references are the greek - hades - 10 times , meaning the grave , and the word - gehenna , used 11 times . Gehenna was the burning ground outside the eastern gate of Jerusalem where the DEAD bodies of criminals were burned ( valley of Hinnom ) .

What's the resurrection for if we're all in Heaven ? And why do we of this era think we're any better than those who have trod before us ... in that we believe in some UNSCRIPTURAL doctrine of a rapture to save us from the results of our own doings ? We've no one to blame but ourselves .

Me thinks we better get buckled in accordingly , and start figuring some things out .
But as usual , this is where the messenger gets stoned . I'M THE APOSTATE because I rattle houses built on sandy shores . But it is in a brotherly spirit that I so speak . I have no other option .
Ezekiel 33 .

Plenty of scripture to back this up , but if you truly seek , and God knows , you step outside the box and check for yourself . Not my job to convince anybody .

Could go on , but that dainty yet determined foot in my backside propels me stage left . I rebuke no one ... I am but a servant myself . Thanks for letting me have a say.

CAMaG said...

I wonder if you would add the blog to your links section?
It fills an important gap in the online nationalist community's arsenal. Our hope is to help nationalists gain knowledge and strength as we continue to push forward for success.

alanorei said...

Thanks, Jeff, some deep stuff there.

Of course, it is Sarah we both have to thank for letting us have our respective says. Thanks, Sarah.

Keep up the good work all round, I say.

Christian belief is sometimes eschewed by British nationalists. I think this is a mistake. It has been proven to sustain many a Briton in times past, especially during times of great trial, as this testimony illustrates:

"A flood of thoughts came across my mind regarding the different fields I had fought on, and the many hair-breadth escapes I had had. I thought of the Alma and my Christian comrade who lay buried beside the river. I thought of the wild charge of our handful of cavalry at Balaclava, of our desperate fight at Inkerman, of our terrible work in the trenches. And after all I had gone through - death staring me in the face in a thousand shapes, both in the field and in camp, for upwards of twelve long months - truly I had much for meditation; verily I had much to be thankful for. Thousands had fallen all around me - heap upon heap, and pile upon pile - and yet I had been spared. I thought of poor Captain Vicars, and what a noble fellow he was; he fell in almost his first fight, and yet a merciful God had thought fit to throw His protecting arm of love around me."

From Voice From The Ranks, a Sergeant-Major's account of the Crimean Campaign by Sergeant-Major Timothy Gowing, 7th of Foot, Royal Fusiliers. He was aged about 20-21 when he experienced the events described above.

His book can be read on line here.

I think British nationalists, or British Resisters, especially English Resisters, are greatly in need of inspiration these days, i.e. morale is half the battle, if not more.

Timothy Gowing provides such inspiration w.r.t. both Christian and secular commitment.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Hi Knowledge is Power, welcome to the blog. I took a look at the Books for Patriots blog and am happy to add a link to it from the blog.

I see uou have a recent review of Like the Roman by Simon Heffer on Enoch Powell :)

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

I haven't written about religion on the blog, at least not Christianity, however, I don't object to the reasonable and civilised debate about religion in the comments, if you feel they relate to the subject in hand.

alanorei said...

Thanks, Sarah, again, much appreciated

I suppose sensible blog comments come under the broad headings of factual, or inspirational.

Christian/biblical belief encompasses both. My comments above have mainly been of the inspirational kind, i.e. how did Christian belief motivate/sustain our forefathers? A worthwhile study, I think.

The factual aspect probably could address Britain's biblical foundations, both constitutionally and ideologically. In the 19th century, the Catholic F.W. Faber said of the King James Bible, "It is part of the national mind and the anchor of national seriousness."

You could say that England, having lost the Book (beginning in 1881), has lost her mind, her anchor and her sense of national seriousness and is now perilously adrift in grave danger of foundering and breaking up on the treacherous reefs of m'cism, pc-ness and all kinds of political subversion.

It is indicative of some remnant of Providential mercy that a secular group like the BNP has realised the danger and is doing what it can.

That at least is something. As the guest speaker said at one of our branch meetings last year, "It's a lonely battlefield."

He is right. The C of E, for example, is by and large a busted flush and has been for decades.

Stop Common Purpose said...

Stop Common Purpose

If you don't know what Common Purpose is, I suggest you find out.

Common Purpose is a corrupt organisation which must be stopped:

In particular, consider how Common Purpose has corrupted the British police: