Monday, 21 April 2008

The lies of Mayor Livingstone

At another of the never ending string of so called "Anti-Racist" events organised by the current London Mayor Ken Livingstone, (Chairman of the ludicrous UAF) he was asked about the teenage violence that had plagued London in 2007.

The reporter put the following question to the Mayor:

"Are you worried about this recent spate of teenage violence is it something new and alarming?... Tony Blair said, not long ago, that this was a black, cultural thing, do you agree?"

To which the mayor replied:

"There is an element of that, particularly around the drug trade but NO! IT’S A LOT OF WHITE KIDS STABBING OTHER WHITE KIDS!"

That is as a blatant Lie! and Livingstone knows it is a lie

(And here he is telling it)

According to the honorable Mayor of London these are "white kids stabbed by white kids"

(Faces of the teenagers murdered in London in 2007)

In fact three of the 26 teen aged murder victims in London during 2007 were white, however, all the murderers and suspected murderers are non white.

Again Ken Livingstone shows as that political correctness and the truth are not the same thing.

If Ken will lie so blatantly about something as important as the murders of young children, what will he not lie about?

Already in 2008 more teenagers are being killed on our streets, and the 2007 patten is continuing, and it will continue until our politicians start to tell the truth.

Hat tip: UK Tabloid


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