Tuesday, 22 April 2008

And the pantomime goes on

Failed politician poses with housewife super star

At yet another of the unending series of commemorations of the death of Stephen Lawrence

Will they never give it a rest? or will we get a 16th anniversary Commemoration of Stephen's passing, then further commemorations each in perpetuity whilst more and more shrines are built in his memory each year until the whole of South East London is covered in painted glass?

Clearly no other murder victim. at least no white one, will ever be valued as highly by the media and establishment as Stephen Lawrence is. Be assured that if your child is white and he or she is the victim of racial violence, no matter how awful, no politician will ever attend memorial services in their memory, or make speeches about them. If your child is murdered by a person from an ethnic minority, the media and the establishment will immediately seek to bury their memory and deny their suffering, whilst they continue to worship at the shrine of the blessed Stephen. (who may, or may not have been the victim of racial violence)

Remember that in the eyes of the media and the Politicians from most of the main political parties, as a white person, you and your children of of little value in your own land.


Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Off note a bit ... just wanted to say , don't know if it's you Sarah , or another young lady holding that " Green Arrow Forum " placard , but those are some bee - u - tiful eyes !
Just had to mention . Now , back to work ...

Bruce said...

I can not believe that they keep dredging up this old story.

As you pointed out the other day there are many more white victims of race violence than there are black ones.

They use the Lawrence case to disguise that fact.