Saturday 17 May 2008

A bloodstained fantasy

I make no apology for returning to the subject of violent, gang related, street crime, as this is a phenomenon which even the most blinkered amongst us must now realise is becoming a bigger and more dangerous threat to our communities by the day. Despite government and police attempts to distort the figures by such tricks as highlighting falls in non-violent crime, redefining certain types of crimes, or simply not reporting others, even they can no longer remain deliberately blind to the bodies of dead and injured children littering our streets, whilst, internationally, London becomes known as Europe's capital of knife crime.

As the nation's eyes gradually begin to open, even some of the most outrageous dissemblers in the media have been forced to allow a small trickle of truth to creep into their writings. In Thursday's London Evening Standard for instance, even that stout standard bearer for the multicultural dream, the honour rejecting poseur, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown came close to admitting who the primary perpetrators of violent crime are when she wrote that today the “absolute injunction against stop-and-search make less and less sense” and that many within the black community are expressing support for more proactive policing of their own children.

However, Yasmin would not be Yasmin without the untruths and one can only marvel at her bare faced dishonesty when she writes “Times have changed. Race is no longer as clear a marker between victim and perpetrator or criminal and law enforcer” It may be true that there are now a small number more non-whites in the police force, however “the racial marker” in respect of the perpetrator's of street crime is now more marked than it ever was.

That the perpetrators now also victimise their own is no consolation their battered hosts and their blooded children.

The truth which dare not speak it's name, for fear of the "r" word, was exposed in all its enriching glory in the Evening Standard on the same day as Yasmin's column, in the front page report on the over 100 stabbings which have occurred in London so far this year and also by the previous day's report from that most enriched of areas, Peckham from which together with any list of the over 200 separate London gangs shows that the problem we face is most certainly not “white boys stabbing white boys”

Recent reports, towards the end of last year, revealed that one in every five crimes in Britain was perpetrated by “foreigners” however, these revelations in themselves were misleading and downplayed the truth about immigrant related crime, particularly that from outside Europe, by excluding from the list of “foreigners” all immigrants who had committed crimes after being granted British citizenship or any British born children of immigrants who commit crime (that is to say the majority of gang members). Can anyone doubt that if figures had been published including those groups, and exposed the true level of immigrant crime, even the most complacent native Briton would be outraged, and terrified, by what is going on.

True as ever to her agenda driven heart, Alibhai-Brown's article also evokes the old spectre of “racist white policemen” using stop and search powers to intimidate innocent black youths, and she urges the authorities to restrain their racist instincts in future. This cant is not only laughable, but it is the deliberate and cynical lie it always was. It was a lie in the 1970's and 80's and it is a lie again today, no less so than the dishonest con trick played on us by the travesty which was the Macphearson report when it invented the ludicrous and much exploited term “institutional racism”.

The entire premise behind the allegations of “institutional racism”, which were thrown at the police force and virtually every other “establishment body” in this country, is flawed and dishonest, not least as it suggests that attitudes, subconscious or otherwise, result from prejudice rather than experience, and the same implication applies to the alleged “discriminatory” use of stop and search.

These claims do not stand up to the minimum of scrutiny. It was not prejudice which led to the setting up of Operation Trident to deal with the growing problem of gun crime in the black community, it was the fact that black men are statistically more likely to carry and use guns. The same applies in relation to carrying knives and committing street crime, hence it is experience and not prejudice which made the police pay extra attention to black youths.

To suggest that they should behave otherwise because some white youths commit street crime is the equivalent of using the 1970's case of Joyce McKinney and her manacled Mormon to argue that the police should devote equal resources to tackling female rapists as they do to male.

Yes, it happens, but considerably less often.

Each crime is unique, and criminals differ so I don't (much)doubt that there are a small number of nuns and old age pensioners who commit acts of vandalism, however, the next time a brick is thrown through you window, I am sure you would expect the police to question the local teenagers before they raid the nearest rest home or convent in a crowd pleasing display of political correctness.

Profiling has been given a bad name, however, that is largely due to politics, and much to the chagrin of those who criticise it, the fact is we have yet to see a Norwegian grandmother, rather than a young Asian male, sitting in the dock at the Old Bailey on terrorism charges.

Despite all evidence, and the growing number of young victims of this predominantly black crime, Alibhai-Brown can still not resist playing politics and repeating the discredited claims about racist policemen targeting innocent black youths, which made it so difficult for the police to do their job, and, as such may have led in some measure to the deaths we have seen.

Yasmin sees no contradiction between admitting that stop and search could save lives, whilst, in the face of so many death which stop and search might have prevented, proudly trumpeting her earlier opposition to it. Likewise, no doubt she sees no connection between the open door immigration policy which she has for so long championed and London's new found status as the knife crime capital of Europe, however, the one led to the other as surely as night follows day.

Alibhai-Brown is by no means uniquely to blame, she is a well known supporter of the campaign to change a white nation into a multicultural social experiment, and by her own admission, hers was one of the voices opposing police efforts to keep our streets safe, but she is just one of the many who's actions brought us to this point.

We now face the bloodstained consequences of a multicultural fantasy for which an entire army of establishment and media have lied and conspired for decades, even though they must have known it would never work. Not only did they open the door and let the beast in, but they took away our defences against it by calling them racist, but it is we, not they who will pay the price.

Those who have done this to us will never admit their guilt but I wonder if they will ever be held to account.


Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

I do so enjoy the way you lay out an article Sarah , your particular usage of words and inferred directions are thought provoking . Guess I get too impatient and cut to the chase when writing .

It may be true that most have an " I couldn't care less attitude " so long as violence has not entered their personal world . But how can we remain silent over the terrible sufferings of other kinfolk ? How does a heart get that callous ? Surely we understand that our odds of such an encounter increase daily ?

" But I wonder if they will ever be held to account ."

For the disbelievers of God and His Word - probably not . They might throw a few small fish out for the unruly mobs to feast on , thinking they've been appeased and all set right . But , the program wont change .

For those who have faith and commitment with Christ - it's just a matter of time . In the larger scale of things , from His perspective , they're only serving a function . For a set time .
There's nothing hidden that wont be revealed -

Matthew 10 : 24 - 27
Luke 12 : 1 - 3
Ecclesiastes 12 : 13 - 14

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jeff, 100%!

Rhonda Fleming

Anonymous said...

Well said.