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The truth behind my vote, and its' not the "Guardian's" truth

An article in yesterday's Guardian dares to contemplate the dread possibility (to Guardian readers) that the British National party (BNP) might achieve some significant electoral gains in the forthcoming local elections, and ponders the reaction of young potential voters to such an outcome, saying:

“London may be heading for a big wake-up call as a poor turnout in the London assembly election next month could lead to the election of its first British National party members. The shockwaves of installing rightwing extremists into the government of a world capital would reflect on the country as a whole, as well as giving the party what it craves - acceptance.

Focusing on the rise of the BNP will help students to face the consequences of political choice within a democracy, as well as giving insight into the workings, impact and implications of extreme political groups. It's an intriguing, if challenging, topic, but with sensitive handling could provide a gritty topical issue, suitable for cross-curricular study in subject areas such as English, history and citizenship.”

The automatic assumption of the writer is that electoral success for the BNP would be a bad thing, that all BNP members are self evidently “bad people” and that anyone voting for the BNP is either bad, or deluded, or both. Of course, most Guardian readers will share this opinion, but when was it that the opinion of a bunch of Highgate liberals and trendy Dalston radicals become a doctrine or an eternally accepted truth?.

Where are the tablets of stone upon which it is written:

“Thou shalt not love thy country”

“Thou shalt value all other customs more highly than thine own”

“Thou must embrace multiculturalism and never morn the loss of thy national identity”

“Thou, thy children and their children's children must welcome all who would come to thy land, no matter what they may bring with them and irrespective of what they may demand upon arrival”

“Any amongst you who fails to to hold the above statements to be sacred truth shall forever be cast as evil, fascist Scumbags, to be shunned by all good man, and in particular the MTV generation”

Although these commandment may be carved into the hearts of many an Islington resident they remain no less than the same form of false propaganda which has been used against dissenting voices and disfavoured groups for centuries.

In Nazi Germany during the 1930's the official view, accepted across the land and taught in schools was that Jews were evil, dishonest and perverted.

Behind the Iron Curtain, prior to 1990, the accepted view was that the West was decadent and warlike.

To this day in many Arab countries any number of lies about the west, about America and Israeli are accepted as proven an unquestionable fact.

The North Koreans are led to believe that everyone who is not North Korean is out to get them.

In Britain and in much of Western Europe the orthodoxy taught to our children is that Nationalism is akin to fascism and thrives on hatred, and that the BNP is a force for evil, and many of them believe it because it is what the thought police tell them they should believe. Are they really any less brainwashed than the most committed member of the Hitler youth or devotees of the Dear leader? and is the doctrine they are being fed any less of a pack of lies?

To quote Yorkielass, a contributor to the Green Arrow Forum "Our entire education system is now based on brainwashing instead of the Hitler youth we now have Common purpose stalking the UKs classroom's."

The orthodox view is that, when, on May 1st, I, for the first time in my life, pick up a pen and place my vote next to the name of the BNP candidates in the Local and mayoral elections my actions will be motivated by hate, whereas nothing could be further from the truth.

I will be voting for the BNP because I love my country, because I love my culture and because so much that I hold dear is under threat to a degree which is almost unprecedented. (Some might say that it is unprecedented, given that, even in 1939, we did not have six million Nazi Germans living amongst us)

As I have said in previous posts, I hate nobody, I wish success, happiness and prosperity to every other race and ethnic group, however, I wish it to them in their own lands.

There is only so much diversity which any nation can take before its very essence and identity is lost and irrevocably so. The British identity and culture is one which has brought incalculable levels of good to our world, and far more than most other cultures have, and I will not stand by and watch its loss without attempting to stop it.

I will be voting BNP, yet I am not evil, I am not a Nazi, I am not deluded and I hate nobody, no matter what the UAF, Search'Lite' or any number of op-ed writers at the Guardian may claim about me.

I will vote BNP because nobody else is listening.


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alanorei said...

While assisting with BNP campaigning over the last couple of years, I've only encountered a few anti-BNPrs (versus many more ordinary individuals who are generally supportive of the Party's aims and policies).

I think it's fair to say that, by and large, vocal anti-BNPrs have nothing to offer the electorate but rage and obscenity.

(We met one on the street in April-May 2007 who this year turned up at a by-election vote count as a key Labour person. We weren't surprised, par for the course.)

The real problem, though, is the apathy of what is still a very large proportion of HM subjects (there's no such thing as a British 'citizen' - that is more Marxist, CommonUNist Purpose propaganda disinformation).

Because, as Nick Griffin pointed out in his ommemorative Enoch Powell speech, the economy is still good (even though on the watch of those partners in incompetence and treachery, Blair and Brown, Britain has slipped from 4th place in the world's economy to 6th place).

As Solomon rightly said long ago, "The prosperity of fools shall destroy them" Proverbs 1:32a.

Without a BNP revolution, this country is, I fear, in gave danger of imminent collapse, after the manner of the walls of Jericho, Joshua 6, as indeed Nick effectively warned.