Wednesday, 9 April 2008

The failed policies of the Keborian Candidates

Labour politicians and activists have recently been instructed not to refer to the Tory candidate for London mayor by the the single name Boris, which they feel confers an undeserved celebrity status on the ebullient Boris Johnson. I am not sure whether they are right about the celebrity status, however, the three, so called “main” candidates for the role of London Mayor have policies and attitudes which are so similar on some of the most serious issues currently facing London, and indeed the whole of Britain, that, having so little to distinguish between them, that we might as well refer to these policy clones by a single word or name.

Yes, like you I can think of several very fitting names for them, however for family friendly purposes I shall stick to the composite of their names and call them Keborian. After all, it would save so much time and news print, instead of having to repeat over and over again, “Ken shared Boris's policy on...” “Boris agreed with Ken on ...” and “'Me too' said Brian” they could just say:

Keborian want an amnesty for illegal immigrants

Keborian attack the BNP

Keborian will be mayor for all of London says Keborian

or, even more fittingly:

Keborian has nothing to offer me, anyone else who cares about the embattled indigenous population of London, or anyone who is concerned about the uncontrolled levels of murder and violent crime committed by immigrant gangs.

A vote for Keborian is a wasted vote for anyone worried about the growing threat from militant Islam, and the progressive erosion of free speech, and indeed the erosion of freedom itself.

A vote for Keborian is a vote for more of the same, and more of the same is what has bought us to the state we are in. It has brought us to the point where our national and ethnic culture is being smothered by an alien invasion we were never given the chance to vote for, or against, and where our very chances of surviving into the next century as a distinguishable race is actually under threat.

Keborian holds the view that opposition to uncontrolled non-European immigration is racism and that love of ones' people is an act of hate

What Keborian stand for is the discredited claim that uncontrolled immigration (and seemingly even illegal immigration) is beneficial, and for the belief that the white European race, alone amongst all other races, must be denied the right to be proud of our race, to love our people or seek to protect our unique and vibrant culture.

Keborian stands for the politics of a sad and mad yesterday, not of a tomorrow which offers us any hope.

However, I have hope, and for that reason in three weeks time I will do something which, even two years ago, would have been inconceivable to me, on the 1st of May 2008, I shall vote for the British National party in the London election, and I shall also vote for the BNP mayoral candidate Richard Barnbrook as my first preference for the role of London mayor. I will do so because I can see no other option, as it is quite evident none of the other candidates, and none of the main parties will address the most serious issue currently facing London, Britain and indeed Europe as a whole.

I hope that others will at last see through the failed policies and aspirations of the Keborian candidates and do the same.

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